Hey, it’s Cookie Pie! You’re reading a super special edition of the Cookie Press today. I’m sending this live from Yingzhou Isle in the Dragon’s Triangle. Cool, huh?

There are so many stories about this island. Some say it’s the final resting place of a powerful emperor from Ancient China. According to legend, this guy was obsessed with immortality. His alchemist used to round up teenagers and experiment on them, hoping to find a way to escape death. So creepy!

Even though that’s just a legend, this island does attract a lot of strange people. There’s a bunch of guys with guns, patrolling the beaches for trespassers, and on my first night here I heard some freaky noises. They didn’t even sound human! But that won’t scare me away though. Cookie Pie always gets her scoop!
Catch ya later!

Cookie Pie x

PS. I’ll try and upload as many pictures as I can, but I’m not getting any bars on this stupid island!

You never know who will make an appearance when Cookie Pie is on location…



Our hero.

This guy’s a totally awesome fighter! He can get hit by a ton of bullets and keep coming back for more and he was trained by the special forces so he can use all kinds of weapons.
He told me he was on the island to find out some secret about his mother. He looks pretty young, but he acts like someone much older. Weird!


Apparently Ksana knew Tyre’s mom so she brought him to Yingzhou Isle, to help him find out about his past.
I don’t know what to make of her, she doesn’t speak much. She doesn’t seem bothered at all by all the dangerous stuff on the island. What’s her secret!?

Cookie Pie

Cookie Pie

You haven’t heard of Cookie Pie? I’m a famous streamer, everyone’s heard of me!

I came here alone to investigate the rumour that real-life dragons live on Yingzhou Isle. I ran into Tyre when some shifty looking guy was trying to torture him. I saved his life, so he owes me big time.

Emperor 夕

Way back in ancient Chinese times, this guy tried to cheat death by transferring his mind into artificial bodies. Or at least that’s what the legends say. He’s been dead for thousands of years.

I didn’t realise these guys were going to be here too! Exploring an island is dangerous enough without people trying to kill you.



Someone’s private army have rocked up on the island. They even shot at me! Don’t they know who I am? And just who do they work for anyway!?


I’ve seen these flying around the island, I guess they belong to the mercenaries. Some of them can be shot down pretty easily, but others are tougher.



Gross! These freaky zombie things just appeared out of nowhere. There’s a rumour that they’re experiments gone wrong, but they look like demons to me.


The only reason I’m on this island is to look for dragons, but I still haven’t seen any. They’ve got to be here though, I just know it!

Left hand PlayStation®Move motion controller

Walk Move button
Interact G button
Turn left F button
Cycle through items in left hand D button
Open inventory D button (hold)
Strafe left S button
Walk backwards A button
Open pause menu START button

Right hand PlayStation®Move motion controller

Walk Move button
Interact G button
Turn right D button
Cycle through items in right hand F button
Open inventory F button (hold)
Strafe right A button
Walk backwards S button
Recalibrate PS VR position START button

My fans deserve nothing but the very best content, so give me some cool stuff to tell them about! I promise you’ll get like, a trophy, or something, ok?



Take a jump off a cliff. Oh come on, it’s not that high up…

Ammunition Saving

Think you can take out two bad guys with one grenade?

Learn Your Reach

It would be so cool if you could beat up 20 enemies using only close-quarter weapons!

Dishonorable Tools

There are so many guns on this island. My fans would love to see you try them all.

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