About two years ago, a devastating pandemic swept across the planet.

Millions died. Even more were transformed into horrific monsters – “Freakers”.

Survivors formed rival camps but with resources scarce, encounters often end in bloodshed.

Now you must ride into this dog-eat-dog landscape as ex-biker turned bounty hunter, Deacon St. John.

Find a reason to live. Search for hope. Survive.


You can’t rest, not even for a second.

Your world changes depending on the weather and the time of day or night.

Freakers may have a harder time detecting you in bad weather.

Wild animals are more likely to go on the hunt for food as the sun goes down.

Remember, pretty much everything and everyone wants you dead, so stay alert.

Deacon’s life fell apart with the end of the known world.

Many of his brotherhood from the Mongrel Motorcycle Club are missing.

Now he operates as a bounty hunter to earn much-needed resources.

He’s an experienced biker and highly adept at hand-to-hand armed combat.

But he’s a broken man; a desperate man that will do what he needs to do to survive.

With nothing to lose, his appetite for violence makes him a very dangerous adversary.

Make sure you utilise Deacon’s extensive skill tree to make him an even stronger and more proficient survivor.

“Yeah, it’s a bad idea. But we’re gonna do it anyway.”


Steer / Push left stick
Move camera right stick
Focus N button
Brake / Reverse W button (hold to reverse)
Aim Q button (hold)
Fire (when aiming) E button
Headlight V button
Detonator X button
Throttle R button (hold)
Drift A button
Mount / Dismount / Reload F button (hold to dismount)
Nitrous S button (hold)
Journal / Inventory / Map / Skills touch pad


Move left stick
Sprint B button
Move camera right stick
Survival vision N button
Climb / Shoulder swap (when aiming) S button
Reload F button
Crouch / Slide A button
Swap weapon / Special D button (tap) / (hold) for Special
Roll E button
Aim W button (hold)
Fire (when aiming) / Melee R button
Survival Wheel Q button (hold)
Binoculars C button
Detonator X button
Heal Z button (hold)
Flashlight V button
Journal / Inventory / Map / Skills touch pad

Maybe those who died in the pandemic were the lucky ones.

The virus infected millions of men, women and children. The impact was disastrous.

Over time they became mindless, feral creatures… with a taste for flesh and blood.


Pack hunters that will investigate any loud noises and charge as soon as they spot you.


Small but deadly. These infected adolescents are more likely to strike when you get too close.


Kill Screamers as quickly as possible. Their high-pitched wails will alert nearby hordes.


A further mutation of Freaker, they are easily spotted by their paler skin. As fast as Swarmers, but a lot stronger.


The giants of the species. Breakers can withstand almost any kind of attack. Stay clear.


Massed crowds of Freakers that can grow 500-strong. Eating, moving and attacking as one, the group can quickly overwhelm any prey.


Humans were not the only victims of the pandemic. Fearsome predators roam the wilderness, protecting their territory and hunting for food. Infected wolves and bears have already been spotted. Who knows what else is out there…?

Built for unforgiving roads and diverse terrains, your bike is your mobile base of operations.

You’ll spend a lot of time on the move, so it’s important to look after your bike.

Rolling repairs and permanent improvements could make the difference in your fight to survive… and you don’t want to run out of fuel when trying to make a quick getaway. Look out for petrol stations and discarded cans of fuel on your travels.

Upgrades can be added to every part of your bike, from storage space for carrying more ammo and gear, to tyre traction for riding in harsh weather like rain, wind, snow and ice.

Upgrading your fuel tank should be one of your top priorities.

You can also add paint jobs and decals, making the bike totally unique to you.

Sneaky stealth or all-out attack; how you survive is totally up to you.

Devise strategies depending on your situation… but you’ll always need to be well-armed.

Ammo is priceless in this new-look world and weapons can be hard to come by.

Your melee weapons will deteriorate over time, so keep an eye out for new gear.

You can also add all kinds of modifications to improve your weapons, such as gun silencers that will help you stay undetected while taking out your targets.

Capture the most stunning and memorable moments of your adventures on camera!

With a ton of options available in the pause menu you’ll be able to share your best and brutal moments with your friends online.

The Characters panel lets you choose from a library of facial expressions, as well as character and bike visibility levels.

Check out the Frames & Pre-sets panel for custom frames, logos and filters.

Look in the Lens panel to find out how to manipulate your field of view, focal distance and film grain.

And open the Advanced Mode to fine-tune your final shot with a host of settings for bloom, colour grading and colour depth.

#1 Use Freakers to your advantage. They will attack anything that moves, so try and lure them towards rival camps to cause havoc and create some openings for your raids.

#2 Don’t ignore abandoned vehicles. A quick search could unearth valuable supplies and ammo.

#3 Jerrycans can be used as improvised explosives to take out multiple enemies.

#4 Pay attention to the terrain. Rough and rocky surfaces can damage your bike over time.

There are 46 trophies to discover in Days Gone. Here are three to help you get started.

Gold Best Friends Forever: Receive the Allied Trust status with an Encampment
Tip: Save all your Freaker Ears, animal meat and plant ears so that you can donate them to a single camp. You will receive credits and increase your reputation at the camp with each item donated. Make sure to complete any encampment jobs available as well!
Silver Lend Me Your Ears: Collect 989 Freaker Ears
Tip: Every Freaker drops an ear after you defeat it unless you blow up the head! If you chop off the head though, you can still receive its ear.
Bronze Surviving Isn’t Living: Rescue 10 survivors
Tip: Be on the lookout for the question mark icon on your mini-map to discover unique scenarios, including rescuing survivors.

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