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Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) are the currency used in the game – the cash you earn through success in matches and daily challenges and via career progression – and every time you want to play, you’ll need to lay some of your hard-earned HKC down on the table.

As well as allowing you to access online matches, HKC can be used to buy items like cues, ball sets and special daily challenge boosters.

To get you started, a 2500 HKC welcome bonus will be deposited in your account when you first play. There’s also a daily return bonus – if your HKC balance drops below 250, we’ll give you a booster every day you come back to the game to allow you to keep playing. Once you’re under way, the more you win, the more HKC you’ll pocket, and you can grind smaller amounts of HKC by playing games, nailing cool shots and potting balls.

If at any time your HKC balance is running low and holding you back, you can also
buy a booster pack from PlayStation®Store

If playing against others online and accruing/spending HKC aren’t for you, then the additional 8-Ball Exhibition Pack could be just the ticket. Designed as a solution for gamers who want to play Hustle Kings™ without restriction, this add-on pack lets you enjoy offline and online exhibition matches with friends at your leisure – simply download it from PlayStation®Store and off you go.


If you’re looking for a way to enjoy Hustle Kings™ as much as you like without having to earn or spend Hustle Kings Credits (HKC), the 8-Ball Exhibition Packis just the thing.

After downloading this add-on pack from PlayStation®Store, you’ll be able to play 8 (and 9)-ball pool games whenever you like and as much as you want.

What’s more, you’ll also be able to play offline matches against a friend with a second DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, test your skills against computer-controlled opponents, or head online to challenge other Hustle Kings™ players who also have the 8-Ball Exhibition Pack – again, without spending precious HKC. The only time you’ll need to shell out is if you want to compete in the online leagues.


On the Main Menu, you can view your current rank and Hustle Kings Credits (HKC) balance and toggle between various activity feeds by pressing the E button. Press the D button to launch the daily challenge. You can also view your profile, or get a game going by choosing League or Pool Hall.


A good place to start is the Pool Hall, where you can take some training to practise the skills you’ll need to be successful in the Hustle Kings™ arena. In the Pool Hall you’ll also find an offline Career mode, where you can master a variety of events, start earning some HKC as a rookie pool player and work your way up the career ladder.

If you download the 8-Ball Exhibition Pack from PlayStation®Store, the Pool Hall will also allow you to play solo or two-player offline matches (with two controllers), or challenge a friend online – both without spending any HKC. See the How To Get Unlimited Play section of this user guide for more info.


For serious pool players, this is where the real magic happens: the online leagues. Depending on your rank, you’ll be able to take part in matches against other online players of a similar standard. You’ll need to pay an HKC entry fee to kick off a match and some game types will be unavailable until you unlock them.

The aim of the game is simple: beat your opponents, bank a shedload of HKC and rise up through the online tiers, tackling harder challenges, higher stakes and better players as you go.

In the leagues, everyone starts on the bottom rung and there are no short cuts – you need to earn your way to the top by winning games and reaching career cash goals.


Your profile page is the place to go to view replays of your finest shots and matches, customise your kit, change the music and adjust other options, view your trophy haul and check out your stats.

Every day, a new challenge will be made available, giving you the opportunity to win some serious HKC and shoot you up the leaderboards. All you have to do is complete the challenge within the allotted number of tries.

Simply press the D button on the Main Menu to access the challenge. Before you’re thrown in at the deep end you can read an on-screen hint and view a demo – the challenges can get pretty tricky, so be sure to pay attention!

left stick Aim shot/Take shot
C/V/Z/X Aim shot
right stick Position cue/Apply spin
E button Change camera
W button Decrease shot power
R button Increase shot power
D button Move ball
A button Fine tune shot
S button Take shot
touch pad Move camera
touch pad button Pause
OPTIONS button Chalk menu