Hey, have you ever been part of anything… special?

Have you ever been part of a Club, or part of a culture that is just so different that it changes everything you do − changes your life − completely?

We are. We are part of DRIVECLUB™.

We get together to drive the best-looking and the most fearsome cars you’ve ever seen, or you’ve ever even dreamed of; and we only do this in the most incredible places on the planet.

Some of us do it for glory, some do it for fame. And others do it just for kicks.

Speed junkies, technical drivers, wild racers; we get them all here.

But not everyone’s gonna cross the finish line in first place, but it’s OK – that’s not what this is all about.

This is about team racing, forming Clubs with your mates – or with strangers you meet along the way – and picking up vital points wherever you can for the collective cause.

In DRIVECLUB™, you drive for each other and you win for each other. You’re all in this together.

But before you hit the tracks, you might need a quick low-down on things like:



The progress of your DRIVECLUB™ career is measured in Fame (experience points).

As you earn more Fame your Driver Level and your Club Level will increase – this will then unlock new vehicles and customisation options.

When you are part of a Club, the Fame earned by each member contributes to the overall Club Fame tally.

As the Club Level increases, you will unlock special bonuses.


DRIVECLUB Face-Off screenshot

Face-Offs are mini contests that you will come across while out on the tracks.

When you enter a Face-Off, try your best to not scream and spin off the road as this is a great chance to win some more Fame.

The Face-Off challenge is to beat a score achieved by your friends, your fellow Club mates or maybe even a member of the global DRIVECLUB™ community.

This could mean you have to hit an average speed target, take on a tricky corner or drift through a stretch of track unscathed. Good luck.


You will be showered with Fame every time you hit certain special targets during your career. These will include things like driving through a section of the track without making any mistakes, overtaking a certain number of opponents, or just keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor (and your car on the track) for a specific length of time.


RACE: A head-to-head contest over a set number of laps, with rewards allocated based on your finishing position.

TIME TRIAL: Find out who can set the fastest time for a lap or a point-to-point sprint.

DRIFT: See how many points you can score by drifting in the drift zones and driving fast in the speed zones.



If you’ve clocked a super-fast lap time or managed to drift around the world, you can goad other drivers into trying to beat your glorious efforts by issuing a Challenge.

Likewise, if you’re feeling pretty confident in your steering skills you can also attempt to succeed in Challenges set by other players.

Challenges come in two forms:
Solo: A target set by a player for other individual drivers to attempt.
Club: The best time or score target set by all (or some) members of a Club, which members of a rival Club can try to beat.

And what is your reward for being awesome at these events?

Well, how about a pocketful of Fame and your name up in lights on the leaderboards?

Challenges can be issued from the main menu or straight after taking part in an event.


Accolades are awarded to drivers and Clubs when certain special objectives are met; like when you drive a certain number of miles or win a set number of races.


Unite your friends in the charge for glory or search for new recruits from across the planet to create your dream driving Club.

Whether you form an elite driving organisation with the finest racers around, or jump in with a band of crazy speed-hungry misfits is totally up to you.

Either way this is tribal, you’re all in it together and fighting for one another to make your Club the best in the world − there’s no “I” in DRIVECLUB™ (apart from the “I”).

Anyone can set up a Club, but you need a minimum of two members for your Club to become active.


NAME: As the Club owner it’s your job to think of a name that will strike fear into the hearts of your foes − like The Super Fluffy Badgers, or something similar – but you must keep it clean!

PRIVACY: Recruit your friends with the Invite Only option, or give the whole DRIVECLUB™ community the chance to hook up with you by choosing the Open option.

The ownership of the club can be handed to another member at any time, but the Club will become inactive if there is only one member − and will be completely disbanded if all members quit.

IDENTITY: Every Club needs its own look.
Stand out and show off your Club’s identity by designing your own badge and team colours, which can be proudly displayed on every member’s vehicle.

You will get the chance to unlock more designs during your DRIVECLUB™ career.


You are classed as a Free Agent until you join a Club, but you can search for your ideal driving community through Browse Clubs.


Your own personal Driver Profile displays an overview of your career to date.

You can check the number of stars you’ve won in the single player Tour game mode, as well as your current Driver Level and the amount of Fame you have earned so far.

Take a more in-depth look at your career in the Progression and Statistics section.


This is your Club HQ where you can find everything you need to know about how you and your teammates are doing in your quest for DRIVECLUB™ glory. As the Club owner you can also invite friends to join your ranks or search for new members.

Take a more in-depth look at your Club career in the Progression and Statistics section.


Stay up to date with everything going on in your DRIVECLUB™ social circle and invite your friends and other DRIVECLUB™ fans to take part in your online multiplayer sessions.


All the cars you unlock will be safely stored inside your garage for you to admire… or if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can give them all a brand new look. There are loads of different options to choose from, and you’ll earn even more design patterns as your Driver and Club Levels increase.


Go it alone as you drive offline against computer-controlled opponents in an action-packed single player career.


Each event comes with a number of different objectives, such as “finish in the top 3 positions” or “beat the fastest lap time”.

Completing objectives will earn you shiny stars, and when you gain enough stars you will access the next tier.


Sign in to PSN℠ to join your teammates in high-octane multiplayer matches across a range of specially-scheduled races.


There are two types of events in multiplayer: Race and Team Race.

A head-to-head contest over a set number of laps, with rewards allocated based on your finishing position.

Two teams vie for the highest tally, based on the accumulation of each team member’s score. Finish as high up the field to help your team win.


Create your own private events for offline play against up to 11 computer-controlled drivers.


Pick the location, track and time of day, then choose to take part in a race, time trial or drifting event.

You can also issue Challenges based on your performances for other DRIVECLUB™ fans to try out.

Hand-picked for their potent power and striking beauty, each car in DRIVECLUB™ is a pure pleasure to drive.

Choose from a huge variety of decorations to customise all of the vehicles that you unlock.



Traditional, family-orientated hatchbacks which have been upgraded to offer sporting performance.



Road spec production cars with a sporty edge; extremely capable in the right driver’s hands.



Powerful and dynamic high-level sports cars that are great for both the road and the track.



A perfect balance of looks, performance and handling.



Ultra high-end and exotic, these beauties are the rarest and most sought after road legal cars around.


Inspired by real-world roads and regions, these tracks offer lots of different tests for each and every driver out there.


Scotland welcomes rough riders!

Take a trip through the uneven, unpredictable winding mountain roads along the west coast of Scotland – drivers with quick reflexes will feel right at home.


Wide roads and spacious freeways lie in wait in British Columbia, north of Vancouver.

Technical drivers should be leading the pack as the tracks demand a solid mix of open racing and the ability to perform sharp, snappy manoeuvres.


Power through the twisting roads underneath the splendour of the Northern Lights! A series of very challenging switchbacks require extreme drifting skills… just make sure you don’t get too distracted by the incredible vistas.


Fast, open corners that wind around the picturesque Lesser Andes in the north of Chile will be a dream for drift-loving drivers.

Eyes on the road at all times, though: volcanoes, salt lakes and…. alpacas… could be a race-ruining distraction.


From mountain passes to low-lying roads, the wide, dust-filled tracks in the south of India – around Ooty, Coonor and Bandipur – will push the steering skills of even the most experienced racer to the very limit.


Stay on the track and avoid any collisions with your rivals to help to maximise your Fame during an event.


  • Average speed: While speed is the name of the game, try to concentrate on maintaining control of your car – or you’re likely to crash and burn!
  • Cornering: You get a higher score for sticking to the racing line at higher speeds, but be careful – too much pressure on the gas and you’ll quickly get knocked off course.
  • Drifting: Go light on the handbrake… you’ll be surprised how easier drifting around tight corners will be. You may lose some speed, but your score is likely to be higher.


  • Driving off track and crashing into barriers will cost you valuable Fame, so be careful.
  • “Drafting” an opponent (following closely behind them) will give you a small speed boost and even earn you more Fame.
  • The faster and smoother you drive, the more points you will earn.


  • Race: Get ahead of the pack as soon as possible; with no cars ahead of you this will help you set a faster time.
  • Time Trial: Focus on the racing line at all times, and drive as smoothly as possible to shave seconds off your best times.
  • Drift: Make sure you exit each drift zone as smoothly as you can, but keep your speed up elsewhere to chalk up the points.


  • Earning Driver Accolades will give an instant boost to your Fame tally, while Club Accolades grant you long-term benefits.


There are loads of PlayStation®Network Trophies to be won in DRIVECLUB™, so here are some hints to help you get your collection off the starting grid:

Gold Welcome to the Limit: Reach Driver Level 50
Silver On the Podium: Earn a top 3 finish during a 12-player online race
Bronze This one is Mine: Get creative and customise your first vehicle.

Let’s teach you how to play DRIVECLUB™.


Steer left stick
Accelerate R button
Change view E button
Brake/Reverse W button
Handbrake A button
Look around right stick
Look back N button
Gear up D button
Gear down F button
Use KERS (when driving specific cars) S button
Use DRS (when driving specific cars) Q button
Pause game OPTIONS button


Steer left stick
Accelerate [R] button
Change view C directional button
Brake/Reverse [L] button
Handbrake A button
Look around right stick
Look back V directional button
Gear up D button
Gear down F button
Use KERS (when driving specific cars) S button
Use DRS (when driving specific cars) Z directional button
Pause game START button


Change view F button
Handbrake A button
Look back R button
Gear up Right Paddle
Gear down Left Paddle
Use KERS (when driving specific cars) S button
Use DRS (when driving specific cars) D button
Pause game OPTIONS button


Navigate menu screens and highlight options left stick/directional buttons
Confirm S button
Cancel/Return to previous menu screen A button
Open Social Hub D button
Return to main menu Touch Pad button

Show off your stunning in-game photos by sharing them with the official DRIVECLUB™ Twitter page − twitter.com/DRIVECLUB @DRIVECLUB – with the hashtag #DRIVECLUB.

Just press the right-hand side of the Touch Pad button during gameplay to open Photo Mode.

You can then tinker with the camera angle and image options to create your perfect photo, before hitting the SHARE button to let everyone see what you’ve created.

What moments will you capture?

That split-second in time as the Scottish sunset reflects in the diamond-encrusted headlights of your beloved Lykan Hypersport car?

Or do you want to show off that memorable moment when you shatter your best mate’s Face-Off score – framing the photo to enhance the moonlit dead of night on the dusty tracks of India?

To inspire you, here are some Photo Mode snapshots created by the DRIVECLUB™ team, can you do any better?





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