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You know Seattle right? The Emerald City, home of the Space Needle, constant rain and an extra-governmental agency that patrols the streets and watches your every move through the lens of a security camera?

Well that last part’s a new one. The “Department of Unified Protection” has put this city in lockdown ever since three bioterrorists escaped near some American Indian reservation on the outskirts of the city.

Bioterrorists or conduits. Depends who you ask. I thought all those freaks were meant to have been killed anyhow. Not that it matters. They aren’t the ones doing the worst of the terrorising. You can’t even sneeze around here without those yellow jumpsuits asking to see your papers.

Something’s got the D.U.P. riled up it seems. More people are being rounded up and confined on the streets in those pens they’ve got. Caged like animals.

It could be something to do with those big graffiti tags we’ve been seeing around the place. I’d love to have seen the looks on their faces when they saw them!

Word on the street is it was some kid called Delsin Rowe. What kind of a name is that?

I don’t know why people believe this baloney. Do they think this kid is going to save them?

I suppose misplaced hope is better than none at all.

Move left stick
Move camera/Aim right stick
Jump S button
Hover S button (hold while in mid-air)
Dash A button
Karmic actions D button
Melee/Let go of ledge F button
Heavy attack R1 button
Special power L1 button
Main attack R2 button
Target/Zoom L2 button
Karmic attack V directional button
Interact with objects touch pad
Options OPTIONS button

All on-screen controller icons refer to the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and do not refer to playing the game on PlayStation®Vita via Remote Play.

Your newfound powers will need to improve if you’re going to take down the D.U.P. – good thing you’ve got the ability to drain the powers of other conduits and keep them as your own. Here are some pointers for expanding your arsenal.

Power Sources

The last thing you want when surrounded by the D.U.P. is for your powers to run out of juice. Each time you use an ability, you’ll notice the meter in the bottom left of your screen drain. Seattle is filled with all sorts of power sources; press the touch pad button when standing next to one to recharge from it.

Blast Shards

Rayacite fragments are rare and powerful radiated pieces of a mysterious element. Conduits can absorb the energy within them to boost their powers. Find one and press the touch pad button to drain it like any other power source. You can then use these shards to upgrade your abilities in the Powers menu. The upgrades available will depend on your Karma Level.

Finding Blast Shards

The D.U.P. has learnt how to harness Blast Shards for their own ends. They’re going to regret that! Claim them for yourself by cracking open their Tracker Drones, Scanning Stations and Mobile Command Centres and draining the power for yourself. Is there a better feeling than turning an enemy’s own weapons against them?

As you take on the D.U.P. you’ll be faced with difficult decisions. The way you choose to act will affect your Karma Level, which determines the powers you are able to unlock, the attitude of Seattle’s citizens towards you and even your appearance. Here is an introduction to understanding Karma.

Karma Meter

Your Karma Meter can be seen on the upper left-hand side of your screen. A blue meter denotes Good Karma and red Evil Karma. Good and evil acts will increase or decrease the level of your meter, depending on which path you’ve chosen.

Subdue or Execute

The most common choice you’re faced with during combat is whether to use deadly force, or put a foe out of action temporarily. Enemies will also surrender when the odds turn against them. In these situations, you make the call on who lives and who dies – don’t take the decision lightly.


People have a right to voice their opinion, right? Well that’s entirely up to you… Mobs of placard-brandishing protestors can be seen across Seattle. They won’t stick around long should you choose to silence them and you’ll gain Evil Karma in doing so.

Drug Busts

People have got to make a living, right? If you spot a drug deal going down, you can intervene to gain Good Karma or choose to ignore it.

When you arrive in Seattle, you’ll notice the D.U.P. have the city’s 13 districts locked down pretty tight. GPS jammers black out sensitive areas, security cameras are everywhere and secret agents will call for backup if they see any signs of conduits. You can reduce the D.U.P. presence in each district with the following actions.


Camera rigs are everywhere in Seattle. If they spot you using your powers or snooping around a restricted area, you’ll have some company in no time at all. Destroy cameras with projectiles or melee attacks.

Mobile Command Centres

The D.U.P. have set up Mobile Command Centres across the city. Taking them out will seriously cripple the D.U.P. presence in that district – provided you can make it past the hundreds of henchmen, Auto-turrets and cameras that is.

Hidden Cameras

The D.U.P. have installed Hidden Cameras all over the place too. Use your map to find an area where there’s a suspected Hidden Camera. You’ll have to make sure there are no enemies nearby. Once the coast is clear, press the C button to look at the camera feed on your smartphone. Work out where the camera is and blast it with any basic power to put it out of business for good.

Radar Jammers

Good luck getting any signal on your smartphone next to one of these towers! The D.U.P. uses them to protect their most sensitive operations. A well-placed Smoke Shot or other projectile will make short work of them.

Secret Agents

Trust no one. The D.U.P. has secret agents everywhere. Use your minimap to find an area where a secret agent is believed to be operating. Press and hold the C button to begin the mission and a picture of the agent will appear on your screen. Track them down and decide what to do with them. It’s your call.

Scanning Stations

These pedestrian checkpoints scan the user’s DNA for signs of the conduit gene. If the smoke missiles shooting out of your hands don’t give you away, these machines certainly will. They’re also a handy source of Blast Shards.

Stencil Art

Delsin Rowe’s not just a charmingly handsome superhuman, he’s a politically motivated street artist too. To spread your message of freedom, go to a spray can icon on your minimap and follow the on-screen instructions.

District Showdown

Reducing the D.U.P. control of a district below 30 per cent will unlock a District Showdown. Charge up your powers and get ready to teach the D.U.P. who’s really in charge of this town. Defeating the forces that respond to the call will reduce the D.U.P. presence in the area and unlock a Fast Travel location.

Fast Travel

When you complete a District Showdown you’ll be able to Fast Travel back to that location. To do this, go to any Fast Travel point you’ve unlocked and press the C button when an on-screen prompt appears. Select the location you wish to Fast Travel to on the map and press the S button to confirm.

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