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EVE Valkyrie

Welcome to the Valkyrie, pilot. Let’s get you up to speed.

Main HUB

This is the Main HUB. The Pilot Node, located to your left, is where you can track your progress such as your rank and experience earned with various ship classes.

The Hangar Node, on your right, has all the details of the ships you own and is where you manage upgrades and customisation.

At the centre of the holographic projection in the Main HUB is a link to your ship’s Coded Algorithm Transmission, or C.A.T.

The C.A.T. is an AI construct, born out of the recovered memories of fallen pilots. It provides you with tactical info during combat and tutorial info when training, as well as in-game challenge notifications, squad invites and more.

EVE Valkyrie

Wraith Controls

Move left stick
Roll right stick
Deploy drone C directional button
Roll left Q button
Roll right E button
Look-to-lock Missiles W button (hold)
Gatling Gun R button
Deploy countermeasures F button
Manually select target D button
Brake A button
Boost S button
Cancel missile lock N button


Spectre Controls

Move left stick
Roll right stick
Deploy drone C directional button
Roll left Q button
Roll right E button
Micro Warp Drive W button (hold)
Flak Cannon R button
Deploy countermeasures F button
Manually select target D button
Brake A button
Boost S button


Banshee Controls

Move left stick
Roll right stick
Deploy drone C directional button
Roll left Q button
Roll right E button
Look-to-lock Repair Beam W button (hold)
Phaser R button
Deploy Spiderbots F button
Manually select target D button
Brake A button
Boost S button

EVE Valkyrie

Team Deathmatch

Both teams begin the match with a pool of clones. Every time a ship is destroyed and a player respawns, the clone pool of their team is reduced by one.

The first team to deplete the enemies’ clone resources wins. If there are still clones remaining after the battle timer expires then the team with the most remaining clones claims victory.


Much like Team Deathmatch, both teams begin a Control battle with a pool of clones, which is reduced each time a player from that team respawns.

Holding each of the three control points across the map will increase the drain on the enemy team’s clone pool.

To capture a control point, fly within range of the objective and tap the C directional button to deploy a drone. A deployed drone will gradually capture a Control Point for you, leaving you free to engage the enemy and shoot down their drones.

Each player can only have one drone deployed at a time and the drone is restocked after a short cooldown period.

Allied and enemy drones cancel each other out, so if both teams have an equal number of drones in a Control Point, the capture will be stuck in a stalemate.

Carrier Assault

Carrier Assault involves three stages of battle with objectives changing in each phase.

Stage 1: Skirmish

Your first objective is to take down the enemy carrier’s shields so your team can launch an attack on the vulnerable vessel.

There are three Power Relay Stations located across the map, and if a team can take ownership of two Relay Stations they will disable the enemy carrier shields for a limited amount of time.

This stage works in the same manner as the Control game mode – each player can deploy a drone at a control point to capture it.

Remember to protect your drones, pilot, or this fight will be a short one.

Stage 2: Attack

When a carrier’s shields are down it’s time to cut the chatter and accelerate to attack speed… or get on the defensive – it depends how your team fared in the Skirmish phase.

Cooling Nodes, vital to the carrier’s defence system, are located on the exterior of the ship. Fly in and destroy them (or protect them, if you lost the Skirmish) to move to the next stage of the battle.

While on the attack you’ll also need to avoid the carrier’s automated defence turrets.

EVE Valkyrie

Stage 3: Breach

After all Cooling Nodes are destroyed, the carrier’s Core will be exposed. The Core is located at the heart of the carrier and can be accessed via a trench-like access tunnel.

During the Breach stage the attacking team must target the Core with all the firepower they can muster. After suffering significant damage the Core will go critical and the attackers will have a short window of time to escape the blast radius.

EVE Valkyrie

Your progression is tracked in the Pilot menu, which is described in the Welcome section of this guide.

Pilot Reputation

Your Pilot Reputation and Rank will increase as you participate in online multiplayer game modes.

During combat you will earn Class Experience (Class XP) from each of the different ship classes you use – Fighter, Heavy and Support.

At the end of a match, all Class XP will feed into your Pilot Reputation. Your Rank will increase alongside your Pilot Reputation.

Pilot Reputation has its own set of milestones which are separate to those in the class progression trees.

Class Experience (Class XP)

There are three classes of ship – fighter, heavy and support – and each has its own progression tree.

As you use each class you’ll earn Class XP, move up through the progression tree and unlock blueprints for new ships and upgrades for that class.

Crafting a Ship or Ship Upgrade

You need three things to craft a new Ship or Ship Upgrade: a Blueprint, Salvage, and Silver Credits (also known as VISK). You will also need to assign a new ship to a Launch Tube to use it in a match.


Blueprints are unlocked by gaining Class XP.


Salvage is dropped whenever an enemy ship or drone is destroyed in a multiplayer match. Simply fly close to the Salvage to collect it.

At the end of the match the Salvage is shared between the members of your team. There is a random element to the type of Salvage you may receive in your share.

Salvage comes in three types: Raw (common), Component (rare) and Prime (epic). Depending on the type of Ship or Ship Upgrade you are crafting, different values of Salvage will be required.

Launch Tubes

Before taking your ship into battle you have to first assign it to an available Launch Tube on the carrier. You start with one Launch Tube available and can purchase more from the Quartermaster after reaching specific ranks.

You can assign any ship to any Launch Tube and then select to use it when launching from the carrier at the start of a match, or when respawning during a match.

EVE Valkyrie

Single player game modes are known as Chronicles, and are an interactive archive of memories reconstructed from the clone data of fallen pilots.

There are three single player modes: Recall, Scout and Survival.


Pilots can undergo Recall missions to experience historic encounters and battles, and understand more about the history of the Valkyrie.


Scout modes offer pilots the chance to freely explore charted locations to gain tactical knowledge and discover more about the history of these combat zones.

You can also hunt for hidden salvage crates in these zones.


Practise your combat skills against waves of enemies in Survival mode and compare your results with your fellow pilots.

EVE Valkyrie

Need an edge in combat? Visit the Quartermaster to check his latest stock.

Implants allow pilots to double the amount of XP earned from every battle, and are sold for Silver in a range of durations.

What to stand out from the crowd in combat? If so, you’ll find a huge supply of Paint Jobs and Decals to customize your ships with. You can even change the interior of your ships by selecting a new Cockpit.

The Quartermaster can also Transfer XP from one class to another, sell War Chests and convert Currency if you need to top up your wallet.

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