Avalon Darrow

Troubleshooter… bounty hunter… hero-for-hire.

You’ve got quite the reputation, Avalon.

Records show you’re a former rescue operative in the Fortuna City Emergency Services – this is just the experience we’re looking for.

Losing an arm in a botched task would force most operatives into early retirement; but we see that your multi-functional implant is very adaptable… and can even control Smart Matter.

This could be invaluable.

We’ll cut to the chase. Fortuna is in trouble. We need you down there on the ground; find our missing civilians before the corrupted Smart Matter overruns the city.


We know you’ve been out of action for a while, but we need you.

The galaxy needs you.

You’re our last chance. We’ll transfer the money immediately.

Nearly 700,000 people live in Fortuna City, on the distant colonized mining world of Fortuna.


It’s the most populated city outside of Earth. But this growing metropolis is almost deserted.

For when a colossal alien structure was found, the mysterious substance we call Smart Matter was discovered.

Our scientists said: “Smart Matter is a mysterious aggregate of self-organizing, self-replicating crystals that exhibit macroscopic quantum properties, and that, with the proper interface, can be programmed.”

So in other words, you can make it do things.

The problem is, we didn’t know how dangerous it could be.

We had to launch a mass evacuation, but not everyone made it out.

We believe a number of our people are still down there; this is where you come in.

We’re still learning about Smart Matter, but have identified some key differences in Blue and Red Matter:

This special substance manipulates your environment, creating temporary platforms to explore or shields to repel enemy bombardment.

Exploit Blue Matter to your tactical advantage.

Red Matter has a different genetic structure.

It infects anything it comes into contact with, twisting minds and programming.

Destroy EVERYTHING infected by Red Matter.

This training simulation demonstrates how Blue Matter can protect operatives from Red Matter

OK, so the bad news first… there are no huge weapons caches down in Fortuna City to loot.

But – this is where your multi-functional implant really shines.

Picking up intelligence packages lets you configure your implant so weapons morph into one another whenever you need them.

Your primary weapon has unlimited ammo and can be fired by aiming at your target with the right stick.

Fire your secondary weapon by hitting the R button and aiming at your target with the right stick. If used too often, your secondary weapon will overheat – and can’t be fired again until it cools down. Time your attacks carefully.

Weapons and armour can be improved using modules known as Augmentations. You can claim modules when rescuing civilians in the city. Augmenting your weapons and armour can make the difference in the heat of battle. Your armour can hold up to three Augmentations at a time – these can be any combination of secondary weapons and passive augmentations.

Move: left stick
Aim and fire primary weapon: right stick
Generate Blue Matter: W button (hold) + right stick
Fire secondary weapon: R button (hold) + right stick
Strike: Q button
Jump: E button
Change weapon: directional buttons
Augmentations: D button
Overcharge: F button

One of the reasons we chose you for this mission was your impressive levels of agility and seemingly endless reserves of energy. Exploit these traits to the max and explore every part of the environment.

Your armour is fitted with Overcharge technology. Every enemy you defeat leaves residue that can power this tech. When maxed out, you enter the “Overcharge” state, making your armour invulnerable to enemy fire and your weapons more powerful.

Do you think you’re the hottest hero-for-hire in the galaxy?

See if you can outscore our other mercenaries in the online galactic leaderboards.

We’ll level with you. We’re not entirely sure what threats you’ll find down there in the city.

We do have some intel, but you should really expect to face the unexpected.



These things fly in a straight line and detonate on impact.

Hold your ground until they move, and then get out of the way – once locked on to a target their course is never altered.



A stationary but deadly floating enemy; it launches relentless attacks so take it out quickly.



This is a patrol robot that can jump onto different levels to attack you.

Our advice: move and fire, move and fire, move and fire.



Equipped with an indestructible shield and a very large gun, these humanoid enemies will test everything you have… and then some.

Survivors from Fortuna City grabbed whatever they could while evacuating the doomed planet – including priceless pieces of art.

These rare finds are from Fortuna’s foremost artists.

Experiment with Augmentations to find the combination that fits your play style. Some combos favour close range combat, while others boost your mobility.

Don’t be afraid to revisit old ground. You could find missing modules for Augmentations, which give you a boost when fighting for top places in the online leaderboards.


Destroying enemies after they spawn, when they are stunned or while you are in your Overcharge state will result in higher scores.

When reached, your maximum multiplier is doubled for a limited amount to time.

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