store-bag If you fancy a sweet new ride to bust lap records, some cool livery designs to stand out on the track, or some exciting Events to test your wild biking skills… then this is the place for you.

Make sure you keep checking back right here for all of the very latest DRIVECLUB™ Bikes DLC.

Pull on your leathers and thrash that throttle… it’s time to race.

Whether you want to go solo, play in a team, or play with your mates, there’s always a ton of stuff to do.


Speed around the world in a challenging single-player offline career against a load of computer-controlled riders.

The Tour is split into several tiers, giving riders the chance to compete in a series of Events throughout different countries, and will become more challenging as you build up your experience and skills.

Only the best will qualify to compete for each of the regional trophies.


Each Event includes different objectives to play for – they will push you that little bit harder if you’re already winning, or will give you a new focus if you’re falling behind.

These objectives can include things like:

  • Beating set lap times.
  • Beating certain rivals.
  • Reaching top speeds.
  • Pulling Wheelies.
  • Getting around the track without crashing.
  • Finishing in a certain position.

Fulfilling these objectives earns you Stars − you can earn three Stars in each Event.

If you gain enough Stars you will be entered into the regional trophy and be allowed to compete in the next tier.


Represent your Club as you take on riders from across the planet in rapid online multiplayer showdowns.

There are always a lot of online multiplayer Events taking place − just pick the Event you want to take part in and then show the world what you’ve got, or create your own session with your friends.


Set up a one-off Event to hone your skills, prepare a Challenge and earn extra Fame points.

You can take part in a Race, Time Trial, Sprint or a Skill Event on any track, in any country, at any time – and you control the weather!

You can send any Event on to your friends as a Challenge to spark new competition and increase your chances of earning even more Fame.

Feel free to make it as easy or as challenging as you like, the choice is completely yours.

Your DRIVECLUB™ Bikes career is all about earning Fame.

Fame is like experience points, and gets you all kinds of special things.

Earning Fame will improve three important levels: Driver, Club and Bike.

DRIVER LEVEL: the amount of Fame you have won by yourself.

CLUB LEVEL: how much Fame everyone in your Club has earned together as a team.

BIKE LEVEL: tracks how much Fame you have earned on individual bikes.

As you improve these three levels, you will unlock new bikes to ride and more customisation options to make them unique.

You can also unlock cars that you can use if you own the original DRIVECLUB™.


Winning races is the obvious way to earn Fame, but every little thing you do can earn you rewards – even if you’re not leading the pack.

This is no place for rage quitters – there are loads of ways you can earn Fame for your Club even if you’re having a bit of a bad race…

FACE-OFFS: these are mini-challenges you will find scattered throughout the tracks. Can you beat speed targets or perfect the tricky corner challenges laid down for you by players who have already set scores on that section of the track? Do so and you’ll get lots of tasty Fame.

OVERDRIVES: you will always be rewarded for precision, skill and flair, such as: pulling Wheelies, nailing Stoppies, overtaking and drafting opponents, and avoiding collisions with other riders.

ACCOLADES:the smallest action can produce the biggest Fame increase. You’ll get major Fame rewards when you reach milestones for hitting specific targets like completing your 50th Event, driving 1,000 miles and loads more.

You can track your Overdrives and Accolades progress in your Driver Profile page.

Show off to your adoring fans with a host of tricks that will fill your pockets with Fame.

Check out the SKILL MODE section for more info.


Have you just shattered your personal best lap time?

Did you create an epic Event that you want all of your friends to see?

Then put the world on notice as you issue a Challenge to see if anyone can live up to your greatness and compete to earn the most Fame for your club.

You can also attempt Challenges set by other players – and even forward them onto your friends to get more people involved.

As more players take part in a Challenge, the Fame rewards get bigger for everyone!

Challenges can be sent from your Event History or straight after taking part in an Event.

The default control set-up is designed to be intuitive, but if you want make any changes you can do so easily.

You can also have different personalised controls for racing with bikes and for cars.

1. Go to Settings.
2. And then Controls.
3. Choose either DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or Remote Play.
4. Change as many button settings as you like.
5. Realise the default settings are the best way to play anyway.


Steer left stick
Throttle R button
Brake W button
Rear brake A button
Change view E button
Gear up D button
Gear down F button
Look back N button
Pause game OPTIONS button
Reset bike on track touch pad button


Steer left stick
Throttle E button
Brake Q button
Rear brake A button
Change view C directional button
Gear up D button
Gear down F button
Look back V directional button
Pause game START button

Can you create a dream team of riders to dominate the tracks as you tear it up in 24/7 Club racing?

Joining or creating a Club will help you earn more Fame, share more rewards and unlock extra Challenges.

You can:

  • Pick a cool name and choose your colours and logo to strike fear into the hearts of your foes.
  • Take part in a lot more Races, special Challenges and Events.
  • Level up together − all Fame points and rewards won by each rider contributes to the overall Club Fame tally.

Clubs can be made up of riders of all different levels of ability. Everything you do in Multiplayer, Tour, Challenges and Single Event mode will all boost the Fame for your Club.

OK you may not be the fastest rider, but so what?

There are other ways to help your Club earn Fame – check out the FAME & COMPETITION section for more info.

Because when you are part of a Club, you ride for each other and you fight for each other.

You’re all in this together.


All of the precious Fame you’ve already won in DRIVECLUB™ will count towards your DRIVECLUB™ Bikes career – and every bit of Fame you earn with your Superbikes will continue to help your Club too.


Until you create or join a club you are a Free Agent − but DRIVECLUB™ Bikes is way more fun with friends.

You can either go to Create Club to set up your own team, or choose Browse Clubs to search through established Clubs and see if they will let you join their ranks.

Here are some things for you to remember when you set up a Club:

  • You need to keep your Club name clean, otherwise we’ll make you choose another.
  • There needs to be at least two members for your Club to become active.
  • If you’re the Club owner, you can kick and invite players whenever you like. Can you feel that power?


Keep a close eye on your DRIVECLUB™ Bikes career to date. You can check things like:

  • Your Driver Level and the amount of Fame you have won so far.
  • Which bikes you use the most, and where in the world you prefer to ride.
  • The Challenges you have created or are taking part in.
  • Your Club status and connections.
  • Your progress and statistics toward Fame-earning Accolades.

Accolades are awarded to riders and Clubs when certain special objectives are met; like when you drive a certain distance, ride a specific bike enough times, or win a set number of races.

If you go into the More section, you can play around with various options and change the look of your rider.

DRIVECLUB™ Bikes includes four different game modes for you to play, enjoy and eventually master.

RACE: go wheel-to-wheel with up to 11 riders. First across the finish line claims all the glory.

TEAM RACE: in Multiplayer mode, two teams can go wheel-to-wheel and score points for finishing ahead of other players. Best team wins!

TIME TRIAL: compete against your own best performance times, and your rivals’ ghost laps, to set the fastest lap time you possibly can.

TEAM TIME TRIAL: in Multiplayer mode, you can compete in real time with other racers on the same track; all trying to set faster lap times than each other.

SKILL: pop Wheelies, pull out Stoppies and hit high speeds in special Skill Zones to set the highest score you can.

SPRINT: take your bike out on very short and focused sections of track and make every millisecond count.

Turn your prized motorbike into a speeding showboat as you perform crowd-pleasing tricks to fill your pockets with Fame.

In Skill Mode you need to perform each action in the correct zone and reach the finishing line quickly to score as many points as you can.


Popping Wheelies is always cool, especially if you’re speeding across the finishing line at the time.

They’re easy to pull off but take a lot of skill to master.

Pull down on the left stick to shift your rider to the back of the bike and accelerate at the same time.

To maintain a Wheelie, balance the weight and position of your rider and carefully keep tapping the R button.

The bigger the Wheelie + the faster you’re going = the more Fame you win.


Slap gravity clean across the face as you slam on the brakes and balance on your front wheel.

To launch into a Stoppie, shift the position and weight of your rider forward by pushing the left stick upwards and brake hard at the same time using the W button.

The higher the Stoppie + the more distance you cover = the more Fame you win



The throttle is your friend as you cane your bike as fast as you can in a bid to beat the set speed target.

Hold the R button… and hold on tight.


  • To get the best start in every race, lean forward on your bike from the very start to keep your front wheel firmly on the ground.
  • Watch out for bumps and crests on the road too − lean forward on the bike to make sure that you keep control!
  • Bikes are insanely quick and very light, so you’ll need to use your brakes hard and early when approaching corners to slow them down. The rule for almost every corner is “slow in, fast out”.
  • There’s an art to pulling a Wheelie or a Stoppie and it’s all based around trying to maintain a 45 degree angle from the ground. The closer you are to that angle, the more quickly you’ll rack up the Fame!
  • Many of the Trophies can be made easier by tackling them in your own Single Event or in a Private Multiplayer Race. You can set up the weather and time of day to improve your visibility, so choose carefully who you are racing against and pick tracks that make your objective a little easier.
  • Tour objectives sometimes require you to complete two goals before the end of the event to earn a Star.
  • If you need to reset your bike back onto the track, you can do this quickly by pressing the left side of touch pad button.
  • One of the very best ways to earn Fame is to get involved in Challenges with loads of other players. Make sure to join in with the Evolution Challenges as there are new ones to play every single day.
  • Not sure what to play next? Jump into Multiplayer or use the Random Event feature in Single Event mode to get straight into the action.


There are 28 trophies to earn across the tracks in DRIVECLUB™ Bikes – so here are three to keep your eyes out for:

Gold UNCONVENTIONAL OVERTAKE – overtake a rival whilst performing a Stoppie. The best approach for this Trophy is to go fast, hard and deep into the first corner. The hard part is keeping control so that you keep your rivals behind you as you come out of the corner!
Silver WHEELIE GOOD – hold a single Wheelie for 500m or more.
You can make this one easier if you go for it on a track with a nice long straight. We’d recommend Kinloch in Scotland or Asagiri Highland Raceway in Japan.
Bronze NICE LEATHERS – customise your rider. Jump into your Driver Profile and choose to customise your character. Simple!

Take dramatic in-race photos to immortalise your biggest moments in DRIVECLUB™ Bikes.

Remember the huge Wheelie you pulled while overtaking your fiercest rival on that sharp corner underneath the Norwegian Northern Lights?

Or the amazing paint job you put together on your favourite bike – and how good it looked against the dazzling Chilean sunrise?

To freeze-frame the action, just press the right side of the touch pad button during any race or replay.

You can then play around with the camera angles and image options to create your perfect photos − and show them off to the world by pressing the SHARE button.

Show off your handiwork by sharing them with the official DRIVECLUB™ Twitter page − @DRIVECLUB – with the hashtag #DRIVECLUB.

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