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store-bag Transform your team from bush league wannabes to prime time players with a batch of MLB 15® The Show™ Stubs – the in-game currency.

You can spend your Stubs allocation on lots of in-game boosters – don’t worry, it’s not cheating… it’s… a tactical advantage.


You can download all this stuff from PlayStation®Store right now! Go, go, go…


In MLB 15® The Show™, every game mode gives you the same rewards – like virtual baseball cards, licensed equipment and brand sponsorships. So wherever you prefer to swing your bat, you’ll be rewarded equally.


Continue your progress in Franchise, Season or Road to the Show™ modes, right where you left off last year. If you played MLB 14® The Show™ you can bring your prowess on the diamond to the latest version of the game.


We partnered with the MLB Players Alumni Association to make a total of 30 Legends playable in MLB 15® The Show™. Start collecting an MLB team in Diamond Dynasty and see if you can unlock the iconic alumni player from that team.


For the first time ever, MLB 15® The Show™ features licensed equipment such as bats, fielding gloves, batting gloves and cleats. Brand sponsorships can be achieved and assigned to your Franchise team. You’ll also be able to check out these valuable, recognisable brands in your inventory.


This all-new directional hitting interface lets you influence the direction of your hits while you swing. Make sure you swing at pitches that make sense for the direction you want to hit towards, and then move the left stick to influence their trajectory as you let your bat rip. Consider the strengths of each batter to make the most of every pitch situation. If you don’t move the left stick during your swing, you’ll revert back to using the old timing hitting interface.


Keep up with the way Major League Baseball works with the all-new instant replay challenge system. You can now challenge certain plays to ensure fairness as you try to pull for a win.


A slide step allows the pitcher to release the ball quicker than normal, catching batters and baserunners off guard. It’s also good if you’re using a pitcher with a slow delivery – releasing the ball earlier can counteract the slow pace of the ball.


Take a job as General Manager of your favourite MLB teams and dig into the responsibilities that go along with managing an MLB baseball club. As GM, you’ll be in charge of scouting players, drafting, managing contracts, setting up line-ups, and making sure you have the best staff – all while keeping to those ever-important budgets. You’ll also manage player training to keep your team in top form throughout the season. If you started a franchise in MLB 14® The Show™, you can continue your progress in this game instead of starting over, thanks to the new year-to-year saves feature.


With tons of customisable settings – like the number of teams, season length and trade options – you’ll be able to battle for a World Series win against your friends, rivals and computer-controlled opponents – season after season.


Diamond Dynasty is a fantasy baseball card mode that allows you to build your own custom team. Play against other players or computer-controlled opponents in your quest to create the greatest team of all time.

In MLB 15® The Show™, Diamond Dynasty has been melted down to its core. Driven heavily by a new collection-based management system, everyone is building a Diamond Dynasty team just by playing any mode in MLB 15® The Show™.


Play as a single MLB athlete and see if you can make it to the majors in this exciting single-player mode. In Road to the Show™, you can model yourself after a known MLB player or create your own player from scratch, then start your career out on the diamond.

This single-player mode immerses you in realistic games as you work your way from the Minor Leagues to the World Series, proving your mettle each time you take the field.

You can also pick up where you left off in MLB 14® The Show™. Continue your career  using the year-to-year saves feature of MLB 15®.


Create a Community Challenge to share with other players or browse challenges created by other users. When creating a challenge, select your team and stadium before setting the game’s atmosphere and gameplay details. Play through it yourself and then publish it so other users can have a crack at it too. When you take on challenges successfully you’ll win Stubs, a form of game currency that’s used in several game modes.


Mini Modes is the place to go for a quick challenge or practice session.

  • Join Practice to brush up on your technique.
  • Access Postseason™ to jump straight into the postseason action and try to win the World Series.
  • Play a Home Run Derby™.
  • Take on the Challenge of the Week.

Learn the ropes before you step out on to the diamond. These are the default controls but you’ll find a variety of different control schemes in-game – use the one that suits you best.



Move player: left stick
Swing: right stick (analog control)
Batter’s eye: N button
Bunt: D button
Power swing: F button
Contact swing: A button
Normal swing: S button
Advance runner: Q button
Queue steal base: W button
Return runner: E button
Guess pitch: R button



Move player: left stick
Throw: right stick (analog control)
Pitch type 1/Throw to home plate: S button
Pitch type 2/Start & stop meter/
Throw to 1st base:
A button
Pitch type 3/Throw to 2nd base: D button
Pitch type 4/Throw to 3rd base: F button

Understanding the rules of baseball is one thing (it’s not just about throwing, hitting and catching) – but grasping the unique lingo is something else!

Below you’ll find some of the colourful, and sometimes seemingly baffling, phrases you’re likely to hear while hitting home runs and striking out hapless batters.

And while reading, don’t forget to add a variety of American accents for the full effect.


ACE: the team’s best starting pitcher.

ALLEY: gaps between the fielders that batters could exploit.

BAG: a base. There are four bases at each corner of the baseball diamond – a batter starts at the home plate and after hitting the ball, he needs to run past each base to score a run.


BASES ARE LOADED: batters – at this point known as baserunners – waiting at first, second and third bases.

BASKET CATCH: when a fielder makes a risky catch near his belt level.

BRONX CHEER: an unhappy crowd showing their frustration by booing the on-field action!

BRUSHBACK: a pitch that nearly hits the batter.

CAN OF CORN: a very easy catch by a fielder.

GOOD CHEESE: an impressively fast pitch.

CIRCUS CATCH: a fielder pulling off an incredible, gravity-defying catch.

DINGER/HOMER/DIAL LONG DISTANCE: hitting a home run − where the batter’s shot is so good he is able to run between all bases in one pass.


FLY BALL: a fly ball takes a lovely high arc to the outfield. Not home run material but it still looks pretty sweet.

GROUND BALL: it’s not going to be winning any beauty contests but it gets the job done. A ground ball is a batted ball that rolls or bounces along the ground.

MEATBALL: a very easy pitch to hit.

MOON SHOT: where a batter hits a very high, very long shot and destroys the moon.

RHUBARB: when things get a little heated and a scuffle breaks out between players.

BULLPEN: the area used by players to warm up before coming onto the field.

CHIN MUSIC: a pitch thrown high and hard to knock a batter away from the home plate (or he’ll get hit on the chin).

M.V.P.: otherwise known as the Most Valuable Player – a team’s star man.

RING HIM UP: when a pitcher throws three strike balls against a batter, taking him out of play.

SNOW CONE: where a fielder catches a ball in the tip of a glove’s webbing.

STOLEN BASE: when a baserunner runs to the next base while the pitcher is about the throw the ball to the home plate. It’s a risky strategy as the pitcher could throw the ball to the base where the baserunner was, and run him out of the game.

FENCEBUSTER: a batter who slugs the ball with extreme power.

SWING FOR THE FENCES: a batter trying desperately to hit home runs with big swings.

And there’s loads more expressions to learn, from backdoor sliders to switch hitters; so log onto or scour the many baseball websites to increase your know-how.

There are many trophies to earn in MLB 15® The Show™; so here’s a few to keep your eyes out for:



Strikeout 15 batters in one game against a computer-controlled team.



Catch a foul ball outside the field of play.



Purchase or sell any item on the marketplace using “Buy Now” or “Sell Now” options.



  • You can change where your batter stands on the home plate by moving the left stick – this will help you cover the area you think the pitch is headed.
  • If you’re feeling a bit lucky − or psychic − you can try to guess the speed and direction of the pitch by choosing from some on-screen options… you don’t have long to make up your mind though.
  • Check out the field from the batter’s point of view by pressing the N button and moving the right stick around.
  • If you’re not quite ready for an upcoming pitch, press the V directional button to call for a timeout break.
  • Order all of your in-play baserunners to sprint to the next base by pressing the Q button – or press the R button to make them stay where they are.
  • Pull off that dramatic dust-busting slide to the next base by pushing the right stick up to dive head-first, or down to jump in feet-first.



  • Fastballs are usually the most accurate pitches you can throw – all pitchers can throw at least one type of fastball.
  • A splitter pitch can look like a fastball to a batter… until it drops sharply at the last moment, catching an opponent by surprise.
  • Knuckleballs can produce sudden and unexpected movement as they are thrown with little or no spin. This can be a nightmare for the hitter, but also the catcher… and the umpire!
  • Take control of the closest fielder by pressing the W button while the ball is in play.
  • Perform breathtaking dives and jumps to catch balls that seem just out of reach. Press the E button to jump and the R button to dive. The cameras (and fans) will love it.


  • Keep up with the latest scores in real-life Major League Baseball by pressing the touch pad button.
  • Visit the official MLB 15® The Show™ website at to check out all the news and announcements from the world of baseball.
  • You can choose to play in two presentation modes: Broadcast mode features TV-style coverage, while Fast Play mode can help to shorten lengthy game times.
  • You can manage your team on the fly from the Quick Menu by pressing the C directional button when the ball is not in play.

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