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The war between the Vektans and the Helghast ended in seconds.

They call it The Terracide. A billion lives lost in the petrusite fires that swept Helghan’s surface, reducing it to nothing more than a lifeless rock.

In the days that followed, an uneasy truce was negotiated and a settlement was reached.

The survivors were to be given refuge on another world… Vekta, home of those responsible for Helghan’s destruction.

Half of the planet was given over to the survivors and the Vektans that lived there were forced to leave.

This was no longer their home. This was New Helghan.

Using Menu Screens

In this manual, C, V, Z, X etc. are used to denote the direction of the directional buttons only unless stated otherwise.

Highlight an option left stick/directional buttons
Scroll between menu screens right stick
Confirm S button
Cancel/return to previous menu screen A button
Tab left Q button
Tab right E button

Single Player Controls

Move left stick
Sprint B button
Aim right stick
Jump/climb S button
Reload F button
Crouch/use A button
Switch weapon D button
Zoom W button
Fire weapon R button
Melee attack N button
Throw grenade E button
Use adrenaline Z
Current objectives C
Objective menu C (hold)
Secondary fire mode V
Tactical echo X (hold)
Options OPTIONS button
OWL attack mode touch pad swipe C
OWL zipline mode touch pad swipe X
OWL shield mode touch pad swipe V
OWL stun mode touch pad swipe Z
OWL command Q button


Standard weaponry for a Shadow Marshal is the LSR44 Shadow Marshal Rifle and the LS12 Ripper Pistol. However, Shadow Marshals are proficient in the use of a variety of weaponry, allowing them to pick up and use any weapon when on a mission.

Many weapons, including the LSR44, have two modes of fire; press V to switch modes.


Shadow Marshals are also trained in melee combat. When close enough to an enemy, press the N button when prompted to perform a melee attack. Dropping down on an enemy will also perform a melee attack. Additionally, melee attacks from behind will be silent.

Tactical Echo

The tactical echo sends out a pulse radiating from the Shadow Marshal. This pulse highlights combatants, both friendly and enemy, and points of interest within the environment. Further information can then be viewed by focusing on a particular highlight.

To deploy the tactical echo, press and hold X. The longer you hold, the further the echo will scan, however, if the device is overloaded, it is rendered inoperative for a short period and could alert nearby enemies.


Synthetic adrenaline is a standard feature of any medikit, but the altered physiology of the Shadow Marshal means using the pack will not only heal but give the Shadow Marshal a temporary sensory boost. Four can be carried at a time but more can be picked up during operations. Press Z to use adrenaline.


The hovering combat drone known as the OWL has been recently upgraded to version 1.3 and now has a number of different modes.

Attack Mode

Swipe C on the touch pad to set the OWL to attack mode. When the on-screen OWL icon is highlighted, the OWL can be deployed to attack enemies within range by pressing the Q button. It will continue to attack until given another order, or until it runs out of power.


Swipe X on the touch pad to set the OWL to zipline mode. When the on-screen OWL icon is highlighted, press the Q button and the OWL will shoot a line to a particular spot, allowing the Shadow Marshal to zipline downwards.

OWL Shield

Swipe V on the touch pad to set the OWL to shield mode. When the terrain allows, the OWL will deploy a nano shield – activated by pressing the Q button. This shield will block incoming enemy fire while permitting the Shadow Marshal to shoot through. The shield can absorb significant damage before it deconstructs. Deploying a shield drains the OWL of power.

OWL Stun

Swipe Z on the touch pad to set the OWL to stun mode. When the on-screen OWL icon lights up, press the Q button to deploy the OWL to the target location, where it will execute an electrical blast, stunning anyone or anything in the immediate area. This action will drain the OWL of power.

OWL Hack

The OWL has the ability to hack computer consoles, alarms and other electronic equipment. When the Shadow Marshal focuses on anything hackable, the on-screen OWL icon will indicate that this action is possible. Press the Q button to order the OWL to hack the object and report results on completion.

OWL Revive

In the event of the Shadow Marshal being seriously injured, the OWL can use one of the adrenaline packs the Shadow Marshal carries to help restore them to combat effectiveness. This is only possible if the Shadow Marshal has an adrenaline pack, the OWL is in a functioning state and the Shadow Marshal’s injures can be healed.

OWL Return

At any point, press and hold the Q button to call back the OWL. When docked with the Shadow Marshal’s suit, the OWL will recharge power.

There are four types of collectibles within KILLZONE™ SHADOW FALL:

  • Audiologs record the thoughts and experiences of individuals within the world.
  • Dossiers detail intelligence agency reports with information about individuals and locations.
  • Newspapers record the current events happening around the known universe.
  • Comic pages give the reader a rare insight into the culture and mindset of the Helghast people.

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My Soldier

As you complete multiplayer challenges you’ll unlock a wide range of weapon upgrades, ability improvements, new equipment and other items to customise your character. These challenges also form your rank, and there are over 1500 challenges to take on – have you got what it takes to complete them all?

Multiplayer Controls

Move left stick
Sprint B button
Aim right stick
Jump/climb S button
Reload F button
Crouch/use A button
Switch weapon D button
Zoom W button
Fire Weapon R button
Melee attack N button
Throw grenade E button
Switch weapon mode Q button
Primary ability Z
Secondary ability X
Options OPTIONS button
Scoreboard and information touch pad button