Five worlds to explore, one perfect package to show off the capabilities of your PlayStation®VR headset.

VR Luge

Speed and fearlessness will get you to the finish line in record times.

Scavengers Odyssey

Jump into your Scavenger Craft and explore a treacherous nebula as you hunt for a highly coveted ancient artefact.

Ocean Descent

Sit back and enjoy as you’re taken on an adventure to the depths of the ocean floor.

Danger Ball

Become a futuristic sports champion. Master your skills, dominate your rivals and survive to win the tournament. Win… or be destroyed.

The London Heist

Step into the shoes of an East-end gangster in London’s gritty underworld.

General controls:

Pause OPTIONS button
Reset VR position OPTIONS button (hold)
Menu navigation left stick
Ocean Descent:  
Look around you VR headset
Danger Ball:  
Move paddle VR headset
The London Heist:  
Hold object W button (hold) / R button (hold)
Fire gun W button / R button
Reload gun Q button / E button
Drop gun A button
VR Luge:  
Steer luge VR headset
Scavengers Odyssey:  
Aim VR headset
Move craft left stick
Turn craft right stick
Grapple object/release object E button (hold/release)
Fire guns R button
Sprint Q button (hold)
Aim jump W button (hold)
Jump W button (release)


General controls:

Pause START button
Reset VR position START button (hold)
Menu navigation T button (hold)
The London Heist:  
Hold object T button (hold)
Fire gun T button
Drop gun Move button

To reload, with gun in one hand and ammunition in the other, bring your two PlayStation Move motion controllers together.

As you jump between VR Worlds, you might need a little helping hand…

The following contains some spoilers – you’ve been warned!

VR Luge

  • Slip streaming is essential to gain speed. Travel behind vehicles and move out of the way at the last possible moment.
  • As your skills improve, line yourself up behind cars as early as possible and try drafting behind all of them.
  • Sharp turns will reduce your speed, turn gently to make the whole run smooth.
  • You can travel underneath trucks without losing any speed, so there’s no need to avoid them during your run – just be sure to avoid their wheels…

Scavengers Odyssey

  • Keep an object attached to your energy beam, it’ll allow you to act quickly and take out hatchlings as they spawn.
  • Listen out for the data capsules’ faint beeping – it makes finding them all much easier.
  • Save the explosive barrels for the Scuttlers, they can be dispatched very easily when using the barrel’s large blast radius.
  • If you’re overwhelmed by hatchlings, keep them at a distance by jumping over them and give your guns time to recharge.
  • If you see an energy source, grab it just before your guns overheat – this will maximize firing time.
  • When up against the Sentinel, save the explosive barrels for the Scuttlers; you’ll be able to take them out immediately.
  • Grab the energy source just after the Sentinel destroys a platform, you should be able to seriously damage it using the lasers.

Ocean Descent

  • What’s that behind you? Don’t forget you’ve got a full 360 degree view, so explore your surroundings.

Danger Ball


Every opponent has a weakness; you just need to find it. Need a little help? Here are some tips…

Machine – aim for the corners
Machine has a lot of coverage towards the centre, but struggles to reach into the corners of the field. Smash shots are very effective against this opponent.

Dupe – slow, then fast…
When Dupe sends two balls towards you, hit the first one back softly then follow up by smashing the second ball as hard as possible.

Tornado – use the walls
Tornado’s spinning ability can be tricky, but spins will be cancelled the moment the ball hits a wall.

Smasher – wait for your moment
Don’t go for the kill straight away. Smasher becomes slower after using abilities, so follow up with your own attacks when the moment is right.

Nitro – smash and spin
Nitro moves too fast – slow moving shots won’t win points. Allow the ball to speed up, then use a combination of smash and spin shots.

Colossus – make a gap
Keep the rally slow paced and aim for the edges of the paddle. Take off a number of pieces of one edge (but not all of it), then aim spin shots at the gap.

Buzzsaw – stay in the middle
Try to keep the ball away from the edges, and restrict the amount of spin shots early on. Once the ball has sped up, mix up spin and smash shots towards the corners.

Twins – smash away
Smash shots are very useful against the Twins. Rally with them early, then perform repeated smash shots to beat them.

The London Heist

  • Use the shooting gallery for practice. Get used to the controls before becoming a proper gangster.
  • Be aware of where your enemy is standing whilst they’re firing. When they reload behind cover, line up your shot, and when they emerge hit the trigger.
  • Sometimes it’s easier to dispatch the van driver instead of aiming for the gas tank – the target is much larger.
  • Don’t become overwhelmed by the motorcyclists, if more than two are on the road at once, take care of them sooner rather than later.
  • After reloading your gun, grab another clip and hold it in your other hand. This allows you to reload immediately after running out of ammo.

With four bronze, 17 silver and five gold trophies to aim for, and even a Platinum – can you pop them all?

Platinum Platinum – Complete every PlayStation®VR Worlds Trophy


Gold King of the Road – Complete every VR Luge challenge

Legend – Complete all of The London Heist challenges

Ace Pilot – Complete ever challenge in Scavengers Odyssey

Danger Baller – Complete all of the DangerBall challenges

Midas Touch – Upgrade all statues to gold



Training Wheels – Complete 50% of the challenges in VR Luge

Tour of duty – Complete all VR Luge tour challenges

Time Traveller – Complete all time trial mode challenges in VR Luge

On The Up – Complete 50% of The London Heist challenges

Members Only – Complete every shooting gallery challenge in The London Heist

Once Upon a Time in London – Finish the story of The London Heist

Galactic Explorer – Complete 50% of the Scavengers Odyssey challenges

Born Scavenger – Complete the second part of Scavengers Odyssey

Hemispherical – Complete half of the challenges in DangerBall

No Contest – Complete all of the DangerBall tournament challenges

Will No One Face Me? – Complete all of the DangerBall quickplay challenge

Bullseye – Complete all of the DangerBall score attack challenges

Quit Shoving – Push the guide in the hub



No Claims Bonus – Complete all no collision challenges in VR Luge

Get Your Feet Wet – Complete any dive in Ocean Descent

Battle-Hardened – Complete the first part of Scavengers Odyssey

Statuesque – Obtain your first statue upgrade



See if you can pop these four secret silver trophies…

Cone Free Zone – Hit a total of 100 cones in VR Luge

You’re no Angel –Startle the angelfish in Ocean Descent

Refined Taste – Find Classical music on Mickie’s radio in The London Heist

Death From Above – Kill 15 enemies with a single explosive tank while jumping in Scavengers Odyssey

See what it took to bring PlayStation®VR to you from the developers themselves.

Creating total 360-degree immersion

A vision for the future of play

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