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“We’ve designed the world of Concrete Genie so you can experience it with the same wonder and creativity embodied by its hero, Ash, and we’ve worked hard to ensure there’s no wrong way to paint the town of Denska back to life. That said, we’ve created this guide to help provide the best possible experience to anyone looking for a little extra information to help them on their adventure with Ash and his mischievous Genies.

So if you want some hints about using Motion Controls, can’t quite remember how to perform a certain action, or just wish to learn more about the world of Denska and its characters, then read on!

We hope you enjoy your time with Concrete Genie.”


The town of Denska

Once a thriving fishing community, the town of Denska has been left a gloomy shadow of its former self. After a massive oil spill poisoned its waters, the formerly vibrant and bustling town is now all but abandoned, blanketed in oppressive Darkness and inky black waterways. Now, with a group of rowdy kids vandalizing its darkened streets, Ash may be the only person who can bring Denska back to life.

Image of Ash


Ash is an adventurous young teen with an incredible imagination. An eager artist and constant dreamer, his imagination bursts from him onto the pages of his sketchbook, and into the world around him. Exploring the dark corners and alleyways of Denska, his hometown, Ash breathes life into the world through the power of creativity.


Luna is a mysterious entity that dwells within the abandoned and crumbling Denska Lighthouse. Taking the form of one of Ash’s stray sketchbook pages, Luna guides and assists Ash throughout his adventure, providing new abilities to help him along the way.

Image of Luna
Image of the bullies

The Bullies

These five are the world’s worst art critics. Once spotted, your best bet is to find the nearest rooftop and climb up ASAP. When the Bullies are nearby, all the colour and life will drain from your paintings – including your Genies. If you need to lure the Bullies somewhere – to get them out of your way – get their attention by pressing the X button. Be careful though – if they catch you, the Bullies will push you down, take your brush, and might even toss you into the nearest rubbish skip. Why do they have to be so mean?

The Genies are Ash’s friends that he creates using the combination of his creative sketchbook designs and the power of his magical paintbrush. They come in shapes, sizes and personalities defined entirely by you – try experimenting with varying combinations to discover the different personalities and behaviours you can create.

Working with Genies


Use each Genie’s elemental powers to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. To call a Genie to Ash’s location, hold the Q button. However, keep in mind: Genies can only travel across connected walls.

Sometimes Genies will request that Ash paints specific designs. Fulfil their requests to keep them happy.

Super Paint

Genie on a building

Keeping your Genies happy means that you’ll receive valuable Super Paint from them – your amount of Super Paint is displayed on the lower right hand side of the screen. They love playing games, being tickled, or you could even try feeding them their favourite snack (apples!).

Customize your Genies

Every single Genie you create is unique to your vision. Use a wide variety of designs to create over 5 octillion unique combinations – approximately 5,330,098,729,850,117,530,039,241,355!

Customised genie

Customised Genie 2

Customised Genie 3

Explore and Collect


Explore the streets of Denska to find the scattered pages of Ash’s precious sketchbook. Finding pages will expand your painting tool kit, allowing you to utilize a diverse, vivid palette of designs throughout your journey.

Every Wall Is Your Canvas

Use magical “Living Paint’ to restore Ash’s hometown back to life. Find and paint around the Light Strands to destroy the powerful Darkness Vines spreading throughout Denska. You don’t need to paint directly underneath them on a wall, anywhere nearby will do.

Create Genies and Solve Puzzles

Genie on a wall

Use Ash’s sketchbook designs, combined with the power of the magic paintbrush, to create Genies that will assist you on your adventure. Keep your Genies happy, receive plenty of Super Paint, then use your paintings to clear Darkness Mould.

Map of Denska

image of the map

If you’re trying to figure out where to head to next, aren’t sure of your current objective, or need to find a specific sketchbook page, you can press the OPTIONS button to view Ash’s map. The map contains tons of great information including your current objective, lit or unlit Light Strands, critical sketchbook pages, and Genie locations. Keep in mind, only landscape pages will appear on the map – Genie pages are a little more difficult to find…

Light Strands

Illuminate all Light Strands in a Zone to clear Darkness Vines. Light Strands can appear on your map in one of three states:

  • White Light Strands are unlit.
  • Red Light Strands are partially lit.
  • Flashing Yellow Light Strands are completely lit.

Photo Mode

Image showing photo mode

Press the B button and the N button at the same time to enter Photo Mode. Use this mode to capture the amazing Genies and breathtaking landscapes you create. Experiment with Replay Mode to have your paintings play back in real time, before your very eyes.

As Ash works to push the Darkness out of Denska, he’ll find that sometimes the Darkness pushes back in turn. Read on to understand the various features of the Action Twist in the final act, then find out how to make the most of Ash’s powerful late game abilities.

Elemental Abilities

Play through the final section of the game to unlock powerful Elemental Abilities you can use to cleanse and tame Dark Genies.

Fire Ability

Using fire ability

Your Fire Ability is your primary damage dealer. Use it when a Dark Genie’s shield is down for maximum effect. It’s the only Elemental Ability that can be strung into a combo attack.

Electric Ability

Using electric ability

Your Electric Ability can be used to stun Dark Genies. Use it while enemies are closely grouped to watch it chain between them – an efficient way to take down multiple foes at once.

Wind Ability

Using wind ability

Your Wind Ability is a powerful way to bring down flying enemies. Use it to knock down any Dark Genies that are attempting to fly away.

Paint Skate

Paint Skating

Using his magical paintbrush, Ash can ride trails of paint to greatly increase his movement speed and mobility. Use this paint skate ability to keep up with the Dark Genies roaming Denska. As they are wild and confused, they move quickly so paint skating will help you keep up!

Dark Genies

Like the Darkness Mould itself, it remains a mystery where these shadowy Genies came from…


Taming a confused genie

Once subdued, the Dark Genies need to be carefully approached in order to tame them. Observe the Dark Genie closely as the creature will give clues on the right time to approach – or when you should back away. There are also audio and controller vibration cues that will let you know which strategy to use, and most importantly, when to use them.


Move forward when the Dark Genie is calm. A white glow will shine across them while it’s safe to continue advancing.


Stay still when the Dark Genie is confused. While confused the Dark Genie will thrash about wildly and make distressed noises. Whatever you do, don’t move forward!


Move back when the Dark Genie is angry. An angry Dark Genie will take a lowered attack position and growl threateningly. If you see this, back up quickly or the Dark Genie will break out of being tamed.

Controls header

This game is specially designed to use the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller’s motion controls. Great care has been put into making the action of painting with each design feel unique, expressive and intuitive. Motion controls work best with the following tips in mind:

  • Use small, tilting movements.
  • Press the D button to re-centre the painting cursor when needed.
  • Use different pressures on the R button to affect the size of the design.

Default Controls

Move character: left stick
Move camera: right stick
Lure bullies: X button
Interact with Genies: C button
Sit down: V button
Hint: Z (when on-screen, or while prompt is showing)
Interact: F button
Drop down: A button
Exit paint mode: A button (while in paint mode)
Jump: S button
Select design: Use directional buttons
Re-centre paint cursor: D button (while in paint mode)
Call Genies: Q button
Paint: R button (hold)
Super Paint mode: W + R buttons (together)
Undo painting: W button (while in paint mode)
Open / close sketchbook: OPTIONS button
Move cursor in paint mode: Tilt controller or right stick
Current objective: Touch pad
Photo mode: B + N buttons (together)

Action Twist Controls

Call for help: X button
Call Genies: Q button
Paint Skate: W button
Lock on: B button
Dodge: E button
Use Fire Ability: F button
Use Electric Ability: D button
Use Wind Ability: A button

PlayStation®VR Experience Mode Controls (two PlayStation®Move motion controllers required)


Select brush: G button
Paint: G button (hold)
Undo: T button
Reset view: OPTIONS button


Bring to life: T button
Reset view: OPTIONS button

Experience Mode

Picture of a mountain

In the first PS VR mode, VR Experience, you’ll follow a curious Genie named Splotch beneath Denska’s ominous lighthouse on a quest to unlock a mysterious power. Along the way, you’ll use your Living Paint in a completely new way. Without giving away too much, you’ll encounter something very special indeed. Everyone in the PixelOpus team is excited for you to experience it first hand.

Free Paint


Creating and building the initial VR Experience inspired the team to create this additional gameplay mode, called Free Paint mode. It quickly proved to be an immediate favourite throughout the PixelOpus studio.

In this mode, you have the freedom of choosing between four unique Denska locations, where you can play and experiment with all the Living Paint and Genie creation brushes collected during the main journey of Concrete Genie, all with the added intuitive control and precision made possible by using two PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

A quick word from our lovely legal team

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