It is recommended that every merc familiarise themselves with all available weaponry.

Learn how the weapons work and memorise their functions.

In the heat of battle you won’t have time to think; literally every second counts.


Move left stick
Rotate right stick
Interact with object S button
Reload F button
Switch weapons D button
Crouch / Stand A button
Aim and throw grenade Q button
Access equipment / Secondary fire W button
Sprint B button
Cycle wrist tablet screens E button
Fire R button
Melee N button
Pause menu OPTIONS button


Take out your targets with deadly accuracy and precision tracking when armed with the PlayStation®VR aim controller. Feel every shot and make each one count.

Not yet geared-up with the PS VR aim controller? Then look here.

The controls mirror the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, except you fire your weapon using the Trigger button.

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