The realm of Oldus was a peaceful and prosperous world. Unspoiled by war, its lands were fertile and its people were happy.

But this peace was destined not to last. One fateful day, a mysterious stranger appeared, carrying grave warnings of the future. Someday, The Prophet claimed, an evil darkness would descend over Oldus, and bring ruin and despair.

To prepare for this great catastrophe, The Prophet travelled the realm seeking fighters of great will. To these champions, she entrusted a Cube, a gem stone of tremendous power, which would help them in the upcoming battle.

Long afterwards, when the people had all but forgotten the warning, Oldus began to change. Its peaceful seas turned violent, dragging islands beneath their waves, while lightning rained from the skies and laid waste to the grounds below. Its mountains erupted in flames and the land was wrapped in harsh, bitter winds.

Battle scene

For what seemed like an eternity, darkness reigned. The people of Oldus prayed for an end to the gloom, but when their calls were answered it was not as they hoped. A piercing light broke through the shadow, and out of the rays emerged countless beasts and monsters.

When all hope seemed lost, the Cubes that The Prophet had entrusted to the people, and had been passed on for generations, began glowing with energy. But while some used the power to resist the darkness, others used their Cube for their own selfish needs.

The battle lines have been drawn. Will Oldus thrive once more or will it succumb to the horror of the Dark Eclipse?

The rules of war


Before you enter the battlefield you must choose three combatants, known as Leaders. Leaders with the blue bow symbol next to their name specialize in ranged attacks; Leaders with the red sword symbol specialize in melee attacks.

Your Leaders will grow more powerful with every enemy they defeat, levelling up until they reach the maximum, Level 10. Defeating enemies also provides Quark, which is used to recruit Soldiers to your army.

To win the battle you must destroy your opponent’s Base Tower.

Gathering resources is crucial to success. Resources are harvested from trees, and will allow you to build Towers which will defend your land and grant your army supplementary abilities. By levelling up your Leaders you’ll gain access to different types of Towers.

Dark Eclipse can be played with either the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or up to two PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

DUALSHOCK®4 controls (left handed/right handed)

Move battlefield/map horizontally: V button / S button (hold)
Turn battlefield/map: V button / S button (double tap)
Move battlefield/map vertically: X button / A button (hold)
Recalibrate camera: OPTIONS button (hold)
See stats: Z button / F button
Quit Game: Z button / F button (hold)
Grab Leader icon: W button / R button (hold)
Interact with Tower/tree/Soldier icons: C button / D button
Trigger Active Skill: Hold W button and press C button / Hold R and press D button
Teleport back to base (When next to a Tower): C button / D button

PlayStation®Move controls

Move battlefield/map horizontally: T button (hold)
Turn battlefield/map: T button (double tap)
Move battlefield/map vertically: A button (hold)
Recalibrate camera: START button (hold)
See stats: F button
Quit Game: F button (hold)
Grab Leader icon: [T] (hold)
Interact with Tower/tree/Soldier icons: D button
Trigger Active Skill: Hold [T] button and press D button
Teleport back to base (When next to a Tower): D button


Towers play a vital role in controlling the fight. Your Base Tower is your most important asset – if it falls, the battle is over, no matter how strong your Leaders are.

In addition to your Base Tower, there are five other Towers you can build. As long as an ally Leader is close, these Towers will attack any hostile units within their sphere of influence, while aiding your armies with their own special abilities.

In order to build certain Towers your Leaders must reach a specific combined Level. In addition to this, Towers have a limit to the amount that can be on a map at once.

Fast Tower

Fast Tower

Grants a speed boost to nearby allied Leaders. This is followed by a cooldown period.

Level to build: Level three. Cost to build: Three resources. Limit: 5

Vision Tower

Lets you see through the fog of war. This is followed by a cooldown period.

Level to build: Level nine. Cost to build: Four resources. Limit: 4

Vision Tower
Hindrance tower

Hindrance Tower

Automatically slows down the movement speed of nearby enemy forces. This is followed by a cooldown period.

Level to build: Level 12. Cost to build: Five resources.Limit: 3

Revival Tower

Automatically revives nearby Leaders. This is followed by a cooldown period.

Level to build: Level 18. Cost to build: Eight resources. Limit: 2

Revival Tower
Taming Tower

Taming Tower

Converts any Eaters you have defeated to your side, though their health will diminish over time. Also deals extra damage to enemies.

Level to build: Level 24. Cost to build: 12 resources.Limit: 1

Once you have built all five types of Tower, your Base Tower will directly attack the enemy Base Tower.

Towers can be built on mount points as long as your Soldiers bring enough resources. You cannot build more than one Tower on a mount point, nor can you build a Tower on a mount point adjacent to one already containing a Tower.

Characters in action

Following the Dark Eclipse, Oldus is populated by powerful beings and savage beasts. If you’re to succeed on the battlefield you’ll need to call on some of the strongest fighters the world has ever known.

In addition to their unique stats, each Leader possesses one Active Skill and one Passive Skill. These Skills can turn the tide of battle and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.



Sakura (unlockable)

As a royal princess of Milzarya, Sakura was ordered to evacuate the city during the Dark Eclipse. Refusing to abandon her people, Sakura obtained the power of a Cube and returned to lead the fight.

Active Skill: Blossom Blade. Sakura warps instantly to a targeted location, where she performs a spinning blade attack, damaging all enemies with the area of effect.

Passive Skill: Inspiration. Defeating enemy leaders reduces the waiting time of Active Skills.


A born survivor, Asuka grew up in the slums of Milzarya. After witnessing the Dark Eclipse, Asuka decided to join up with Sakura and fight back against the great disaster.

Active Skill: Lightning Speed. Asuka creates an energy field made of wind and casts it into a targeted area. Any allies within the area of effect receive a boost to attack speed and movement speed.

Passive Skill: Adaptive Stance. Asuka receives a boost to his movement speed if an enemy Leader in the same area as him uses their Active Skill.


Kensoon (unlockable)

The adopted child of a family of philanthropists, Kensoon lived most of his life in comfort. That all changed after the Dark Eclipse. Determined to unearth the truth behind the event, Kensoon sets off on a journey of discovery.

Active Skill: Hamstringer. Kensoon damages nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed for a brief period.

Passive Skill: Hunter Gatherer. Kensoon earns resources whenever he defeats larger Eaters.



Even the fiercest warriors run from Raina. For generations the swordsman has laid waste to countless foes, keeping their skulls as trophies – and as warnings to those foolish enough to face him.

Active Skill: Spinning Slice. Raina uses his dual spinning blades to damage nearby enemies. After landing the attack, he gains a boost to his attack speed and attack power for a brief period.

Passive Skill: Last Stand. Raina takes less damage when sharing an area with an enemy Leader. He receives a further defensive boost for every additional enemy Leader in the area.



For thousands of years, Wuntasto has devoted her life to the sanctity of light, using its powers to purify lost souls and defeat enemies.

Active Skill: Laser. Wuntasto fires a deadly laser beam at a targeted location, damaging all enemies in its area of effect.

Passive Skill: Lead Seal. If Wuntasto defeats an enemy, any nearby enemy Leaders are slowed down for a brief period.


Ejin was once two separate beings; a pair of hated foes locked in battle. However, a mysterious enchantment caused the two to become one. Ejin is one of Oldus’ deadliest Leaders – when it takes a break from arguing with itself.

Active Skill: Curse. Ejin casts a spell over a targeted area. Enemies within the field will have their movement speed reduced. When the spell is over, enemies receive damaged based on how long they spent in the field.

Passive Skill: Soul Drain. After defeating an enemy, Ejin absorbs their soul, gaining a boost to his attack power after each soul consumed. If another enemy is not defeated within a short space of time, the attack bonus will fade away.



Countless foes have fallen to Zolf’s savage strength, yet every victory leaves him unsatisfied. He now roams Oldus, searching for a worthy challenger to satiate his thirst for battle.

Active Skill: Jumping Claw. Zolf pounces onto a targeted area, dealing damage to any enemy in the location, as well as stunning them for a brief period.

Passive Skill: If an enemy hits Zolf with an attack that should reduce his health to zero, Zolf will resist damage for a brief period.

As your Leaders grow in power, they can recruit Soldiers to your army by spending Quark at your Base Tower. You can level up these Soldiers, and turn them into long range or close-quarters specialists.

Once your Soldier has reached the max level you can recruit another Soldier. A Leader can have a maximum of three Soldiers in their squad.

Level 1:


Soldier Skill: Forbearance. Unit’s defence is increased for a brief period.

Close-quarters specialists

Level 2:


Soldier Skill: Ultraviolence. Unit performs a special attack which inflicts increased damage to the enemy.

Red Knight

Level 3:

Blue Swordmaster

Sword Master

Soldier Skill: Penetration. Unit performs a special attack which inflicts increased damage to the enemy.

Armor Knight

Soldier Skill: Impenetrability. Unit reduces any damage its group may receive from ranged attacks for a brief period.

Red Armour Knight

Level 4:

Blue Berserker


Soldier Skill: Diffuseness. Unit launches an attack that damages all enemies in the area of effect. It also reduces damage received from ranged attacks for its group.


Soldier Skill: Selflessness. When their Leader’s HP falls to 0, the unit gives their own life in order to bring the Leader back from the dead – with the Leader’s HP completely restored.

Red Guardian

Long range specialists

Level 2:



Soldier Skill: Relentlessness. Unit’s attack speed is increased for a brief period.

Level 3:

Flame Wizard

Soldier Skill: Incandescence

Unit performs a special attack which causes additional damage for a brief period after connecting.

Flame Wizard

High Priest

Soldier Skill: Restorativity. Unit heals any nearby units with low HP.

Level 4:

Machine Gunner

Soldier Skill: Sluggishness. Unit fires an attack that reduces the target’s movement speed for a brief period.

Machine Gunner


Soldier Skill: Providence. Unit casts a spell which heals any allies within the targeted area. The spell will also boost the targeted unit’s defence for a brief period.


The home advantage

If a Leader is close to a Tower, it’s supporting Soldier units will be automatically revived if they are slain in battle. The higher the Tower’s build cost, the quicker the Soldier will be brought back to life.

Operation: Human Shield

Eaters will always attack Soldiers first and leave Leaders till later.

The woods are dangerous…

An Eater will respawn quicker if it is defeated close to an area with lots of trees.

Strong foundations

Towers cannot be damaged by Active Skills. You’ll have to get up close to take them down.

Many spies have many eyes

Defeating Eaters causes them to drop Vision Stones, which gets rid of any lingering fog of war in the area.

The spoils of war

When an enemy is defeated, all nearby Leaders receive an equal share of any experience gained.

Deadly creatures

The species of Eater that appears on the map is always random, but their spawn positions and relative strength will always be the same.

Secure the area

If a Tower is attacked while it is being built, the amount of resources held there will be depleted.

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