Robotic armies − controlled by a ruthless AI Core from a volcanic lair − have spread across the planet.

Everyone has been forced into subterranean shelters.

We hide from roving tanks that hunt us down.

You are one of the few elite Cobra Strike Tank pilots that can fight back.

Drive tank: left stick Aim weapon: right stick
Reload: E button Fire weapon: R button
Sound horn: N button Activate special equipment: Q button
Turbo boost: W button Tag target: D button
Blaster: F button (hold) Commend comrades: directional buttons
Pause game: OPTIONS button Reset VR position: OPTIONS button (hold)
Cycle primary weapons
F button / S button

Pilot your Cobra through ranks of enemy forces on a procedurally-generated map.

Your mission… take out enemy shield generators, hack buildings and eliminate the AI Core in a deadly volcanic lair.

Probes dropped onto the campaign map reveal the environment, mission type and content − use these to plan your route.

Every campaign unfolds differently and your tactical approach is vital. Here’s some intel:


  • The enemy learns your moves and grows more powerful the longer your journey takes.
  • A longer route gives you chances to take out shield generators – making the final assault a bit easier.
  • Maybe you could work towards tracking down the very best equipment and upgrades?
  • Disabling strategic enemy installations will reduce their effectiveness.



  • Longer campaigns give you more chances to upgrade your tank – but this also gives your enemies more time to advance to higher levels.

DIFFICULTY: EASY / NORMAL / HARD. This determines:

  • How many shield generators are active at the campaign start.
  • How much information is presented on the campaign map.
  • The overall strength and numbers of your enemies.


Data is used to buy extra lives, weapons, modulators (equipment to upgrade your tanks) and probes.

Collect Data in combat by damaging and destroying enemy vehicles – or from research facilities.

Consider your strategy when choosing what to buy; it could impact your campaign.

  • Gather as much Data as you can, but beware: the cost of extra lives, modulators and probes increases the more you purchase.

Roll into battle with up to three comrades at your side in the explosive multiplayer campaign mode.

Swap tactics, banter and – of course – blame through the PlayStation®VR built-in mics and take on the enemy as a dynamic duo, a terrible trio or an awesome foursome.

You can pick up from existing solo campaigns, or start new multiplayer campaigns and discover special combos of playstyles, loadouts and equipment.


You will encounter events that ask you to make informed (or lucky) choices on what to do next.

When you’re in a multiplayer team, only one player at a time will get to make these choices.

Central Command only issues Cobra Tanks to the very best pilots.

When you begin you can choose from three chassis types: Light, Medium and Heavy.

There are six more chassis types to unlock!


Darting in and out of cover is a must.

+ High speed
+ Perfect for quick skirmish combat

– Weak shields
– Few customisation options


The standard all-rounder.

+ Can take and dish out punishment
+ Very agile

– Not the fastest
– Not the toughest


For when the big boys come to play.

+ Very durable
+ Highly customisable

– Sluggish movement
– Low manoeuvrability

Every action and move you make is closely observed by the AI Core.

Watch the enemy power bar above the campaign map – it will increase as you progress.

When it reaches certain limits, your enemy units will evolve and become even more dangerous.

And when the power bar is completely full, the Nemesis will be deployed…



Deployed by the enemy at key moments, these beasts will move to intercept you… and will not easily back down.

If you can, try to predict their movements. You might just be able to plot a route around them

Each weapon has multiple upgrade levels – experiment to find your perfect combo. Here are a few to discover and unlock:

  • CANNON: an indirect, but very fast ballistic shot that explodes on contact.
  • ARTILLERY: a large, slow-moving round that explodes on contact.
  • LOCK-ON LAUNCHERS: a fire-and-forget missile that finds its target.
  • LASER-GUIDED MISSILE LAUNCHER: a deadly-accurate, explosive missile aimed via lasers.
  • BLASTER: a back-up weapon for emergencies.

Increase your tactical prowess by utilising some very special equipment, like:

  • RADAR PING: temporarily reveals all active enemies.
  • ROT: weakens enemy hulls.
  • VAMPIRE: harms your rivals while repairing your own damage.
  • VIRUS: makes afflicted enemy units turn on each other.
  • EMP: disables enemies for a short time – very effective on flying units.

Special equipment needs time to recharge after use.


Your Cobra auto-hacks any non-combat structures, including:

WEAPONS FACTORY: uncover new weapon blueprints that you can buy at a later point.

POWER RELAY: disrupt communication lines between the AI Core and enemy troops – and reduce the enemy power bar.

Press the D button to scan structures.


  • Turbo boost drains shields – use in short, sharp bursts to dodge incoming fire.
  • Wait for a weapon to reload before switching to another.
  • Upgrade your magnet to grab ammo and Data from further away.
  • Abandoning a mission will cost you a life.
  • Try to make a balanced multiplayer team by adapting loadouts and tactics.


  • Don’t ignore the smaller enemies! Even if a heavy tank is prowling, scout bikes can deal plenty of damage – and they’re fast and hard to hit.
  • Observe the firing patterns of each enemy and change your tactics accordingly: heavy tanks fire a single damaging shot with a long recharge time. Duck behind cover when you see the energy building up, then pop out and get in a few shots of your own.