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Sad world

Far, far away in a distant solar system lies a peaceful planet. On that planet, all creatures co-exist in harmony. The most special of which being the musical creatures known as the LocoRoco – spherical entities that hold all the elements of the planet together with exquisite melodies.

But disaster has struck!

A huge meteorite has hit the planet and a group of evil Moja have arrived to cause havoc and feed off the peaceful inhabitants including the cheerful LocoRoco.

Join the LocoRoco and their friends in song as you help them protect their home.

Take control of the planet and roll, bounce, tilt and flick your way around as you eat berries to grow larger and guide the LocoRoco to their goal.

The LocoRoco


The musical beings who inhabit the Planet. They can be found trundling along, singing songs.

The MuiMui

Mui Mui
The helpful friends of the LocoRoco that can be found throughout the game. MuiMui have their own song which can be played in the Loco House.

Pickory Bugs

Pickory Bug
The LocoRoco can collect Pickories throughout the game and use them to play wacky minigames.

The Chuppa

Chuppa are large creatures that can launch the LocoRoco high in the air to reach new areas.

The Moja

Unfortunately the Moja’s favourite food is LocoRoco, so avoid these deadly enemies at all costs!

LocoRoco Berries

LocoRoco Berry
The weakness and primary food source for every LocoRoco; eat these berries to grow larger and swell your melodies.

NOTE: You’ll encounter all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures throughout the adventure!



Shepherd the LocoRoco to the goal by tilting the ground with the Q and E buttons.
A new LocoRoco is spawned every time you eat a red berry so try to eat as many as possible to before you reach your goal.



Launch the LocoRoco across gaps and onto ledges by pressing the Q and E button simultaneously. The longer you hold the buttons down, the springier your flick will be.



Quickly tap the A button to split your large LocoRoco into smaller ones to fit through narrow gaps in the world.



Hold the A button down to reform back into the larger LocoRoco formation.

screenshot of loco rocos on a green platform

Idle Play

Split your Roco’s apart and let them sit for a while – they’ll play, dogpile, and line up to count themselves.

Safety in numbers

You can lose LocoRoco if they are touched by harmful objects or run into the dreaded Moja.

Single LocoRoco will be completely eaten by Moja, so make sure you create as many as possible by eating as many berries as possible.

Hidden passages

Be sure to explore the entirety of each stage. Some walls may appear solid but on closer inspection can become transparent and lead to new areas full of delicious berries!

Sleepy Nyokki

Nyokki can often be found blocking a path, and having a snooze. In order to wake them up and progress, you must have a specific amount of LocoRoco so make sure to explore the level fully beforehand.

When you get the correct amount the LocoRoco will sing to the Sleepy Nyokki and wake it up to clear the way.

minigames screenshot

In order to play the minigames in LocoRoco, you will need to collect Pickories and MuiMui as you journey through the different areas. There are three minigames you can play:

MuiMui crane

Fish for parts or increase the LocoRoco in your Loco House.

Chuppa Chuppa

Launch LocoRoco with the Chuppa Chuppa and aim for the goal.

Loco Editor

Use the editor to build your own mini-stages.

Loco House

Use the Loco House to build a home for the LocoRoco in your life by arranging parts collected from the minigames. There are two modes:

View Mode

Select this mode to view your LocoRoco.

Edit Mode

Choose this mode to freely place and arrange parts to build the ultimate LocoRoco house.

There are a total of 28 trophies to uncover, including the coveted Platinum – can you find them all?


Big Eater

Complete any stage with 20 LocoRoco.


Chop! Chop!

Beat the target time on any stage’s Time Attack mode.


Pickory Chaser

Collect a lifetime total of 25,000 Pickories.

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