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In 1967, the Soviet government’s scientific research division conducted a revolutionary experiment. Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong.
The device created for the purposes of the project flew out of control, with catastrophic results.
The minds and bodies of all of humankind were scattered, forming what became known as the Void—a lifeless barrenness that now engulfs the world.

Most of the Earth’s people, creatures and cultures were lost, and as if this wasn’t bad enough, the fears that plagued the scattered, Void-bound remnants of humankind were given physical form, becoming the great beasts known as the Izverg.

For those hardy few who survived, a life of fear and suffering was all that remained.
But a life it was nonetheless, and where there is life, there is hope.

In time, some of these brave survivors discovered a means by which their physical forms could be returned to the surface in the form of matryoshka dolls—and better yet, a means by which these could be turned back into people.

They were able to create projection clones—virtual projections of their physical selves—and through these clones, to begin the task of rebuilding the world anew.

On the shoulders of our projection clone comrades rests the weightiest yet most honourable of burdens. Your task is to restore the glory of mankind, and to rebuild our once-great cities so that humanity can thrive again.

Whole towns must be raised up from nothing, and for this, a great number of resources will be required. Go to the islands that appear periodically in the Void, and bring back the precious materials that you find there.

The resources you collect will become the property of the town, and can be used to build various facilities and amenities. Think carefully before committing precious resources to a building project—you must make sure it will benefit all.

Gather resources, build the amenities and institutions a great city requires, and watch your town grow to greatness.

Your efforts on behalf of the Great Rebuilding will be constantly observed.
Prove your worth to society, and great rewards await you.

Your town will no doubt suffer attack at the hands of the Izverg, and you will no doubt need arms to defeat them. And in order to build these arms, you will be forced to sacrifice resources.
But never forget that your primary aim must be population growth at all costs.

The future of humanity depends upon you, comrades.

We look forward to your contribution.

Ministry of Labour Assessments

Each and every one of us performs a productive role in society, be it mining, construction or whatever else we choose. Every action performed in pursuance of this role will be observed and evaluated by the Ministry of Labour.

Workers wishing to be issued with ration coupons need only visit the Ministry of Labour and apply for an assessment of their latest actions in order to receive an allocation based on their most recent contributions to society. Ration coupons can be exchanged for tools and other items at the various kiosks.

May the sweat of your brow benefit both your society and yourself!

Mining for Resources

Resources are an essential ingredient in the building and maintenance of the amenities and facilities that make up any town. Workers are requested to make their way immediately to the islands that appear periodically in the Void, and mine them for all available resources.

Resources can be mined through the use of pickaxes and other similar tools.

Once mined, resources can be transported back to town and added to the communal resource pool by delivering them to designated resource collection points. Once added to the pool, these resources will become available to all for the building and maintenance of various institutions and facilities.

Please be aware that resources left for too long in unlit areas may disappear unexpectedly.

Building Facilities

Various facilities and amenities will be necessary for the establishment of a fully functioning town. These can be crafted via means of the workbench.

At the workbench, facilities available for creation with current resources can be selected. Upon completion of the accompanying puzzle, the signboard for the facility in question will be produced. This signboard can then be taken to the proposed site of the facility, and placed in order for building to commence.

Repairing Facilities

Damaged facilities can be patched up with wood after Izverg attacks and other unforeseen incidents.

To repair a damaged facility, simply approach it and press the circle button, then move the sticks or directional buttons in the directions indicated in order to carry out the necessary works.

Generating Electricity

The town’s various facilities and amenities all require electricity in order to function. When power reserves run low, most facilities will cease to function.

In order to ensure the smooth growth and operation of your town, please ensure that reserves of electricity do not run low.

In order to contribute to your community’s power generation programme, simply approach a nearby generator and press the circle button, then use the R2 button to ensure that the red line stays within the designated area.

The Restoration of the People

The matryoshka dolls sometimes recovered from nearby islands can be brought back to town and returned to human form by placing them on one of the pads at a rescue apparatus. In this way, the population can gradually be restored.

An increased population will enable you to build more advanced facilities and amenities, in turn enabling you to expand and improve your town yet further.

When the population of a given town reaches a certain point, it will be considered “rebuilt”, and play at that town will end.
When one town has been successfully rebuilt, workers are requested to move swiftly along to the next.

Izverg Attack

Izverg attack is a common cause of the destruction of facilities and amenities.

As such, it is recommended that Izverg be exterminated as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Personal weapons are provided for this purpose, and occasionally gunnery turrets and hover tanks will also be made available.


Conversation with members of the populace may sometimes result in your being entrusted with tasks to perform or errands to run.

Successful completion of such requests will result in the awarding of special medals commemorating your selfless sacrifice for the Greater Good.

Current requests and their conditions of completion can be checked in the [PLAY LOG] section of the Status Menu.

The basic controls are as follows:

Left Stick Move Character
Right Stick Move Camera
A Button Perform Action
S Button Jump
D Button Kick
F Button Use Tool
C Directional Button Use Transceiver
Z/X Directional Buttons Pack
V Directional Button Pull Out/Put Away Tool, Put Item In Bag
Q Button Whistle
W Button First-Person View
B Button Display Town Information
E Button Open Gesture Menu
OPTIONS Button Open Status Menu

Vital Parameters
Projection clones’ abilities are indicated by the following parameters:
– Dexterity Affects the speed with which tools are used.
– Fortitude Affects the projection clone’s maximum health.
– Might Affects damage dealt to Izverg.
– Patriotism Affects Ministry of Labour assessment levels.
– Agility Affects movement speed.
– Strength Affects the number of items that can be carried.

Phase Cohesion (Life)
Phase Cohesion will decrease when a projection clone spends too much time in the dark, when it falls from great heights, or when it is attacked by Izverg. When phase cohesion reaches zero, the clone will collapse and become unable to move.
Small amounts of phase cohesion can be restored by eating food, while a visit to a people’s church will restore phase cohesion entirely.
Collapsed projection clones can be revived in the following ways:

– Reassembly in Town
The clone will be returned to town and restored to working order (any resources carried by the clone will be left where they fell).

– Reassembly In-Situ
An illicit bribe can sometimes be paid in order for a projection clone to be reassembled where it fell.

– Revival by Comrade
Clones are free to await the arrival of a civic-minded comrade prepared to sacrifice precious phase cohesion in order to revive them.

Increases in Rank
Sufficient contribution to the betterment of one’s town will eventually result in an increase in one’s social standing. Increases in rank of this kind confer the following benefits:
– Phase Cohesion will be fully restored.
– Points will be made available with which to increase vital parameters.
– More tools and items will become available at kiosks.
– More and better perks will become available for purchase.

Perks are special privileges available to projection clones lucky enough to be able to afford them. They are acquired by drinking the beverage known as VoidKa.
VoidKa can be exchanged for the commemorative medals received when requests are completed. This process is carried out official VoidKa vending machines.

New items of clothing can be equipped in order to change a projection clone’s appearance. Some may also affect vital parameters.
Disrobing is strictly forbidden anywhere other than a personal residence or tent.

In order to make use of privileged modes of transport or tools, workers will require the necessary licences. A few examples of such licences follow:

Vehicle Licence Level 1
The bearer is permitted to operate hover machines, hover tanks, jet packs and other conveyances.

Tools Licence Level 1
The bearer is permitted access to certain restricted items at kiosks, including jackrammers, night vision apparatus and stretch guns.

Arms Licence 1
The bearer is permitted access to certain explosive items at kiosks, including shotguns, rocket launchers and dynamite.

Differences in Social Standing
Social standing will confer various limits on freedom of action, and will affect the colour of individuals’ silhouettes when viewed by other players.

The Proletariat (Green Silhouettes)
Proletarians are projection clones who have yet to earn the right to carry Bourgeoisie Papers.
While able to carry out basic work and purchase certain tools for the purposes of contributing to society, Proletarians are denied certain freedoms afforded to the Bourgeoisie and the Bourgeoisie Rezidenty.

The Bourgeoisie (Red Silhouettes)
Projection clones who have earned the right to carry Bourgeoisie Papers, but have yet to be awarded a personal residence.
In addition to the rights enjoyed by Proletarians, Bourgeoisie also enjoy the following freedoms:
– A bonus to the Renown vital parameter.
– Access to higher quality tools from kiosks.
– Access to apparel shops.
– The right to create facilities and amenities using workbenches.

The Bourgeoisie Rezidenty (White Silhouettes)
Projection clones who have earned the right to carry Bourgeoisie Papers, and have also been awarded a personal residence.
In addition to the rights enjoyed by the Bourgeoisie, the Bourgeoisie Rezidenty also enjoy the following freedoms:
– Privileged access to towns over Proletarians and Bourgeoisie.
– The right to vote in the mayoral election.
– The right to use paint and to dismantle facilities and amenities.


Facilities and Amenities
Towns contain various facilities and amenities, with new ones being built by using workbenches.
Most facilities can only be used by a single projection clone at a time. When in use, others must form an orderly queue and wait their turn.

– Workbench
Allows resources to be used in order to build new facilities and amenities.

– Resource Repository
Allows resources to be contributed to the town’s communal resource pool.

– Generator
Enables the generation of electricity to power the town’s various resources and amenities.

– Ministry of Labour
Assesses individuals’ contributions to society and apportions ration coupons accordingly.

– Kiosk
Offers various tools and other items in exchange for ration coupons.

– Rescue Apparatus
Increases town population by restoring citizens through the use of matryoshka dolls.

– VoidKa Vending Machine
Allows commemorative medals to be exchanged for VoidKa.

– Town Hall
The heart and soul of any settlement.

– Living Quarters
Houses restored citizens.

Public Transport
Workers enjoy the free and unrestricted use of various forms of public transportation.


Buses provide quick, convenient transportation between towns and their surrounding islands.
Passengers are free to transport resources and other items using the designated cargo platform.


Subway trains are used to travel between towns.

Town Growth

As you bring back more and more matryoshka dolls from nearby islands and restore them, the population of your town will begin to grow.
As your population grows, you will gain access to more advanced amenities.

Population Maintenance
Restored citizens will require domiciles in which to live. If you run out of domiciles, no more citizens can be restored until you build more.
Your town’s population will also dwindle when food or energy reach zero, and when attacking Izverg destroy existing domiciles. It is every worker’s responsibility to keep a careful eye on food and power levels, and to quickly repair domiciles when damaged.


When the population of a given town reaches a certain point, it will be considered “rebuilt”, and play at that town will end.
When a town is rebuilt, the total contribution rankings for that town will be announced.

Town Development
As more citizens are restored and more amenities built, your town will start to develop in various ways.

Town Halls and Individual Residences
Building a town hall will also enable you to build individual residences.
The more metal invested in your town hall, the higher its level will grow, and the more individual residences you will be able to build.
Citizens of Bourgeoisie Rezidenty class with residences of their own will be granted privileged access to the town.

Monuments commemorate various milestones in the development of a town.
Each has a unique effect, and will confer certain benefits on all projection clones residing in that settlement.

Building Restrictions
Each facility and amenity has a specified build cost, and each town has a specified build cost limit.

When your town’s build cost limit is reached, you will not be permitted to build any more.
In order to increase your town’s build cost limit, you will need to build certain special facilities or memorials.
You can check your current build cost limit, and your progress toward that limit, at any time by referring to the bar at the top of the [TOWN INFO] screen in the status menu.

The Differences Between Tools and Equipment
The items used by individual projection clones for the purposes of work are known as “tools”, while all collectively owned and operated items are known as “equipment”.
In general, tools are acquired by exchanging ration coupons at kiosks, while equipment is usually acquired on-site at towns or islands, or built at workbenches.

Useful When Working
As well as being essential to the retrieval of resources, some tools can also prove useful in fending off Izverg attack.

– Pickaxe Digs away walls directly ahead.
– Shovel Can be used to dig steps.
– Chainsaw Cuts down trees/cuts holes in the ground.
– Jackrammer Used to create platforms.
– Stretch Gun Used to create new terrain.
– Dynamite Used to destroy existing terrain.

Useful When on the Move
Tools can also prove useful when traversing dark or difficult terrain.

– Flashlight A portable, battery-powered light.
– Lantern A portable, mains-powered light.
– Ladder A fixed ladder used to travel up and down.
– Stepladder A portable ladder.
– Jetpack Enables the wearer to fly.
– Grappling Hook Enables swift upward movement.
– Hover Machine Enables high-speed movement across terrain.
– Parasol Enables controlled descent from great heights.
– Tent Revives a collapsed character once/enables a change of clothes.

Useful When Attacking
Tools and equipment will prove essential in the event of Izverg attack.
Some weapons can also be used to excavate terrain.

– Shotgun Fires short-range projectiles over a wide area.
– Rocket Launcher Fires long-range explosive projectiles.
– Anti-Izverg Turret A fixed cannon emplacement.
– Hover Tank A mobile attack platform.

Useful When Communicating
The following tools have effects that are visible to other players.
As such, they can be used to give directions, or to pass on messages.

– Smoke Grenade Emits smoke for a short period.
– Marker Used to make marks on the walls and ground.
– Decorative Symbols Letter and number shaped decorations.
– All-Purpose Signboard A signboard decorated with various symbols.
– Mobile Monitor A television monitor that can be carried around.

Useful in All Kinds of Other Situations
There are all kinds of other tools and equipment available to workers, including the following:

– Binoculars Enable the user to see faraway objects.
– Night Vision Stops phase cohesion being depleted in the dark.
– Disassembler Breaks down facilities, reverting them to signboards.
– Immobiliser Traps treasonous clones in a cage on contact.

When another projection clone is carrying out an action nearby, you will see a silhouette representing its physical presence.
The colour of the silhouette reflects the clone’s social standing, with Proletarians being shaded green, members of the Bourgeoisie shaded red, and Bourgeoisie Rezidenty shaded white.

Pressing R1 will open the gesture menu. Select and use a gesture to communicate your current mood to your fellow projection clones.

The praise and snub gestures can be used to indicate your approval or disapproval of the actions of nearby projection clones.
This will directly affect the Ministry of Labour assessments of the clones in question.

Lending a Hand
By helping a fellow projection clone in their work, you can increase the efficiency with which a given task is completed.

The Ultimate Sacrifice
Workers are able to sacrifice a little of their own phase cohesion in order to aid a collapsed comrade.

The Izverg are giant creatures that will periodically attack towns, often destroying valuable facilities and amenities.
It is every citizen’s duty to attempt to destroy the Izverg with whatever weapons are available.
Defeated Izverg will revert to a crystalline form that can be mined for resources in a similar way to a regular island.

Mass Monitors
These information terminals can be created by means of a workbench. They offer valuable information on how to live a productive and worthwhile life, along with vital intelligence concerning the world in which we find ourselves.

Foreign Currency
In addition to officially endorsed Ministry of Labour ration coupons, there also exists a separate currency, brought in from beyond the borders of our glorious nation.
This currency cannot be exchanged for goods in state-run kiosks, but can sometimes be used to purchase items on the black market, or in the illicit practice of bribery.

The Black Market
When browsing in shops, the up directional button can be pressed in order to gain access to the black market.
Here, foreign currency can be used to purchase tools and items of a higher quality than those available in regular kiosks.

While not officially encouraged, bribes made in foreign currency can be used to gain certain societal advantages.
Screens and menus in which bribes can be made will be marked with the foreign currency symbol.

Acquiring Foreign Currency
Foreign currency can be found lying on the ground, and may also be earned as a login bonus from time to time. It can also be purchased using real-world money.

Recruiting Comrades

Citizens are encouraged to swell the ranks of the people by inviting friends and acquaintances to download the free Tomorrow Children demo from PS Store.
Use your resident’s permit to purchase comrade invitation tickets at the resident’s store, and issue the relevant invitation codes to those you wish to invite. Only one person may be invited per ticket.
The recipient of the code will be able to enter it on PS Store and download the demo for free.
Please be aware that comrade invitation tickets may not always be available.

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