Continuing your adventure from LocoRoco™ Remastered – available to download from PlayStation™Store.


The tranquil world of the LocoRoco is under attack and they need your help to defend it! Evil Moja Corps have returned and the Bunyo born from their dark song are trying to suck the life out of all living creatures.

You and the LocoRoco must once again work together to save their friends. Summon up all your courage to face this dangerous new threat and restore peace to the planet!

Evil Moja

Meet the LocoRoco!

Curious creatures who love to sing, each with their own personality.


The Energetic Youngster



The Confident Tomboy



The Loose Cannon



The Exuberant Geek



The Cool Speed Freak



The Stylish Princess



The Voracious Fella




You’ll find the MuiMui hiding in all sorts of places. Any MuiMui you find will go to the MuiMui House.

Mui Mui King

MuiMui King

He teaches the LocoRoco useful new skills.



They love causing trouble for the LocoRoco.



Don’t let the Moja catch you! They chase the LocoRoco as soon as they see them, and the Bunyo made from the songs they sing are deadly.


This leader of the Moja is back for revenge! Can the LocoRoco beat him again?


The aim of the game is simple – to get your LocoRoco to the goal and save them from the Moja! Tilt and bounce the landscape to get your LocoRoco where you want them to go. Every time a LocoRoco eats a berry, it grows and adds another LocoRoco to its size. Make sure your LocoRoco eats all the berries you can find so that it’s as big as possible when it reaches the goal.



Get your LocoRoco rolling! Press the Q button or the E button to tilt the stage.

rolling down a hill


Press the Q button and the E button at the same time, then release to bounce and clear gaps.
HINT: The longer you hold the buttons for, the bigger the bounce!



Get your LocoRoco through tight spaces! If your LocoRoco has grown after eating berries, tap the A button to split it up.
HINT: Stray LocoRoco will get eaten by Moja if you don’t help them! Keep an eye on your LocoRoco and make sure that they don’t get lost. If you lose all the LocoRoco, it’s game over – so be careful!



Stay safe! Hold down the A button to merge your LocoRoco back into one large LocoRoco.


Pause Menu

Press the OPTIONS button to access the Pause Menu. From here, you can restart a stage, return to the World Map (main menu), swap your LocoRoco characters, switch the time display ON/OFF and view the controls.

World map screen

Set off for adventures in all sorts of places! The number of destinations you can visit will increase as you play the game.


Visit a stage to play.

Stage icon


Play a minigame.

Minigame icon


Chat to characters. More characters will appear here whenever you clear a stage with all 20 LocoRoco.

Chat icon


Remind yourself of some fun and frightening times.

Memory icon


Unlock these events when you find all the LocoRoco and MuiMui on each stage and collect all the Bunyo. Complete the events for bonus items!

Lost Cocoreccho

Find five Cocoreccho butterflies and make it to the goal without messing up.

Cocoreccho icon

A LocoRoco vs BuiBui Race!

Get to the goal before the BuiBui.

Race icon

Hide and Seek with the MuiMui King!

Find the MuiMui King hidden somewhere on the stage.

MuiMui King icon

All sorts of interesting things can happen with your LocoRoco. Here are just a few tips on what to look out for:

The LocoRoco split and start singing

When LocoRoco start singing together, musical notes will float towards them. Press the A button when a coloured note and a transparent note are on top of each other. If your timing is good, more notes will appear and you will receive an item!


Level up stages

There are notes hidden all over each stage. Collect them to gain bonuses.

If you collect 100 notes, Pickory bugs become easier to collect.

Collect 200 notes and a map drawn by the MuiMui will appear on the Pause Menu. Pay the MuiMui 1,000 Pickories and they will help you find LocoRoco berries.

Collect 300 notes, and you’ll be able to withstand three hits from spiky objects.

Level up stage

Mystery locations

Places where a question mark symbol appear are not currently understood by the LocoRoco. Ask the MuiMui King for more information, and come back again later!

screenshot showing the questions mark symbol

LocoRoco looking around

LocoRoco are curious! If you think there’s something to investigate nearby, leave it to your LocoRoco – their eyes will show you if there is something interesting.

Looking around

Secret passages

Each stage is full of secret passages that can’t be spotted at a glance. Make sure to explore if you find one – it will lead to something that makes the LocoRoco happy!

Screenshot showing a secret passage


There are lots of PlayStation®Network Trophies to be won in LocoRoco™ 2 Remastered – here are some hints to help you get your collection started.


Danger Is My Trade:

Complete BuiBui Fort 3 with all 20 LocoRoco!



Get 4 consecutive wins in a game of Loco Rider.



Earn more than 2,000 points in a game of Nyokki NyoNyokki.

Don’t forget – you can get the LocoRoco™ 2 Remastered Platinum trophy if you collect all the other trophies in the game.

Any MuiMui you meet along the way come and live in the MuiMui House. Use the materials you find to make the house a fun place for everyone who lives there!

MuiMui house


Magnifying glass

magnifying glass icon
Use it to look at the MuiMui.


hammer icon
This will show you where new rooms and furniture can be created. Press the S button to open the Creation Menu.


bell icon

Press the S button to place a bell. Bells summon MuiMui towards them.

Exclamation Mark

exclamation mark icon

This means that something special will happen! You might be able to listen to music or watch movies… There are all sorts of treats waiting for you, so be sure to check them out.

Move cursor left stick
Zoom C and V buttons
Return to Title Screen F button
Display materials D button
Switch pages Q and E buttons
Exchange material for Pickories S button
Exit A button

Creation Menu

Use the Z and X buttons to browse and the S button to create an item.
You can’t create items that the MuiMui have not invented yet or that you don’t have enough materials for.

NOTE: If you don’t have enough of a material, the number will be displayed in red.

Image creation

The BuiBui are coming!

Sometimes you will see the MuiMui House being attacked by the BuiBui on the World Map. When this happens, you need to fight them off!

When the BuiBui aircraft approaches the MuiMui House, aim your guns at it using the left stick.
Press the A button to launch rocks at the aircraft!

The MuiMui House will be damaged if it takes too many hits from the BuiBui, so defend the house well.

MuiMui House Trivia

  • As the number of rooms in the MuiMui House increases, so does the number of MuiMui who can live there. MuiMui who don’t have a room will line up and wait in the garden!
  • If you build furniture for your MuiMui, they’ll play around and think of more things to build, so that you can fill the house with even more furniture.
  • As the house gets bigger, you will receive items from the MuiMui and their friends who come to play. Some items will even let you access hidden stages.
  • Playing makes MuiMui hungry, and if they run out of food, they sit down and sulk! Always make sure there are plenty of supplies in the storeroom.

The more you progress through the main story, the more minigames you will unlock!

Nyokki NyoNyokki

1 Play: 100 Pickories
Nyokki sprout creatures and other characters will pop their heads out of holes. Press the button corresponding to a hole to hit them for points, and aim to get the highest score before the time runs out.

Orange Nyokki = 10 points
Pink Nyokki = 20 points
Green Nyokki = 30 points
Moja = 40 points
LocoRoco = 50 points + time bonus

HINT: If you hit lots of Moja in a row, this can cause the Nyokki to stick their heads out all at the same time. Hit all of these Nyokki and something special should happen!

Nyokki NyoNyokki minigame

Loco Stamps

Use the stamps you’ve collected to fill in the stamp sheet. There are two Loco Stamp modes.

Free stamp minigame


Match the right stamps to fit the slots. Fill all of the slots to win a prize!

Free Stamps

After you’ve filled in a sheet, you can stamp it any way you want to create your own unique stamp sheets.

Loco Race

1 Play: 30 Pickories
Keep your LocoRoco safe until it reaches the goal!
Select one of four LocoRoco. You’ll receive prizes based on how well your LocoRoco does in the race and it will also tell you its happiness level for the day.
HINT: You’ll only be told the happiness level the first time you play each day, but play again the next day and see if it’s changed!

Loco Race minigame

Chuppa Chuppa

1 Play: 100 Pickories
Use Chuppa creatures to fire your LocoRoco towards the goal!
Hold down the A button to build up the Chuppa’s power gauge. Release the A button to set the amount of Chuppa power. The Chuppa will blast the LocoRoco into the air.
Keep going until you reach the item at the goal! But once your last LocoRoco hits a spike or gets eaten by an enemy, it’s game over.

HINT: Bite the tails of the Moflee bird creatures that fly around to leave a stage without losing any items or Pickories.

Moflee bird

Chuppa Chuppa minigame

BuiBui Buun 

1 Play: 100 Pickories
Defeat the BuiBui using the MuiMui aircraft!
Press the A button to shoot. The MuiMui will come when your LocoRoco eats lots of berries, and catching MuiMui will power up your aircraft.
Make your way through the game, and don’t let your LocoRoco get attacked!
HINT: The MuiMui aircraft can be powered up more than once.

BuiBui Buun minigame

MuiMui Crane

1 Play: 100 Pickories
Use the crane to pick up LocoRoco and items.
Press the A button to start the crane moving sideways. Press the A button again to start the crane moving downwards. As the crane is going down, use the Z and X buttons to move it from side to side.
When the crane’s arm reaches the bottom, it will close and move to the place where you can collect your prize – if you picked one up!
HINT: If you grab a LocoRoco, you still win an item. However, LocoRoco will try and wriggle free, so be sure to move the crane left and right to stop them getting away! If you win an item with a character’s picture on it, that character will come and visit the MuiMui House.

MuiMui crane minigame

Loco Rider

1 Play: 100 Pickories
Ride a LocoRoco and take on the BuiBui.
Use the left stick to jump in the direction you want to go, then press and release the A button to get your LocoRoco bouncing. Hold down the A button for longer to fly further.
Bounce into your opponents to send them flying. You win when you defeat all your opponents or if you defeat the most LocoRoco within the time limit.
HINT: Be sure to catch any LocoRoco who have bumped into spikes and are about to disappear.
HINT: BuiBui will sometimes be carrying LocoRoco berries so watch out for them too!

Loco Rider minigame

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