Congratulations! You have been selected to join the prestigious space exploration team on the state-of-the-art vessel – The Pilgrim.

Rest assured we only require your piloting skills, and doubt you will be engaging in any firefights on a journey such as this.

Your mission is a simple one: provide transport to two monitor an unidentified energy field orbiting Jupiter.

You will be monitored by Central Command throughout the entire journey and can look forward to a hero’s welcome when you return should our calculations about the anomaly prove correct.

Any concerns you may have about the nature of the mission should soon be alleviated when you see the salary.

Good luck, pilot.

Rub the dust out of your eyes, drop that space onion and gear up! You’re on an alien world and that means you are now at the bottom of the food chain. Lucky for you, you have an array of weapons to suit any situation this planet throws at you. Pick wisely and watch your back. Who knows what’s out there?



Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle – The tried and tested favourite among the marines in Nova Core – the Assault rifle is perfect for mid to long range shots. Hold the PlayStation®VR Aim Controller close to your headset to aim down the sights for more accuracy.

The assault rifle can also launch rockets with its secondary fire capability. Use this ammunition sparingly however, as it does not recharge like the standard rounds.

Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle – A powerful rifle for the expert marksman amongst you. In order to use the weapon you must aim down your sights by moving your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or PlayStation®VR Aim Controller closer to your headset.

Unlike the assault rifle, this weapon requires manual reloading so make sure you are in a well-protected area before taking your eyes off the enemy.

Charge Rifle

Charge Rifle – A powerful weapon for taking on the robotic enemies you will encounter. Its secondary ability can generate a protective shield, perfect for a tactical retreat.

Spike Gun

Spike Gun – Fires rounds that detonate shortly after being fired – useful against the stronger enemies later in the game that have thicker armour.


Shotgun – A classic crowd control weapon, but useless in a long range firefight. You will certainly appreciate the hefty weapon in your hands when faced with a charging Brute attack. The alternate grenade launcher can also be used in a tight spot.


Grenades – Thin a crowd of Jumpers or take chunks off a Goober with this handy explosive. Strong throwing arm? Good. Any accurate hits result in an immediate and grisly explosion. Missed throws take three seconds to detonate.



You’re stranded on an unknown and potentially hostile planet. Your escape pod lies in ruins behind you. The only way is forward. Ready your weapon and be on your guard for all these vicious enemies.


A horrible arachnid-like creature that fires green goo projectiles from afar that causes a nasty explosion on impact. If you manage to kill one don’t get too close, as there will be a particularly explosive surprise waiting for you.


Among the more crafty enemies you will encounter, Jumpers will come at you from all angles and move with incredible speed and agility. Listen out for their telltale screeching and have your shotgun at the ready. You’ll need it.


Slow, hulking behemoths that you should steer well clear of. Heavily armoured and slow-moving they can seem like pushovers however, as soon as their little wings start to flutter, that signals a change in firepower as it means they are getting ready to charge.


Like Jumpers but worse. These burrowing spiders should be taken down as soon as possible. Fail to do so and they will burrow towards you, unable to be shot until they pop out in front of you and spit poison all over you. Gross.

Scavenger Drone

Scavenger Drone
Usually travelling in packs, drones can quickly become a problem if you don’t know how to deal with them. Aim a well-placed shot at the rocket drone to effectively neutralise their offensive capabilities.


Easily the most challenging and fearsome of the creatures you will encounter on your journey, these alien soldiers will challenge your reflexes and test your mettle. Make use of cover to avoid their fire and be on the lookout for flanking enemies.


Make short work of these bipedal machines with your Charge rifle and utilize its secondary ability to back off if the firefight becomes too intense.

Farpoint Characters

In the co-op arena mode, pair up with a friend and take on hordes of monsters in six different maps. There are also a series of challenges for each map which can be tackled together online, remixing the enemy layout of each stage with a time limit and a point value for every dead bot or bug.

Be prepared to think strategically in co-op mode. The points-based multiplier is shared between all players. If one of you performs badly, everyone takes a cut.

You can play Farpoint with either a DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller or the PlayStation®VR Aim Controller.


DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller

Pick up weapon S button
Reload F button or E button
Shoot weapon / Confirm R button
Use scanner Q button
Use special ammo W button
Rotate character right stick
Move left stick
Run B button
Recalibrate PS VR headset OPTIONS button (hold)


PlayStation®VR Aim Controller

Pick up weapon *Place controller over weapon
Reload F button or E button
Shoot weapon / Confirm *Move controller over shoulder or D button or C/V
Use scanner Q button
Use special ammo W button
Rotate character right stick
Move left stick
Run B button
Recalibrate PS VR headset OPTIONS button (hold)

All controls marked with an “*” can also be performed with a gesture shown in-game.

If you are to survive this trial by fire, and fend off countless monster attacks, then pay heed to these tips and never forget: survivors keep moving.

Don’t stop moving
Attacks rarely come from one direction alone. So standing still and shooting is guaranteed to get you killed. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your weapon raised.

Conserve special ammo
It can be tempting when backed into a corner to wildly fire your special ammo in every direction. That would be a mistake. Stronger enemies such as the Brute can be taken down swiftly with the help of a few guided rockets from the assault rifle. So don’t waste them!

Switch weapons
Not only does this save time, but also means you aren’t caught between a brute and a hard place.

Use your laser sight
Press the D button to switch weapon when using a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller but when using PlayStation®VR Aim Controller lift it up towards your back to switch weapons.

Explore The Pilgrim
Take a break from the action. At the option select screen, you can walk around the interior of the cabin. Discover the majestic expanse of space, knock all the bobble heads on the floor or just spin around in a circle. The possibilities are endless!

Alternate fire
Weapons including the assault rifle feature alternate fire – rockets, can be guided after they are fired using the laser on the rifle. Simply aim the laser where you want them to go.

Cooperative play
Co-op and Challenge modes are score based. Kill enemies quickly to get your multiplier up. Taking damage will drop it.

There are 47 Trophies up for grabs in Farpoint, pilot.

Here are some hints to get you started on the way to the precious Platinum.

Gold Have you done this before? (Gold) Kill 100 enemies without dying.
Silver Arrived and left (Silver) Finish Arrival challenge with three medals.
Bronze Not an environmentalist (Bronze) Destroy 50 ‘space onions’.

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