Let’s cut to the chase recruit, you’re here because humanity is at war. Mankind’s survival rests on the shoulders of brave men and women like you, who have volunteered to make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of our species.

Make no mistake; we are surrounded by hostile aliens in our own galaxy, fighting a war in which we are losing ground.

We must strike these aggressors hard, fast and with extreme prejudice, before they bring destruction to our doorstep.

Welcome to the Helldivers.

store-bag Get ready for reinforcements recruit! Equip yourself with some of the most advanced – albeit experimental – equipment and save the citizens of Earth. Download all of your war preparations from PlayStation®Store.


The Helldivers are the scalpel of Super Earth’s military might; the best of the best, hand-picked from other units and trained in the art of rapid, surgical strikes on high-value targets before the enemy has time to react.

Squads of up to four Helldivers punch through a planet’s atmosphere from orbit in individual re-entry capsules called Hellpods. Once on the surface, they unleash their state-of-the-art weapons, capture key objectives and mark targets for aerial bombardment.

If all goes to plan, the squad will then activate their extract beacon and get out of there before the enemy knows what’s hit them.

Move left stick
Aim right stick
Fire weapon R button
Reload E button
Throw grenade W button
Switch weapon D button
Switch to sidearm D button (hold)
Sprint N (hold)
Dive prone/Get up F button
Recover (when downed) S button (tap repeatedly)
Melee A button
Interact S button
Options [OPTIONS] button
Open/close map touch pad button
Radio menu Q button (hold)
Stratagem combinations (when radio menu is open) directional buttons


This primitive species has benefited from millions of years of natural selection – resulting in the extremely vicious and effective specimens you will encounter today. Their weakness, if any, is their lack of ranged attacks; do whatever you can to keep them at a “safe” distance.


These formerly human abominations broke away from Super Earth many years ago to continue their semi-religious practice of manipulating their bodies with machines. Cyborg foot soldiers and light vehicles are armed with tough armour and all manner of ranged weapons, though their movement is slowed as a result.


The Illuminate
The Squ’ith are an ancient race of originally aquatic creatures that mastered space travel much earlier than mankind. They use deception on the battlefield – expect to face cloaking devices and tactical teleporters. The Illuminate also possess a weapon capable of destroying entire planets – a danger the people of Super Earth cannot ignore.


Friendly fire
An occupational hazard for every Helldiver is friendly fire – the Super Earth government acknowledges that occasionally accidents happen. You’ll have to learn to live with that.

Down but not out
When downed by an enemy (or a friendly) you can use one-handed weapons like a pistol or SMG to protect yourself. If you survive, tap the S button repeatedly to revive yourself.

Revive your allies
Downed friendlies can be revived by standing next to them and pressing the S button when the on-screen prompt appears

When a friendly is killed, you have the ability to bring them back into action using the Reinforce stratagem.

Take out small groups of enemies before they have time to sound the alarm.

Stratagem beacons emit a beam of light that’s powerful enough to be seen from orbit; the downside being that they’ll attract nearby enemies like moths to a flame.

Warning: Standing in the same position as a stratagem beacon is not recommended – it marks the landing position of the incoming pods or ordnance which are both fatal to Helldivers.

Dive onto the ground to avoid gunfire by pressing the F button. You can’t use any weapons while prone, but patrols will have a harder time spotting you.

Drop and roll
If you’re on fire, press the F button to dive onto the ground and put out the flames.