alienation alienation


War is a game of improbable odds… but we can’t give up.

Our planet – our home – is unrecognisable. Death and destruction are everywhere.

But it is still our home.

We don’t know where they came from, or why they want to destroy us.

But they are here; the Xenos.

We’re all that stands between the survival of mankind and, well, the end of mankind.

Your planet – YOUR HOME – needs you.

Join us in one last stand… we must unite against annihilation.

There is no other option.



Our latest research proves all new recruits become more effective – and fiercer – on the battlefield when your adrenaline is running high.

So we’ve hired Ari Pulkkinen, one of Earth’s leading composers, to put together this 21 track playlist.

You can listen to this explosive soundtrack on your UNX-issued PS4™, or you can export all tracks as stereo MP3s via a compatible USB device and listen to it wherever you want.

Get the official soundtrack from PlayStation®Store now.


As a new recruit you are given the opportunity to select your own specific class of soldier.

The UNX World Government has commissioned the brightest minds on the planet to develop exoskeleton combat armour, granting you superhuman abilities and a set of powerful features.



The Bio-Specialist class utilises a mobile nanomachinery manufacturing plant, capable of releasing swarms of nanomachines to take out enemies or supply vital medical aid to allies.


  • Rush: gets you out of trouble − fast.
  • Healing: heals your entire squad.
  • Wraiths: releases swarms of nanomachines.
  • Poison Cloud: chokes out the Xenos.



The Tank class is built for frontline carnage and is capable of decimating the alien horde with powerful weaponry.


  • Rush: gives you full control of your escape path.
  • Shield: protects your squad from damage.
  • Ground Smash: unleashes powerful shockwaves.
  • Tesla Charge: releases a deadly energy ray.



The Saboteur class is swift, elusive and deadly − and augmented with alien warping technology.


  • Rush: executes lightning-fast moves.
  • Camouflage: bends light to hide you from view.
  • Plasma Sword: Slices through enemies.
  • Artillery Strike: Calls in a devastating airstrike.


The Battles Map shows you exactly where the latest wave of the invasion is taking place.

It’s highly recommended that you start off by completing the UNX Training Camp.

Then choose any location and we will share any available intel that should help you in your mission.

We cannot overstate the danger you will face out there, soldier.

The number of alien lifeforms being tracked is simply astonishing, and our experts predict there will be more to come.

There may be times when you’re outnumbered and outgunned.

Make use of your allies – other soldiers around the world dedicated to eradicating the alien scourge from the face of the Earth – by connecting with them online via your UNX-issued PS4™.


Up to four soldiers can work together effectively at one time.

You can set up your squad before you head into your mission; please ensure you choose your allies carefully.

Or you can view all the battles that are taking place and instantly drop into a hectic war zone to provide much needed back up – before jumping out to either go it alone or transfer to another battle.

Your efforts will not go unnoticed; we are tracking the kill rates of all of our soldiers across the globe. Only the elite will make it to the top of the rankings, but we are certain you are up to the challenge.

Beware; we have received alarming reports that rogue soldiers may have taken illegal bounty contracts with an underground dealer in the UNX.

They will attempt to fool you into believing they are joining your side, but will in fact do all they can to halt your heroic efforts… dispose of them immediately.

Under no circumstances must you agree to work with this contact…



Soldier, a rogue UNX captain is working with subversive elements inside Science Corps.

You will need to invade their missions… they need to be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

This is a high deniability assignment. You’ll keep radio silence, and you’ll have no UNX back up.

It won’t be easy, but success WILL be noticed. Good luck.

Nathaniel Hark out.


Move left stick
Aim right stick
Shoot R button
Rush Q button
Melee E button
Use equipment W button
Use armour ability 1 F button
Use armour ability 2 Touch pad button
Use armour ability 3 A button
Switch weapon D button
Salvage B button
Reload weapon N button
Menu OPTIONS button
Mini-map zoom V directional button



Invaluable loot can be acquired during your combat missions in several ways:

  • Opening the Hog Chest at the end of each mission.
  • Finding and opening UNX Chests.
  • Killing Xenos.
  • Succeeding in various challenges and events.

Soldiers can utilise various types of loot for the following:

XP Level up your abilities
Gear Use new and powerful weapons and equipment
Ammo … you can never have enough, can you?
Power Cores Improve your gear with powerful cores
Ability boosts Recharge your armour’s key abilities

We’ve discovered our soldiers can benefit from temporary performance boosts by collecting the strange Xenoflowers that have started growing in our regions. We believe different coloured Xenoflowers produce different types of performance boosts.


All recruits are issued a unique primary weapon that is dictated by your choice of class − but as you complete missions, you could quickly acquire more powerful weapons.

And, after you’ve completed several missions, you are likely to have collected secondary and heavy weapons, plus vital equipment such as grenades and mines.

Some recruits might even acquire rarer weapons that can be upgraded with Power Cores and may also have unique perks – allowing you to take out the Xenos with extra style.


Our weapons tech specialists say there are four types of Power Cores − each one has a unique effect that can improve your weapons.

Power Red Damage
Boost Blue Fire rate
Utility Yellow Clip size
Prismatic Silver Critical kill chance (x5 damage)


Open up your datapad and go into Upgrades then Gear, and then choose a weapon and select Upgrade.


Your datapad has been programmed to identify which coloured Power Cores can be used in each weapon or piece of equipment.


Technically you can use any coloured Power Core you want, but the overall effect will not be as impressive.

As you can see here, using a yellow Power Core in a slot allocated for a red Power Core denies you the additional slot bonus shown above.



Another way to – potentially – improve your weapons is by utilising structural materials from scrapped weapons.

Collect enough materials and you may be able to modify your weapons or equipment by using them to reroll their stats.

While this may sometimes seem like a gamble, it could make your weapons even more lethal – and therefore much more effective in battle.


You can track your collected Power Cores in the Resources section of your datapad.

The cores themselves can be upgraded and become even more powerful.


Our research shows there are six levels of effectiveness for each type of core.

If you can find three cores of the same colour, you can combine them to create a more powerful version.

Your exoskeleton combat armour is designed to be improved and upgraded.

As you engage in frontline combat you will no doubt gain more experience, allowing you to utilise the unique active and passive abilities associated with your armour.

You can track your progress in your datapad by choosing Upgrades and then Abilities.

Active abilities must be activated during combat. Use them wisely to turn the tide of battle and escape tight situations when all else might fail. You may face difficult choices when deciding which areas of your armour you wish to upgrade – we trust you will make the correct decision when under pressure.

These abilities will come more naturally to you and, in most cases, the armour will do all the hard work. While you may not have direct control over these abilities, our engineers are certain you will find them very beneficial.



Our field experts are painstakingly compiling a database of the alien lifeforms threatening our planet.

They are researching the specific dangers we will face when encountering each species, including details of their own unique attacks.

Many brave men and women are giving their lives to gather this level of intel; and you can help as each time you take out an alien your armour will automatically gather all relevant details.

All of this information will be stored in the Bestiary section in your datapad.

Our most decorated combat veterans – who have decades of frontline battle experience – have shared the following advice:

Destroying respawn beacons (areas that let you make an instant return to battle after defeat) makes the Hog Chest up to three times more valuable.

A slot bonus is awarded when the Power Core matches the colour of the slot, or when a Prismatic Power Core is inserted.

Making the most of your gear is easy if you follow these key rules:

1. Check your gear inventory frequently.
2. Always equip the best items.
3. Upgrade items with Power Cores to make them better.
4. Salvage lower grade gear to create Reroll materials.
5. Use Reroll materials to reroll stats to try and improve their abilities.


Only the elite among you will be rewarded for your efforts in combat with UNX trophies. Here are but a handful to motivate your further:

Gold Beautiful Death: Equip every weapon and equipment slot with at least Level 30 Legendary weapon or equipment.
Silver Delicate Touch: Complete all story locations as Tank.
Bronze High Reroller: Reroll weapon or equipment attributes 100 times.

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