Welcome to the VR Golf Club. My name is Miyuki, the club’s receptionist, let me show you around.

Our facilities

The VR Golf Club features three wonderful courses designed to cater to a range of golfers. We also have a Practice Range, where members can hone their skills.

Forest Course

Fresh air, lush greens and wide-open spaces. This pleasant course is well-suited to beginners and golfers looking to relax.

Seaside Course

A scenic course nestled near the beach. But don’t get too distracted by the beautiful surroundings. This is a tricky collection of holes designed for players who want something a little more taxing.

????? Course

I’m sorry, only our higher-level members can play on this course. I’m told it’s amazing, but quite challenging…

Practice range

The perfect place to improve your technique. Head to the top floor and work on your driving and chipping, or go to the putting green and focus on your short game.

The VR Golf Club can tailor games to suit your specific needs. Our top priority is making sure our members have fun out there. Among the services we offer are:

Tee position

Choose between Regular and Back Tee. Regular let’s you tee off closer to the green, while Back Tee places your further back.


How many holes would you like to play today? Take on either the first nine holes, the last nine holes, or the full, 18-hole experience, just like the pros.

For beginners, we offer the 3 Hole Random option, which selects one par 3, one par 4 and one par 5 for you to play.


We offer three options:

Normal Cup. A regular-sized hole for a regular round of golf.

Tornado Cup. A larger cup hole produces a swirling tornado over the hole.

Mega Cup. A huge hole that’s perfect for golfers that aren’t 100% confident in their putting.


Play on mirror-flipped versions of our three courses.

Club sets

We offer a range of club sets suitable for beginners and experts.

Standard set. Regular clubs with no massive strengths or weaknesses.

Beginner set. This set trades a bit of power for more control and less drift.

Big Air set. Designed for power. You’ll get a lot of carry from these clubs, but you’ll need fine control to avoid curving your shots.

Big Maximum set. A specialized set that focuses purely on distance. Extremely difficult to wield, but you’ll get unrivalled power if you can master it.

Our team of friendly and knowledgeable caddies are here for you. During your game they’ll offer valuable advice to help you develop.


A bright, friendly young woman who knows our courses like the back of her hand. Riko loves being outdoors, which is why she’s such good company on the green.


She may be a little flashy and theatrical, but Lucy definitely knows her stuff. She’s a passionate caddie who’ll get you playing to the best of your ability in no time.


A straight-talking, no nonsense kind of guy. Steve’s not afraid to speak his mind, but his advice is always spot-on. Stick with Steve and you’ll soon be king of the green.


We’re incredibly lucky to have Gloria here at the VR Golf Club. She’s a seasoned pro and one of the best players in Everybody’s Golf history. I’d pay close attention to her advice, if I were you.

PlayStation®Move motion controller

Reset screen position: [ button (hold)
Switch modes: Move button
Switch clubs: F/D button
Open/close information tablet: G button
Navigate tablet menu: F button

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

Reset screen position: OPTIONS button (hold)
Switch modes: S button
Switch clubs: Q/E button
Open/close information tablet: D button
Navigate tablet menu: Q button

Your swing is determined by the position of the light bar (DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller) or sphere (PlayStation®Move motion controller). Make sure the camera can see it at all times.

Before taking your shot, we recommend taking a few practice swings first. If your swing would have connected with the ball, your on-screen club should turn blue. If you would have missed, it will turn red.

The ball’s flight is determined by the angle of the club head as it strikes the ball.

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