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Save your family from a ruthless criminal empire as elite Special Forces soldier, Ryan Marks.

Live every second of an explosive Hollywood action blockbuster PACKED with thrilling drama, BURSTING with breathless gunfights and OVERFLOWING with insanely epic set pieces.

This is your deadliest, most desperate mission… and it couldn’t be more personal.

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Age: 32
An elite Special Forces soldier and battle-hardened veteran of numerous tours of duty.
After the unexpected death of his gangster father, Ryan faces his biggest challenge yet with his family locked in the cross hairs of a ruthless rival firm.


Age: 53
A highly intelligent CIA operative investigating links between international terrorism and organised crime.


Age: 55
Mum to Ryan, his brother Nick and their adopted sister, Michelle. Will do anything to protect her family.


Age: 34
Well-liked, loyal, charming and undoubtedly tough. The heir apparent to the family firm but believes the organisation would be in better hands with his sister.


Age: 23
Loyal, capable and very smart. Very well connected in London’s criminal underworld.


Age: 39
A tough soldier and Ryan’s best mate. A former troubled youth who found his true place in the military.

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Age: 58
A charismatic, notorious and ruthless crime boss who wants to be seen as a respectable businessman and a cultural figure.


Age: 55
Blundering and ill-mannered, his talents are limited to say the least. Goes by “Keach”.


Age: Unknown
Kayla has high-level military training and is utterly ruthless in the pursuit of an agenda that only she appears privy to.


Hired mercenaries that rule the streets with an iron fist. Heavily armoured and known to carry sawn-off shotguns.


Tony Sharp’s personal bodyguards, these former soldiers work together to overpower their targets.


Elite soldiers armed with top-end weapons, hired to protect the most secure facilities.

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PlayStation®Move motion controllers

Strafe left: S button
Strafe right: A button
Grab nearby object (with free hand): G button
Draw / Holster weapon (when near holster): G button
Fire weapon (when drawn): G button
Advance to waypoint: T button
Precision Mode: Both T buttons together

Left PlayStation®Move motion controller

Hand gesture (with free hand): F button
Gun tricks (when holding weapon): F button (hold)

Right PlayStation®Move motion controller

Hand gesture (with free hand): D button
Gun tricks (when holding weapon): D button (hold)

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

Advance to waypoint: Push left stick or right stick up
Strafe: Move left stick or right stick left or right
Precision Mode: B and N buttons together

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller left hand

Grab nearby object (with free left hand): W button
Draw / Holster left sidearm: Z button
Draw / Holster left heavy weapon: X button
Fire left weapon (when drawn): W button
Reload left weapon: Q button
Left hand gesture: C button (hold)
Left hand gun tricks (when holding weapon): C button (hold)

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller right hand

Grab nearby object (with free right hand): R button
Draw / Holster right sidearm: A button
Draw / Holster right heavy weapon: F button
Fire rightweapon (when drawn): R button
Reload right weapon: E button
Right hand gesture: D button (hold)
Right hand gun tricks (when holding weapon): D button (hold)

view from a windscreen overlooking a motorbike and an explosion


Wreak havoc through the shady streets of the London underworld.

Fight, shoot, drive, parachute and rappel through an unpredictable story packed with twists, turns and shocking revelations.

Your performance will be rated out of five stars, and progress will be saved between missions.


Completed missions can be replayed outside of the main story.

You’ll have full access to your unlocked weapons, mods and skins – and can track your progress on the score breakdown screen.


Test your speed, accuracy and weapon handling.


Store your cool statues, vapes and toys collected during the story.

Head downstairs to the shooting range to find all of your unlocked weapons.

Add unlocked mods and apply different skins by putting any weapon in the vice.

Safehouse tips

  • Swap the can on the front of the spray gun to change the spray pattern. Paint cans are unlocked by earning stars during missions.
  • Press the button on the back of the spray gun to change colour. Press the D button to switch colours.

Selection of guns

Wield an arsenal of potent weapons as you blitz your way through the enemy.

Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so experiment with different loadouts.


Semi-automatic, very accurate with good stopping power and a moderate range.

  • Add a Silencer mod to attack enemies undetected.
  • Infinite ammo.


High calibre pistol with good range and stopping power. Reload every eight shots.

  • Flick the revolver up after loading to get it ready to fire faster.
  • Infinite ammo.


Fully automatic with a high repeat rate. Unstable unless used in short bursts or supported by a second hand.

  • Shots will lose accuracy with consistent firing.
  • Infinite ammo.


Wide shot spread is perfect for close quarters combat or fast-moving targets.

  • Flick the Sawn-off Shotgun up after loading to get it ready to fire faster.
  • Attach a Barrel Choke mod to reduce shot spread.
  • Attach a Diverter mod to increase shot spread.
  • Limited ammo.


Mechanism allows you to fire off cartridges as fast as you can pump the gun.

  • Attach a Barrel Choke mod to reduce shot spread.
  • Attach a Diverter mod to increase shot spread.
  • Pump the gun between every shot.
  • Limited ammo.


Powerful, fully automated and deadly at any range with a rapid rate of fire.

  • Improve your aim by using a second hand to steady the weapon.
  • Attach a Sub-Barrel Grenade Launcher mod to cause major damage.
  • Limited ammo.


Semi-automatic rifle with high calibre rounds and excellent range.

  • Attach a Rifle Sight mod to increase your shot accuracy at range.
  • Attach a Sub-Barrel Grenade Launcher mod to cause major damage.
  • Limited ammo and magazine size.


Compact with a rapid rate of fire. Good stopping power at medium range.

  • Improve your aim by using a free hand to steady the weapon.
  • Attach a Rifle Sight mod to increase your shot accuracy at range.


Semi-automatic launcher propelling 40mm grenades over long distances.

  • No reloads – you will drop the weapon when ammo runs out.


Fully automatic with very high rate of fire and exceptional range. Barrel needs to spin before firing. Quickly overheats.

  • Hold the D button to spin the barrel without firing.
  • Infinite ammo.


Will explode within seconds, causing a wide blast that can take out multiple enemies.

  • Pull the pin before throwing for a shorter detonation time… don’t hold on too long.
  • Use your teeth to pull the pin if your hands are full.
  • Grenades can also be rolled into the path of your enemies.
  • Try to catch grenades with your free hand and throw them back at your enemies.

Looking down on two enemies from above

Stay one step ahead of your enemies with these handy hints from the game developers.


  • Having a hard time? Play in Cinematic Mode to get bonus laser sights for weapons, additional health and infinite ammo… but you will not get a mission score.
  • Missions can be replayed to earn stars with any of your unlocked weapons and mods.
  • Look out for Marksman Targets in each mission. Shooting them earns you stars.


  • Waypoints position you near cover but you still need to duck or lean behind it.
  • Some cover can be broken by enemy fire. Strafe or advance to find more secure cover.
  • Don’t advance too quickly, you never know what’s around the next corner.
  • Strafe across doorways to get a better view before going through.


  • When you get hit by enemy fire, duck or lean behind the nearest solid object and wait for your health to regenerate.


  • Precision Mode slows down the world – use it to get an advantage in the trickiest areas.
  • Extend Precision Mode with every kill.
  • You need to rest before restarting Precision Mode.
  • Heavy enemies are harder to take down; use Precision Mode to spot weaknesses.
  • Precision Mode can be used in driving missions to show weaknesses on vehicles.
  • Use Precision Mode when injured; it can give you the edge you need to survive.


  • Enemies will throw grenades to flush you out of cover.
  • Shoot enemy grenades out of the air… if you can.
  • Enemies with laser sights on their guns are dangerous; deal with them quickly.
  • Some enemies charge at you with two weapons. Take them out before they get too close.


  • Pistol spin: hold the D button on the right controller or F button on the left controller and flick your wrist.
  • Reload in style: throw a magazine into the air and catch it with your gun.

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