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When a menacing goblin army strikes,
Knack must rise up and transform himself into a gigantic wrecking machine
To track down the enemy and save mankind.

So say hello to an unlikely hero…
Because Knack’s adventure is just getting started!

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Knack is a three-foot tall, all-action hero who can grow to ENORMOUS sizes. Relics power everything in Knack’s world… including Knack! They are mysterious objects that can be found buried deep in the earth. Collect relics wherever you can so that Knack can transform into a massive behemoth and crush the goblin threat.

Doctor Vargas


The Doctor is a world-famous inventor. He’s so brilliant, he even created Knack. No one knows more about relics than Doctor Vargas and, now that humanity is under siege, his knowledge is more important than ever.



Lucas is the Doctor’s hard-working assistant. He may be young, but he’s already an exceptional inventor. It can be tough working for a genius like Doctor Vargas, but Lucas is eager to prove himself against the dangers that lie ahead.



As a fearless explorer, Ryder seeks adventure wherever he goes. He takes danger in his stride and is ready to risk everything to protect the world and his nephew Lucas.


Move Knack around with the left stick.


Dodge with the right stick to sidestep attackers.


Jump by pressing the S button.

Double Jump

Leap higher by pressing the S button twice.


Attack nearby enemies by pressing the F button. You can launch a devastating triple-hit combo attack by pressing the F button three times in a row.

Jump Attack

Attack an enemy while jumping by pressing the S button and then the F button.

Throw Attack

Press the F button to pick up an object, and then press the F button again to throw the object at an enemy.

Change Size or Interact

Press the D button in specific situations to change Knack’s current size or to interact with certain objects.


Need a break? Press the OPTIONS button to pause the action.


Press the SHARE button to stream your goblin-thrashing gameplay live or upload video and screenshots of your most impressive KNACK™ moments.

Collect sunstones so you can launch some of these extra powerful attacks to deal out some serious damage. It takes a full sunstone gauge of energy to power each super move attack.

Shockwave Super Move Attack


Press the A button twice to sweep away nearby enemies with an almighty shockwave.

Blast Super Move Attack


Press the A button and then the D button to unleash a blast of energy that will shatter faraway enemies.

Storm Super Move Attack


Press the A button and then the F button to launch a wild whirlwind attack to take down enemies while on the move.


1Health Meter

Collect as many relics as you can to increase Knack’s size and health. Relics fly when Knack gets attacked, so the level of his health meter plummets. Hit certain objects to get even more relics and keep Knack nice and healthy.

2Sunstone Gauge

Break sunstones so that Knack can suck up their energy into his sunstone gauge. You can use the stored power to unleash super move attacks.


There’s Knack. Looks like he’s getting ready to thrash some goblins.


Relics are mysterious items that fuel all the machines in Knack’s world. Collect lots of relics so that Knack gets bigger and stronger.

  • Smash into any objects or secret rooms where relics might be hidden.
  • Collect every relic you come across to extend Knack’s health meter so he can become even more massive.



Sunstones are energised yellow crystals that can be found all around Knack’s world. Collect sunstones to fill Knack’s sunstone gauge so you can launch super move attacks.

  • Look out for yellow crystals in random objects. Psst! Have you tried knocking sunstones out of lamp posts yet?
  • Pick up every single sunstone you can to fill Knack’s sunstone gauge so he can unleash tons of super move attacks.


There are lots of hidden places in Knack’s world where you’ll be able to find items like gadget parts and crystal relics. Keep an eye out for walls that look a bit different and see if you can smash through them to discover a secret room.

Gadget Parts and Crystal Relics


Gadget parts and crystal relics are concealed in secret rooms.

  • Collect gadget parts to build all sorts of useful gadgets that will help Knack tackle the goblins.
  • Look out for special crystal relics that will unlock crystal versions of Knack with extra powers.

Check out your friends’ treasures


Every time you find a treasure chest, you’ll be able to see a list of friends who found different items in that place. If you like the item they found better than your own, you’ll be able to take that type of item instead.

Connect with more friends to increase your choice of gadget parts and relics.


Grab an extra DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller and get a friend to lend a helping hand as Robo Knack.

Robo Knack’s Controls

left stick Move Robo Knack
right stick Dodge enemies
S button Jump
F button Attack
S button, F button Jump attack
D button Give relics to Knack to replenish his health
A button Super move

Robo Knack is a gutsy sidekick who can collect relics and sunstones for Knack. He gets bigger by defeating enemies and smaller if he’s attacked.

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Director: Mark Cerny