Drawn to Death™ offers a tonne of customisation items designed entirely for your ink-spilling pleasure. These are found bursting from Mystery Boxes and include wicked character taunts and creative character skins.

But if buying them with in-game Coins earned by playing matches sounds too much like hard work, you can always nab a few from PlayStation®Store instead…

So how many shall we put you down for? One? Ten? Thirty? Honestly, any more than that and we think you may have a problem… Just sayin’.

And don’t worry about duplicates! If you pick up a Mystery Box which includes an item you already own, you’ll receive Coins instead.

Since Drawn to Death is brought to you from the same twisted mind that directed the original God of War®, we’ve also bundled together a set of themed skins to help you appease the god of slaughter himself.

Fancy getting stuck right in to the action, but feel like your armoury’s a little bare? How about we stock it up for you with tonnes of weapons? We’re not even kidding guys, there are tonnes of weapons here.

After all, what’s the point in tearing up the opposition if you can’t do it in style?


From the malevolent mind of a thoroughly bored teenager, Drawn to Death™ is a frantic multiplayer shooter with a style you’ve never seen before.

But before you go charging headlong into battle and end up face down in a pool of your own ink, we think it’s probably worth you brushing up on a few basics.

So here they are! Everything you need to know to not get scribbled-out too quickly, and perhaps even earn yourself a Mystery Box or two…

You’re welcome.


Every character in Drawn to Death has their own totally unique (and totally badass) special moves, but here’s all the simple stuff that works for all of ‘em.

Move: left stick
Aim: right stick
Sprint: B button
Jump: S button
Double jump: S button (double tap)
Navigation move (character specific): Q button
Fire weapon/use special: R button
Aim weapon/zoom: W button
Reload: F button
Melee attack: N button
Throw grenade: E button
Swap weapons: D button
Pick up weapon: D button (hold)
Toggle special moves: A button
Great Hand attacks: directional button
Taunts: touch pad button
Options menu: [OPTIONS] button

Check out Training from the main menu or head over to drawntodeath.com to learn about each character’s individual special moves and actions.


Whether you play Ranked, Unranked or Friendly matches, Drawn to Death offers seven game types you’re guaranteed to get slaughtered in. Maybe read up on what the rules are first so as to avoid too much embarrassment.

Oh, and remember – you’ll need to be a member of PlayStation®Plus to access online modes. Not a Plus member yet? Join up here.

Simple Deathmatch
Nice and easy this one, first to 10 kills wins. It’s not called Simple Deathmatch for nothing, y’know.

Simple Team Deathmatch
As above, but with friends. First team to 10 kills wins.

Organ Donor
Collect an enemy’s heart and run it to a stationary base to score a point. Or, take the heart to a moving base for double points. First player to 20 points wins.

Organ Duel – Two players only
Dead enemies and falling bodies drop hearts. Return a heart to a zone to score a point, and the first player to 10 points wins.

Brawl – Two players only
In this mode, levels get smaller on-the-fly so players can get up close and personal with each other. Kill your enemy to win a round – the first to win seven rounds wins the match.

Core Deathmatch
One kill equals one point, but every time you die you lose a point – so playing defensively is the way to go here. First player to five points wins.

Core Team Deathmatch
Like Core Deathmatch, but for teams… duh. Only this time, one kill equals two points, and it’s the first team to 20 points that wins.


Don’t worry, we get it. Words can be hard work sometimes.

So here’s the lowdown on Drawn to Death’s outrageous world and characters straight from the horse’s (we mean Director’s) mouth.

Need even more Drawn to Death in your life? Check out all the latest game info and updates over at drawntodeath.com.

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