left stick Move
right stick Camera
A button Chime
S button Jump/fly
touch pad button Pause
OPTIONS button (while paused) Options menu
Options menu
D button Select chapter
S button Camera mode


The burning sun scorches the hooded robe protecting your back, snapping you to life.
Your vision comes into focus; you almost wish it hadn’t.
The brightest of lights illuminates a rolling ocean of sand that sprawls out of sight beneath an endless sky. It’s like a dream… or a nightmare.
There is no one here. You are alone; helplessly lost.
But you see something; a vast mountaintop looming over the horizon.
Something inside you cries out – you know that you must go to the mountain.
But how do you get there?
What dangers lie in wait?
Are others adrift here, like you?
Rise, traveller… it is time to find out.

It is time to begin your journey.

The land ahead of you is vast and inhospitable − shifting sands, age-old ruins, crumbling caves, howling winds and… who knows what else… will test your courage and push your resolve. To aid you on this quest, look out for the following:



Your scarf is capable of harnessing a wild magic that will grant you the ability to defy gravity. Soar and glide through the environment to find hidden or hard-to-reach areas, but be careful how you use this ability, the magic will not last forever.


Just one of the many mysteries of this strange world, the glowing symbols energise and extend your robe’s scarf.


Who created these incredible mosaics? You might never find out, but it may be worthwhile taking a closer look at any you come across during your adventure.


Flying seemingly of their own will, these strange creatures can power up the energy in your robe’s scarf if you get close enough, or give you a valuable boost to get to higher places and platforms. While some “species” may roam free, others are trapped in ruins, waiting to be released.


It could just be folklore; a myth passed from one generation to the next, but the legend of a strange flower growing defiantly in the searing desert heat just refuses to die. Maybe you can prove its existence?


Tales tell of a pair of reclusive, other-worldly aquatic entities, witnessed only by the most intrepid of explorers. But in this sun-scorched land, could such mesmerising, flowing waterborne creatures really exist?

If you sign into your Sony Entertainment Network account and play Journey™ online then anyone, from anywhere in the world can join you on your expedition at any time.

If you encounter another explorer out in the desert, you can communicate with each other by pressing the A button − this will also rejuvenate the energy in both of your scarves.

Each traveller is identified by their own unique symbol, so you will know if you have met each other before.

You can only explore with one other player at a time, and can break your bond by simply moving out of range of each other.


You can also view this gamer guide on your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop by visiting https://userguides.eu.playstation.com/journey-collectors-edition/.

Try it next time you want to read about symbols and glyphs, or remind yourself which button is “jump” and which is “chime” – you don’t even have to pause the game.



Soar through a dreamlike world of rolling hills and fields in another glorious creation from thatgamecompany. Control the wind to carry a stream of flower petals around each landscape, bringing it to life in the process.

This is a land of subtle mysteries for you to explore at your own pace. It’s about beauty and revitalisation as you bring colour back to a land where it has long been missing.
Every level has its own unique goals and secrets – but you don’t have to worry about them if you don’t feel like it. Flower™ is about doing what you want, when you want. Freedom is everything.


Simply use your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller’s motion sensor function to move the wind in any direction you choose.

Tilt DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller Move
Press any button Create breeze
OPTIONS button Pause



Dive into a mesmerising underwater adventure as a living organism fighting your way through a journey of evolution.

Eat food and consume other predators to grow into a large, beautiful being. As you get bigger, you’ll be able to devour more challenging predators.

Control the difficulty level yourself by moving through the levels at your own pace, avoiding bigger organisms, and perhaps returning later to challenge their dominance.

Explore the underwater surrounds and bring your organism to its final evolutionary stage. Once there you’ll unlock a new creature – there are six in total and each one has its own unique way of tackling predators.

flOw™ is a game of discovery, daring and dazzling beauty – the best way to approach it is to jump in and explore for yourself.


Simply use your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller’s motion sensor function to swim around on your oceanic adventure.

Tilt DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller Move
Press any button Dash
OPTIONS button Pause


Red orbs move you deeper into the abyss.

Blue orbs move you back to safer waters.


Connect up to three additional DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controllers to allow other players to join in. Up to four players can explore the watery depths together.