A former captain in the Spartan army, Kratos stood on a cliff above the Aegean Sea, ready to end his miserable life. He had destroyed his nemesis, the god of war Ares, using Pandora’s Box, an artefact recovered from the back of Cronos, the last of the Titans who once ruled Earth.

But revenge had brought him no relief; the guilt of slaying his own family – an act Ares had once cruelly tricked him into – was too much to bear.

As Kratos plunged towards oblivion, he was plucked from the clutches of death by the goddess Athena and taken to Mount Olympus to become the new god of war.



Kratos was not accepted by his Olympian peers and sought consolation by leading the mortal Spartan army in a conquest of Greece.

But during the sacking of Rhodes, Kratos was tricked into relinquishing his godly powers and subsequently killed by Zeus, the ruler of Olympus.

As Kratos fell into Hades, he was saved by Gaia, the mother of the Titans, and convinced to use his anger to help the former rulers of the world gain revenge for their humiliation at the hands of the Olympians in the Great War.

Upon returning to Earth, Kratos visited the Sisters of Fate, harnessing their magical loom to travel back in time to the moment of his murder by Zeus. Using the almighty Blade of Olympus, Kratos fought and injured Zeus, but as he prepared to strike a fatal blow, Athena materialised and defended her father; becoming mortally wounded as she blocked the vengeful warrior’s path.

In her dying words, Athena revealed the reason for Zeus’ contempt for Kratos… The Spartan was his son, the child he had always feared would cause the downfall of Olympus.

Overflowing with rage, Kratos went back to the loom and travelled to the time of the Great War to rouse the Titans.



The gods have toyed with his soul for too long. Now, with Gaia and the Titans at his side, Kratos returns to his own era to complete the ancient cycle his father has dreaded and finish the reign of the Olympians once and for all.

Zeus is wounded. Athena and Ares are dead. The end is in sight. And in the end, there will be only chaos…



Move left stick
Evade/target select right stick
Normal attack F button
Heavy attack D button
Block/parry (if correctly timed) Q button
Jump S button
Double jump S button + S button
Pause menu touch pad button (right)
Weapons/items/moves/status OPTIONS button
Photo Mode touch pad button (left)


Use magic R button
Icarus wings S button (hold)
Rage of Sparta B button + N button
Launch enemy into air D button (hold)
Grab A button
Grab/battering ram (with certain enemies) F button
Grapple swing (when hanging) E button (hold), S button to release
Combat grapple Q button (hold) + A button
Action/interact/drop (when climbing) E button
Kick object E button (hold) + S button (hold then release)


Flame burst (with Bow of Apollo) W button (hold) + F button
Fiery inferno (with Bow of Apollo) W button (hold) + F button (hold)
Solar beam (with Head of Helios) W button (hold)
Move solar beam (with Head of Helios) W button (hold) + right stick
Light tunnels/stun enemies (with Head of Helios) W button (hold) + D button
Switch weapons C, V, Z, X directional buttons
Switch equipped item W button (hold) + S button, F button or D button
Use item W button (hold)


Pause menu touch pad button (right)
Weapons/items/moves/status OPTIONS button
Photo Mode touch pad button (left)



Link attacks together to form a chain of combos that can inflict massive damage. Experiment by combining different light and heavy attacks, and look out for new attacking moves when you upgrade a weapon. A list of available moves and combos can be found on the Moves Menu.


Context sensitive attacks may take place once a particular enemy has been sufficiently weakened. In these circumstances, a A button icon will be displayed on-screen, over the enemy’s head. Press the A button and then complete a string of moves by pressing a series of buttons that correspond to the icons displayed on-screen.


Kratos can climb certain surfaces and even fight while hanging on. To climb a wall or other surface, move the left stick in the desired direction. Press the S button to quickly jump up or along a wall. Press and hold the E button to quickly slide down some surfaces. Kratos can also use his blades to cling on and cross ceilings.


Kratos can use his chained blades to swing across gaps and chasms, or sometimes to pull himself up cliff surfaces. Grapple points are indicated by sparkling white lights that radiate when in range.


If Kratos finds himself in water, move the left stick in any direction to swim. Where possible, move the right stick C to dive underwater and V to resurface. To perform an underwater dash, press and hold the S button, the F button, the D button or the A button to charge the move, then release to dash forwards.


Press and hold the S button to use the Icarus Wings to swoop over large holes and ravines. To gain extra height, press the S button twice to perform a double jump and hold the S button on the second press to unfurl the wings. Once airborne, move the left stick to glide. Use the wings over a source of heat to soar higher.


The path Kratos must follow in order to seek his vengeance will often be blocked by intricate puzzles which can only be overcome through interaction with items in the environment. Puzzles can involve a combination of actions like pulling levers, opening doors, operating lifts and moving specific objects.


You can freeze-frame the action whenever you like by pressing the left hand side of the touch pad button to open up the new Photo Mode.

Whether Kratos is alone in the wilderness, or proudly admiring his monster-slaying handiwork – you can capture the moment and even add your own creative touch by experimenting with a bunch of camera, colour, design and lighting features.

Press the SHARE button and you can save your efforts and show off your creativity to all of your friends.



Certain beasts can be mounted once sufficiently weakened: approach the enemy and press the corresponding button, as it is displayed on-screen. If the beast can be scaled, Kratos will leap upon it and take control.


Orbs can be found in three different colours: red, green and blue – each serving a distinct purpose. Orbs are collected by defeating enemies, destroying objects like crates or vases, or by opening chests.

Red Orbs Power up orbs which can be used to upgrade weapons and abilities.
Green Orbs Health orbs which refill Kratos’ health meter.
Blue Orbs Magic orbs which refill Kratos’ magic meter.


When Kratos comes across a glowing pillar of light, step into the light and press the E button to save progress.


Murals depicting the history of the Titans and the gods may be found in darkened corners of the world. Press the E button to view the murals and Kratos may be bestowed with new treasures.


Press the OPTIONS button to pause the game and access the Power Up, Items, Status and Moves menu screens.

Press the Q button or the E button to scroll between the screens and press C, V, Z or X to highlight an option.

Kratos will acquire new weapons and magical abilities which can be upgraded using the red orbs he has collected.

View any special items Kratos has discovered so far and find out about how they can improve his performance. For example, collect Gorgon Eyes to expand the health bar, find Phoenix Feathers to expand the magic bar and track down Minotaur Horns to boost overall item power.

Displays various statistics and achievements, including total play time and the number of enemies defeated.

Displays all of the current combos and moves that have been unlocked and are available to Kratos. As Kratos gains new magic, weapons and abilities, the move list will grow substantially.

There are loads of trophies to earn as you guide Kratos on his quest for vengeance; so here’s a few to keep your eyes out for:

Gold Up to the Challenge. Beat the Challenge of Olympus.
Silver Maxed Out! Completely upgrade all weapons.
Bronze Hit Man. Perform a 1000-hit combo.