What happened to Kat after the dramatic events of the original Gravity Rush™?
Find out in these enchanting animated adventures.



Fall into the original gravity-defying adventure and head back to where it all began with Gravity Rush™ Remastered on PS4™. Redefine the laws of nature to discover your forgotten past and save a huge floating city from devastation.



Take control of Kat’s gravity-shifting gal pal Raven, and lead her into her greatest fight in this free to download story add-on.

The good people of Hekseville have seen their share of… strange… things.

But bizarre gravitational waves flashing across the city had everyone terrified.

Kat, their saviour and beloved Gravity Queen, was sure to get to the bottom of the mystery.


Umm, not quite.

A gravity storm of immense power – the likes of which had never been seen before – rolled overhead and made Kat disappear.

And even worse it separated her from Dusty, her magical black cat and source of all her gravity powers.

Now stuck in a remote village in the middle of nowhere, Kat toils in dangerous underground mines just to survive – as a new breed of enemy lurks nearby.


Move Kat: left stick
Change view: right stick
Reset view: N button
Normal attack: F button
Special attack: D button
Jump: S button
Evade: R button + left stick
Open menu/skip cutscenes: OPTIONS button



Shift gravity: E button
Gravity slide: W button (hold)
Stasis field: A button
Activate Lunar Style: Flick up on touch pad
Activate Jupiter Style: Flick down on touch pad
Activate Normal Style: Tap touch pad
Reset gravity: Q button



Move Kat: left stick
Change view: right stick
Reset view: Tap top right of touchscreen
Normal attack: F button
Special attack: D button
Jump: S button
Evade: Tap bottom right of touchscreen
Open menu/skip cutscenes: START button



Shift gravity: [R] button
Gravity slide: Tap and hold bottom left of touchscreen
Stasis field: A button
Activate Gravity Styles: Tap or swipe touchscreen up and down
Reset gravity: [L] button

Kat is far more powerful than she’s ever been.

Her mind and body-bending powers have evolved to alter the strength and direction of gravity itself.

Hit the E button to shift gravity. This creates a field of pure power.

You can play with the laws of physics just by moving your controller around, but there are three unique styles to master:

LUNAR STYLE: gravity is reduced, making Kat lighter and quicker − but less powerful.

  • Flick up on the touch pad

JUPITER STYLE: gravity is increased so Kat is heavier and slower, but far stronger.

  • Flick down on the touch pad

NORMAL STYLE: Kat’s classic gravity powers offer a solid blend of strength and speed… but will it be enough?

  • Tap the touch pad


The Gravity Queen is back.

Once a lost, lonely and very confused child, Kat’s life was turned upside down when she met Dusty – the magical black cat that gave her immense gravity-shifting powers.

Now celebrated as a heroine for the ages, Kat commands the forces of nature to do impossible things.

Armed with new and astonishing gravity powers, she’s the only one who can save the universe. Again.



A powerful and intelligent fighter, Kat’s former rival is now one of her closest allies.

Raven gained gravity-shifting powers after finding a mysterious crow with the same abilities as Kat’s feline friend, Dusty.

Raven appears when Kat needs her the most, and together they can unleash devastating and spectacular tag team attacks on formidable foes.



Black cats are lucky, especially little Dusty.

Kat’s guardian angel, this fantastic furry feline is the source of her fabulous gravity-shifting abilities.

Nobody is quite sure where Dusty came from, but whenever the magical moggy isn’t close by, Kat loses all of her incredible abilities.

Hunt down sparkly gems during your adventures – they supply Kat with all kinds of invaluable boosters.


The giver of life, these amazing stones can help Kat cheat death.

The green health gauge will deplete as Kat takes damage in battle – consume Vitality Gems to replenish it.


Performing gravity-shifting moves and attacks takes a lot of effort, and can leave Kat exhausted.

Check the blue gravity gauge – if it’s empty, Kat is powerless. Collecting Energy Gems will refill the gauge.


Kat’s power will build throughout the adventure, and she’ll discover new ways to take down her enemies.

SP Gems will build up the red SP gauge, which lets Kat perform a blistering special move.


Increase Kat’s abilities by collecting Precious Gems.

The bigger the gem, the better.

Magical talismans can have an incredible effect on Kat’s powers and abilities.

Some talismans may slow down the depletion rate of the gauges, while others could make Kat stronger.

Collect as many as you can and experiment with their effects to find your favourites.

Share your upside down adventures and set challenges for your friends in a bunch of exciting online features.


Take snaps of the free-falling action and share them with the world.

Enter photo mode: C button
Open film roll: Right side of touch pad button
Zoom on photo: A button
Share photo: OPTIONS button

You can look at another player’s photos when you’re not in a mission by walking up to their “ghost” – a transparent image of their character.

If another online player likes your photos, you’ll earn Dusty Tokens.


Treasure chests bursting with unique booty are hidden around the world.

If you find one, take a photo and share it with other explorers. If your photo leads them to the treasure, you’ll earn Dusty Tokens.

Check out the Announcements area of the game menu to see if anyone has shared any tips with you.


If you’ve raced through a mission in record time, you can challenge your friends to see if they can beat your efforts.

Send a challenge to your online friends when you see the mission result screen.

Any challenges you receive will appear in the Announcements area of the game menu.

You can also check available challenges on the Rankings Leaderboard – also found in the game menu.

Accepting a challenge earns you Dusty Tokens.


Dusty Tokens are the invaluable in-game currency that you can exchange for rewards.

You’ll earn Dusty Tokens by taking part in online activities, like sharing photos and accepting challenges from other players.

Open up the game menu, select System and then Statistics to see what rewards are available.


Did you know you can invite an online friend to take over the high-flying action – even if they don’t own Gravity Rush™ 2?

If you’re both PlayStation®Plus members, you can let a friend enjoy a taste of the gravity-defying fun through Share Play.

Maybe you can challenge them to beat your best score on your favourite level, or defeat that tricky boss you just can’t get past.

Click here to learn more about Share Play, and click here to join to PlayStation®Plus.

  • Get comfortable with using the motion controlled aiming.
    Before Kat even gets her powers, you can look around some scenes by tilting and angling the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller.
    Don’t be afraid to try it out at this point in the game as there’s no real punishment for failure, and it becomes an invaluable skill to fall back on as you progress.
  • Think like a cat and aim high.
    The rooftops of the Banga Settlement are invaluable in building your confidence at high altitudes, as you can’t really die at this early stage, even if you fall off into the unknown.
    So use it as your playground and take to the slates – Kat will shake off any long drops like a pro, leaving you untouched for another attempt.
  • Stasis Field throw attacks can be ‘stacked’, meaning if you have several objects floating around you, firing them off in quick succession is as easy as repeatedly pressing a button without pause. This is especially handy for taking down tougher opponents, without trying to get too close.
  • When battling some bosses, there’s no time limit, so don’t be afraid to keep your distance and wear them down with long range attacks until it’s time to get closer for a spectacular finishing move.