DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

Grab block R button (hold)
Rotate block right stick
Re-centre camera OPTIONS button (hold)
Pause OPTIONS button
SHARE features SHARE button
Rotate central plinth left stick
PlayStation®Move motion controller
Grab block T button (hold)
Rotate block flick controller
Re-centre camera START button (hold)
Pause START button
SHARE features SELECT button
Rotate central plinth Move button (hold) + swipe down/up/left/right

Tumble VR


If using a PlayStation®Move motion controller, rotate the central plinth by holding the Move button and holding the controller to your left or right. You can also move up or down to improve your view.

If using a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, rotate the central plinth with the left stick.

Use the staging area

You can place blocks back on the white platform where they spawn. This can be handy if you start the level with an awkward block on the central plinth.

Hidden blocks

You can find out if there’s a hidden block in a level from the menu which lists the various medals available.

Look all around the level and focus on the hidden block to uncover it. Don’t forget, it could even be behind you!

Build High

Stack blocks to reach bronze, silver and gold tiers.
Tip: Materials have different weights, stack heavier blocks lower to improve stability.

Light Level

Bounce the beam of light through the targets and into the final destination point.
Tip: Stack mirrored blocks on each other as well as on non-reflective blocks.


Scatter the tower with well-placed explosives, score points by sending the blocks greater distances.
Tip: Mines explode in the order they’re placed.


Each puzzle offers a unique challenge and it’s either pass or fail.


Stack blocks below the moving bar.
Tip: Build around the length of the limbo bar.


Place the blocks to connect each of the pillars.

Use them all

Place all the blocks you can manage on the central plinth.

Each level has between one to three standard medals available. Some levels are followed by challenges unlocked once the standard medals have been earned.

Tip: Reuse the blocks used for the standard challenges to complete target challenges.

Take on a friend in Versus mode. They’ll control a drone with a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller through the TV.

The drone player is tasked with placing obstacles and traps to stop the player wearing the VR headset scoring points.