EG Island

welcome ambassador

Welcome everyone to the biggest, the best, the craziest, the most incredibly and brilliantly awesome golf resort IN THE WORLD.

This is Golf Island, and as the name suggests this is the only place for you and your friends to enjoy endless rounds of exciting golfing fun and games.

Hit the greens in solo or multiplayer rounds, enter high-stakes tournaments, climb worldwide leaderboards… or… zip across the courses in golf buggies, chill out with a spot of fishing and take a nice relaxing dip in the ocean.

Sounds good? Then my friends, it’s time to tee-off the fun and join the club.

NEED A HAND? Useful tips will appear on loading screens, so pay attention!

Enjoy even more golfing fun on the fairways with a caddy bag-full of additional content, available to download from PlayStation™Store.


You can find all of these game add-ons here. Keep checking back for new content.

Customise Character

You want to stand out from the crowd, right?

Winning is great, but looking good while winning is the way the pros do it.

We’ll ask you to create your character when you first land on Golf Island – but hit the OPTIONS button to edit your look or design a new character whenever you like.

You will unlock more super-cool clothes, hairstyles and that sort of thing as your career progresses – or just by buying them from the in-game store.


You’ve gotta put the effort in and improve your techniques to get to – and stay at – the top of the leaderboards.

Otherwise younger, fitter and probably better looking players are going to come along and beat you in front of everybody.

But don’t worry; it’s all pretty simple.

Using each specific club will earn you Experience Points (EXP). The more rounds you play, the more points you get – meaning you become a better player when using that club… easy, right?

Key areas to work on are:

POWER: Stop the power gauge as close to 100% as you can, and land your ball on the fairway or green. Improving this technique means you can hit balls even further.

CONTROL: Land your ball as close to the hole as possible with a shot from over 60 yards. This will help you reduce sway in your shots.

BACKSPIN: Get your ball on to the green with a touch of backspin. Raising this level will strengthen your backspin technique.

BACK DOOR: Putting from distance and clipping cheeky chip-ins increases the chances of your golf ball hitting the edge of the cup and spinning into the hole.



Choose club: Q / E button
Aim: Z / X button
Switch shot mode: F button
Take shot: S button
Leaderboard / Scorecard: OPTIONS button


Move: left stick
Run: F button
Jump / Talk: S button
Customisation screen / Visit shop / Check stats: OPTIONS button


Timing is everything. You need to press the S button three times to take each shot.

You can also practice your swing on the loading screens.

Press 1: Start your swing.
Press 2: Choose the power of your shot.
Press 3: Determine your shot accuracy. The closer you get the cursor to the swing line, the more accurate your shot will be.

Shot mode


Before taking your swing, you can choose between two different shot types.

Approach mode is best used when closer to the green, giving you finer control; whereas Power mode is all about covering larger distances.



Special pictures will flash up on screen after you take your shots – showing you how well you are performing.



RABBIT: You pressed the third S button a little too early.



TURTLE: You pressed the third S button too late.



SKULL: Uh-oh. A terrible shot, what happened there?

Music note


MUSIC NOTE: Ah, you hit the sweet spot – well done.

Golf Island has lots of fun activities for you to try out.



You can zip across the open courses in your very own golf buggy.

Steer: left stick
Accelerate: S / R button
Reverse: A / W button
Speed mode: F button
Horn: Q button
Actions: C directional button
Change camera: E button
Rotate camera: right stick

Press the D button to jump into – and out of – your buggy.




Is there a better way to relax? See if you can land the catch of the day.

Look out for the fishing signs around the water features and speak to the helpful Golf Island assistant to rent fishing gear.

Each spot has its own unique fish supply – explore the courses and see what you can find.

Press the S button to cast your line… and then wait for a bite. If a fish takes the bait, press the S button as quickly as you can to reel them in.




Take a dip in the nice and refreshing water features – or the ocean if you’re feeling adventurous.

As well as a fun and healthy pastime, it’s also a great way to get around the course a bit quicker.

game modes


Go it alone in solo stroke play – you can choose the course and the weather conditions.


Head to the Tournament Desk at the entrance to Golf Island and sign up for contests based on your ranked skill level.

If you really fancy a challenge, hit the F button on the Tournament Select screen to activate “Serious Mode” – this makes your opponents much harder to beat.

Tournament success will earn you valuable EXP, coins to spend at the in-game shop, and also unlock courses and activities.

You will also get a chance to pit your skills against unique Vs Characters…


These special opponents will appear on the stage next to the Tournament Desk when you have earned enough EXP.

Talk to them to challenge them to a game. It won’t be easy, but if you win you will earn unique rewards.


Play offline with up to three of your friends to be crowned king or queen of the course.


Press the OPTIONS button, choose “Online” and join golf fans from around the world for a friendly round or two.

Press the N button to chat with your friends and rivals.


Mingle with your new online friends and play a few rounds – or hop into a golf buggy, go swimming or enjoy a spot of fishing… it’s totally up to you.

If you play a nine-hole course your score is recorded in the daily ranking – can you top the leaderboards?

Search the courses for hidden goodies. Boxes of coins, balls and fashion items are just lying in wait to be discovered.


Two teams battle it out to claim the most holes in the set time limit.

Press the OPTIONS button and choose “Turf War” to be allocated a spot on either the Red or the Blue team.

You can choose to play any hole; points are awarded based on your score – the team with the most combined points claims the hole as their own.

In Turf War you have to move between each hole – which could eat up precious time if you are behind on the score cards.

Press the touch pad button to check out the Bird’s Eye view to plot your route – or use your special Warp allocation to go straight to your chosen hole.


The dedicated Golf Island shop is the best place to purchase clothes, hair styles, accessories and additional golf balls with coins you earn during your career.

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