The Goblins have always stood in opposition to humanity. Defeat in the Great War did not deter them.

Together with Lucas and a small band of friends, Knack became the big-hearted little guy who heroically helped restore peace to the world. But that fragile peace did not last long…

Nobody could have foreseen the assault on the city of Newhaven. But the mysterious robots attacked without mercy.

With Lucas feeling personally responsible for the destruction of his home town, he must team up again with Knack to save the world for a second time!

But what do the robots want?
And can peace really return to the world?
And will a simple hiking trip turn into a life-changing adventure!?

street scene

Knack’s got the moves!
Move left stick
Dodge right stick
Jump S button
Block Q button (hold)
Parry Q button (press just before projectile hits)
Kick A button (tap up to three times for a combo)
Heavy punch A button (hold)
Punch F button (tap up to three times for a combo)
Multi-punch F button (hold)
Hook shot D button
Boomerang D button (hold)
Special Attack D button (after powering up)
Warp R button (when in Co-Op Mode)
Open Pause Menu OPTIONS button
Open Power-Up Screen touch pad button

Press the E button to change Knack’s size from small to large – and back again!

You can also view these in-game controls (plus other useful info) on the Pause Menu.

Your progress will be automatically saved as you play. Look out for the saving icon in the bottom-right of the screen, and please do not turn off the power while the saving icon is displayed.



Our hero.

The product of many long years of intensive research by Doctor Vargas, Knack’s body is made from ancient artefacts known as relics. Knack can change size at will – from two-feet tall to the size of a house (and back down again).

After saving the world last time around, Knack has been living in Newhaven with Lucas.


Lucas is Doctor Vargas’s adopted son and helpful research assistant. Though he has rebelled against the Doctor in the past, they now have a happy family relationship. He even thinks of Charlotte, the Doctor’s girlfriend, as a mother figure.



A young leader from Norcliff Monastery, Ava is a role model for the trainee monks.

Disciplined, diligent, calm and wise, Ava has a curious power that lets her manipulate relic energy.

With a great respect for Xander, the head of the monastery, Ava is passionately committed to spreading the teachings of Norcliff and establishing world peace.


As the benevolent head of Norcliff Monastery, Xander has a responsibility to lead it along the righteous path.

Known for his sharp analytical abilities and an intellect to rival Doctor Vargas, Xander has constructed creatures from relics to help with everyday tasks.



As an adventurer who has travelled to all four corners of the world, Ryder’s vast globetrotting experience means that you won’t need a map when he’s around.

Strong, athletic and rational, Ryder is grateful to Doctor Vargas for looking after his nephew, Lucas.


1Health Meter/Size Display

Both Knack’s health level and current size are reduced when he gets attacked – but they’ll automatically restore over time. However, when Knack’s health meter completely empties, it’ll be game over and you’ll restart the adventure from the last checkpoint that you passed.

2Sunstone Gauge

Break sunstones (yellow crystals) to fill up this gauge. When the gauge reaches a certain level, a barrier will be formed whenever Knack is attacked, so he won’t take damage – while this will deplete the sunstone gauge, it will prevent Knack from becoming smaller, so it’s always worth smashing those sunstones to keep the gauge topped up.

3Relic Energy Gauge

Gain super-handy relic energy by defeating enemies and opening treasure chests. Use this energy to power up Knack once you’ve cleared the first chapter – press the touch pad button to display the Power-Up Screen. The number of treasure chests found in each chapter is displayed on the right side of the Pause Menu.


Knack is made of ancient artefacts known as “relics”. Collect lots of relics so that Knack gets bigger and stronger.

Crystal Relics

Collect these special relics to awaken Knack’s special powers.

Crystal Relics
Sun stone

Break these yellow crystals to fill up the sunstone gauge. When the gauge reaches a certain level, a barrier will be formed whenever Knack is attacked, so he won’t take damage.

Gadget Parts

Once you have collected enough parts, you can build gadgets for Knack to equip and use – each gadget has its own unique features. What will you build?

Gadget Parts
Treasure Chests
Treasure Chests

Hidden treasure chests contain crystal relics, gadget parts and other useful items so they are well worth searching for during Knack’s amazing adventures.
Replay completed chapters for extra chances to find the treasure chests you may have missed.

Co-op mode

Grab an extra DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and get a friend to lend a helping hand in fun-packed co-operative play.

Once you have both logged in (Player Two can log in as a guest if necessary), you can either select “Co-op Play” at the start of the game or Player Two can jump in whenever the entry icon (shown below) is displayed – Player Two must press the S button to start Co-op Mode.

Co-op Mode Controls

Both players control their own Knack. Controls mirror the single-player mode controls, with the addition of Tag Action Moves (learnt as you progress through the story) and Warp:


Press the R button during Co-op Mode to warp to your partner’s location. Warp lets more experienced players tactically forge ahead so that less experienced players can catch them up at a press of a button! Helping each other is the best way to make progress.

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