Elijah Kamski

Founded in 2018 by Elijah Kamski to create lifelike Androids, CyberLife is the world’s first trillion dollar company.

Photo of Chloe

In 2020, the prototype Chloe was the first Android to ever successfully pass the Turing test – exhibiting intelligent behaviour equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human.

Now in 2038, Androids number in the millions.

They can be housekeepers, receptionists, operators, police officers, university lecturers, gardeners, soldiers or even quarterbacks… whatever their owner desires.

Today, Chloe will be your guide and introduce you to your CyberLife experience.


“I was interested in giving them some kind of biological reality. What made them possible was the combination of two new technologies. One is what we call bio-components, internal modules that work like organs. The other is the energy generated by those is transported across the body by blue blood.”

CyberLife founder, Elijah Kamski

Androids are built with the sole purpose to serve out their programmed function, which is reflected in their design.

We are created to simplify the everyday for our owners, and for humanity as a whole.

CyberLife works hard to blend Androids in with the population by making their products as human as possible.


Image of Connor

Named the RK800, Connor is a prototype placed inside the Detroit police department by CyberLife to assist Lieutenant Hank Anderson, and solve Android deviancy cases.

His initial goal is to assist human detectives in the process of their investigations by offering technological assistance.

He is also equipped with a social module which is specially developed to create the “ideal partner” – meaning he is capable of easily integrating into any team.

The Connor model includes physical simulation software to analyse elements of a crime scene.

This means he can reconstruct past events by cross-checking the evidence at his disposal.

Connor is also the first model to offer the analysis of biological evidence in real time, by direct sampling and ingestion of samples.


Image of Kara

Kara is an AX400 model first marketed in 2032.

Designed to take care of the housework and look after young children, Kara is a very popular and sought-after model.

She has the ability to speak 300 languages and cook more than 9,000 dishes, as well as play with children and help them with their homework.

A number of technical difficulties on the assembly line could have led to this Android’s discontinuation, but instead Kara was shipped to a store downtown and quickly sold.

She changed hands several times and served a number of human owners before being sold to a certain Todd Williams…

Check out footage from the team behind the early development of the AX400 model.


Image of Markus

A prototype RK200 model, Markus was developed as part of a secret CyberLife programme to improve a new generation of autonomous Androids.

Caring for his elderly owner, the celebrated painter Carl Manfred, in all everyday tasks, Markus mainly provides much-needed companionship.

Initially viewing Markus as a sophisticated yet stupid machine, his owner gradually warmed to the Android, teaching him to paint and educating him in literature and music.

Eventually Carl began to think of Markus as a son, much to the anger of his biological child, Leo.


Monitor the relationship meters. A blue arrow indicates a relationship has improved. A red arrow means it has deteriorated. These changes could have implications.

screenshot showing relationship meter blue arrow

Move Android: left stick
Interact / Move camera: right stick
Switch camera: E button
Mind Palace: R button
Choose dialogue: D/A/S/F buttons
Timeline control: W/R buttons
Pause game: OPTIONS button


Certain actions require precise inputs or movements. You may have to push the right stick in a specific direction, press or hold down a button, shake the wireless controller or swipe the touch pad. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the action.

Joystick Shake and Slide controls


example of dialogue buttons

CyberLife’s Androids are capable of conversing with humans. They receive a visual prompt when they need to choose their conversation options. A default option is selected if no response is made in time. Please be aware that every conversation could have consequences.


Mind Palace feature

Mind Palace is a feature used by all the Androids to monitor their objectives and analyse their environment. The Androids are processing this information so fast that time seems to stand still. When they are accessing Mind Palace, they can see their goals, important information and all the objects and characters they can interact with.

You tell your own story.

Every action, every choice and everything you say can have huge consequences.

There are hundreds of possibilities and completely different tales to experience.

At the end of each scene or when you pause the game, you’ll see a spoiler-free flowchart of your path – as well as the branches that could have been unlocked under different circumstances.

Play the chapters again and again to see what you can discover.

Click the image to zoom

Screenshot showing the R2 mind palace button

  • You can’t really fail. Every decision you make – bad or good – opens up new paths to discover and new stories to tell.
  • If you’re feeling a bit lost, just access your Mind Palace – R button – to see your objectives and opportunities.
  • Completed your story? Think again. Start over and check out the flowchart. You can pick up the action at key points and take different paths. Alternative choices can result in whole new scenarios.

If you think your missions are too easy or too hard, then open the Options menu to change your difficulty settings:


The perfect setting if you want to focus on the story with simpler controls. Challenges are more forgiving.


Face a harder challenge with advanced controls, where costly mistakes made can result in losing a main character.

concept art 1

concept art 1

concept art 1

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Heavy Rain™

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BEYOND: Two Souls™

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There are 49 Trophies you can earn from CyberLife.

Here are some hints to get you started on the way to the precious Platinum.



Make sure Kara, Connor, Markus, Alice, Luther, Hank, Simon, Josh and North all survive.



If you never fight, you’ll never lose…



Play the good cop, bad cop routine to raise the Android suspect’s stress level until he confesses.

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