General Gameplay tips:

1. Jumping enemies are vulnerable; a well-placed Stasis Blast can devastate them.

2. Dash Strike can knock heavily armoured enemies off their feet; kick ‘em while they’re down!

3. Press the A button to dash out of anything that knocks you off your feet, stuns you or holds you in place.

4. If you have problems aiming accurately, upgrade the powers that improve Fetch’s ability to slow down time.

5. Collecting Lumens and completing side missions are the quickest ways to earn Skill Points that you can use to upgrade Fetch’s powers.

Battle Arena tips:

1. Shoot down flying auto-turrets for power-ups and score multipliers.

2. Don’t let your score multiplier expire; stay engaged and keep fighting!

3. Shoot all Hostage Takers to attract their attention rather than allowing them to turn their fire on a Hostage.

4. Aim for Summoners’ weak points to eliminate them quickly.

5. Wraiths have a nasty melee attack; use a stasis blast to keep them at bay.


Abigail “Fetch” Walker


When Abigail first discovered she was a “Conduit” – a name given to people who spontaneously exhibit superpowers and therefore deemed a threat to public safety – she was forced to escape along with her brother, Brent, to the anonymity of life on the streets. But after two years, the pair has become entrapped by the temptations of this lifestyle and are thought to be making plans to escape from Seattle to start over in a new and safer town.

Brooke Augustine


Brooke Augustine was a military officer until her superhuman ability to manipulate concrete began to manifest itself. She was given control of the fledgling Department of Unified Protection, a government-controlled paramilitary force formed to hunt down and capture suspected Conduits. Since Augustine took command, there have been no escapes from the Conduit Detention Facility at Curdun Cay Station.

Shane Bower


Shane Bower is a cunning and ruthless Texas-born criminal who relocated to Seattle, Washington, five years ago and currently controls one of the two largest drug and crime organisations in the city.

Brent Walker


Brent Walker is the older brother and protector of his sister, Fetch, as the two live on the streets of Seattle, struggling to get by while avoiding the D.U.P.

Move left stick
Move camera/Aim right stick
Jump S button
Dash A button
Melee finisher D button
Melee F button
Heavy attack R1 button
Stasis attack L1 button
Main attack R2 button
Target/Zoom L2 button
Options OPTIONS button
Ping radar L3 button

inFAMOUS™ First Light has one gold trophy, two silver trophies and 10 bronze trophies. Here’s a quick look at how to earn some of them:

Trophy: Gold
Title: Perfectionist
Description: Complete all of the challenges in the game.
Tip: There are a set of Challenges for each of the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Battle Arenas as well as a list of tasks to attempt while roaming the streets of Seattle. Check your progress at any time by pressing the OPTIONS button followed by the W or R buttons to access the Challenges tab.

Trophy: Silver
Title: Unleashed
Description: Purchase every upgrade.
Tip: In-game upgrades will improve Fetch’s existing neon abilities and unlock some powerful new additions for her arsenal. Some upgrades are only available once you’ve completed the main story.

Trophy: Bronze
Title: Illuminated
Description: Collect all Neon Lumens.
Tip: Neon Lumens are scattered around Seattle in some hard-to-reach places. You’ll often need to dash through Neon Clouds using Fetch’s Light Speed skill to get the speed and height required to reach them.

Watch this video to get the lowdown on how to make some great images while you play inFAMOUS™ First Light and inFAMOUS™ Second Son. Be sure to try out the new colour grading filters and the increased opacity control which have been added to the photo mode in inFAMOUS™ First Light.



During inFAMOUS™ First Light, Fetch is locked up in a prison for super-powered humans and forced to relive tragedies from her past. After you unravel her dark secret in Seattle and battled to escape snowy Curdun Cay, you can continue her story by downloading inFAMOUS™ Second Son from PlayStation®Store.