Agent to use espionage and combat skills to save the moon from destruction by nuclear rocket [STOP]

Two opposing global forces, the Imperialist States and the Socialist Republic [STOP] C.O.U.N.T.E.R. takes no sides [STOP] The balance of power must be preserved at all costs [STOP]

Secret locations around the world [STOP]

Infiltrate each superpower’s network of bases and steal 100% of their nuclear launch plans [STOP] Agent has authority to select missions and choose which targets to hit [STOP] But Agent must remain wary of each country’s DEFCON level at all times [STOP] C.O.U.N.T.E.R. advises Agent to use stealth-based weaponry and tactics wherever possible [STOP]

Standard C.O.U.N.T.E.R. gear [STOP] Agent should also take maximum advantage of secret weapon blueprints and formulas discovered in the field [STOP] End transmission…

Each superpower has a DEFCON system – an alert state that signifies how close they are to launching their nukes in response to perceived threat.

The DEFCON level climbs and falls as a result of your actions. If the DEFCON level reaches its peak while you’re on a mission, a countdown starts. If you don’t reach the base’s launch computer before the countdown ends, then BOOM… no more moon.


  • Being identified by enemy soldiers.
  • Being spotted by security cameras.
  • Leaving alerted enemies behind in a room.
  • Death. Avoiding this one is particularly recommended.
  • Explore every corner of a room to discover hidden vents that lead to secret areas.
  • As well as unlocking and buying weapons, make sure you earn money from stolen intel to keep replenishing ammo and formulas – this is key to the later missions.
  • Formulas are special one-use skills that can be bought to help get you through a tough level. Particularly useful formulas include Persuasion, which lowers the DEFCON by one, and Precision Aim, which allows you to shoot armoured cameras and through helmets.
  • Don’t shoot officers. Take out any grunts around them and then aim your weapon at the officer – they’ll surrender and lower the DEFCON level by one.
  • Master the dive roll – when near cover, press and hold the A button to dive into cover. When in cover, press and hold the A button to dive to other cover positions.
  • Even if you unlock the final mission, you can keep playing regular missions in order to raise your score and acquire more weapons. Just be aware, the difficulty level will continue to climb.
  • If at any point you fail (Game Over), you’ll keep everything you’ve unlocked up to that point.


If you’re interested in learning about the unique art style of CounterSpy™, you can find out how former Pixar man Mark Holmes gave the game its distinctive look by reading this post on the official PlayStation® blog.



There are 14 different trophies to earn in CounterSpy™, beginning with the bronze “Welcome to C.O.U.N.T.E.R.” you’ll pick up just for completing the tutorial. Here are a few other favourites for you to shoot for:

Bronze “Cooking With Gas” Shoot an enemy rocket projectile while it is in mid-air.
Silver “Super Spy” Complete a mission without being seen by a single enemy.
Gold “World Peace… For Now” Complete the game on all difficulty levels.
Left stick Walk/run
Right stick Aim weapon
Q/W button Draw weapon
E/R button Fire (while holding the Q/W button)/reload
D button Interact
A button Cover/roll
S button Jump
F button Melee attack
C/V/Z/X Select weapon

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