Do you desperately need some extra training points to turn your Road to the Show wannabe into a global megastar?

Or do you dream of packing the roster of your favourite franchise with the biggest names in the game?

Then feed your baseball fever with MLB® The Show™ 16 Stubs – the precious in-game currency.

You can get your Stubs from PlayStation®Store and transform your game today.

Take your pick:



Whoa, what was that?

Oh, that was the final pitch of the game. It flew right past you and into the catcher’s mitt.

It’s your third strike, so now you’re out and you’ve lost. Game over. Everyone’s very disappointed in you.

If only your reflexes were better… or… if only you could SLOW DOWN TIME!!

The thing is, in baseball amazing things can happen in the blink of an eye – but the pro players can handle this as they see things us mere mortals cannot.

So to get you playing like the pros, we’ve brought you an exciting new feature: ShowTime – exclusive to the Road to the Show career mode.

ShowTime lets you slow down key plays, giving you complete and precise control of the action in the most epic of moments.

So whether you’re making a last ditch dive in the outfield, drilling a precision pitch past a helpless batter, or swinging for the fences to win the World Series – ShowTime can turn you from a bush league wannabe into a prime time player.

When the ShowTime meter appears on your screen, press the R button to slow time down – but use it sparingly, it won’t last forever.



Choosing your MLB® The Show™ 16 captain is a big decision.

A really big decision. Massive, in fact.

There are six MLB® superstars vying for the honour – each with their own ‘theme’ based on their style of play or where they are from; each theme offers up a variety of exciting challenges for you to complete.

As you play any game mode you will earn XP to increase the rank of your captain, and buy boosters and equipment from each of their unique in-game stores.

The six captains are:

  • Josh Donaldson − Toronto Blue Jays
  • Jacob deGrom − New York Mets
  • Jose Altuve − Houston Astros
  • Anthony Rizzo − Chicago Cubs
  • Eric Hosmer − Kansas City Royals
  • David Ortiz − Boston Red Sox

To choose your captain, go to My Locker on the Home screen and then head into the Captains section.

Feel free to blame your captain whenever you mess things up.



You can earn special rewards, XP and a lot of secret stuff by completing Missions.

Note: these are not secret spy-style missions. No one is phone tapping anyone.

These Missions are challenges. You might have to collect a set of digital baseball cards, earn a certain amount of XP, or achieve a specific stat with a player.

You’ll trigger Missions as you play through the game – and you’ll also be given a special Mission from your chosen captain.

To track your progress, go to My Locker on the Home screen and then head into the Missions section.



A totally revamped training system now gives you the chance to unlock Game Perks for your created player in Road to the Show.

Passive Perks will come into play automatically at the right time during a game, while you can use Consumable Perks at the right moment to turn the tide in your favour.

You can check out your Game Perks and also equip them to your player in the Training section of the Road to the Show Home screen.

“But what is Road to the Show? How do I create a player?” we hear you ask.

Just CLICK HERE and we’ll take you straight to the Road to the Show section of this gamer guide.


There are three new features in the Diamond Dynasty game mode:

Do you have what it takes to become the country’s most popular franchise? Take your team on a tour of North America, building your fan base as you play. Move your fans around to hold territories, or take them with you on a quest for glory.

Go bat-to-bat with other players online in an all-action tournament using a completely drafted squad. Lose too many games and you will be eliminated − and possibly mocked − but win lots of games and you will pocket incredible rewards.

Earn special versions of current day players and customise your team.

If you want to know more about this game mode, then CLICK HERE to go straight to the Diamond Dynasty section of this gamer guide.

There are lots of ways to throw and hit a baseball – it’s not just dumb luck (mostly).

MLB® The Show™ 16 gives you the chance to pick and choose exactly how you want to play.

To get a deeper insight into the complexities of batting, pitching and fielding, just pause the game by pressing the OPTIONS button and go to Controls and Strategy.



Choose how easy, or how difficult it is to hit the ball from Beginner to Legend.

Dynamic is a good setting for new players to try as the pitching will get progressively harder based on your batting success.

Go to the Options tab, then to User Settings and then to Gameplay Options to choose your difficulty level.

You can choose from three batting control systems: Pure Analog, Directional Hitting and Zone.

Take your pick from Gameplay Options before a match. If your players are getting struck out a bit too easily, you can pause the game and choose one of the other options.

Use the right stick to swing – this controls both the power and the direction.

Push the left stick C, V, Z or X to move the blue aiming arrow in the direction you want your shot to go, and press a swing button.

Similar to Directional Hitting, but this allows you to pinpoint a specific zone you want to aim your swing towards.


Normal swing: S button
Contact swing: A button
Power swing: F button
Check swing: S button (press and release)

The timing of your swing can also influence the power and direction of your shot.



Choose how easy, or how difficult it is to throw accurate pitches from Beginner to Legend.

Dynamic is a good setting for new players to try as the challenge will get more difficult based on your on-going success or failure.

Go to the Options tab, then to User Settings and then to Gameplay Options to choose your difficulty level.

Your pitcher’s confidence and energy levels can massively influence his performance.

His confidence will grow with every successful pitch. The blue circle around each pitch type displayed on-screen shows you how confident he is of throwing that specific pitch.

The lower his energy levels, the less effective he will be.

You can choose from four pitching control systems: Classic, Pure Analog, Pulse and Meter.

Take your pick from Gameplay Options before a match. If your rivals are hitting every ball out of the park, you can just pause the game and choose one of the other options.

Every pitcher has a repertoire of pitch types they can throw.

Each pitch type is controlled by the D, A, S, F or E buttons.

Pay attention to which on-screen button is glowing – this is your catcher recommending which pitch you should throw.

His glove will also appear momentarily in the strike zone to show you which direction he feels you should pitch to.

Aim with the left stick and press a button to throw.

Use the right stick to dictate the power and direction of your pitch.

Aim with the left stick and press a button when the pulse indicator is at its smallest point.

Aim with the left stick and press a button to choose the power, and then again to dictate the accuracy of your pitch.



The coloured squares that appear in the strike zone show you how proficient the batter is at hitting certain shots.

A red square is a hot zone, meaning the chances of him hitting a good shot in that direction are higher than if he aims towards a blue zone.

These coloured squares will only appear before the first pitch, so pay attention.


You’ve always wanted to live the life of a pro baseball player, so now here’s your big chance.

Create your own player from scratch − or choose a real-world MLB® superstar − and see if you can impress at the scouting days to earn a top draft position and a contract with a big name franchise.

If you fail to shine you can choose to go back to school and go through the scouting process all over again – although this time you’ll have a few extra training points to spend.

In Road to the Show, you control one player only – yourself. So every success and every failure is totally down to you.

But if you’re good enough then maybe, just maybe, you can one day walk out in front of thousands of screaming fans at the fabled World Series.



You can customise every single part of your player, from their pitching and batting styles to the colour of their cleats (shoes to all you newbies).

You can even choose which song blares from the loudspeakers when you hit a home run!

You need to decide on your primary position, along with which hand you wish to throw and bat with.

Each position gives you different attributes – you can immediately increase these attributes with a number of starting Flex Points.

You can start to create your pitching repertoire by choosing three out of 19 pitch types to specialise in.

Your stats are focused around:

  • Velocity: the speed you can throw a ball.
  • Control: how accurate your throws are.
  • Break: how good you are at throwing curve balls.
  • Makeup: your stamina and ability to pitch under pressure.
  • Fielding: your fielding reactions.

This can vary from batters to base players, fielders and the team’s catcher.

Your stats are focused around:

  • Contact: how likely you are to hit the ball when batting.
  • Power: how hard you can hit a ball when batting.
  • Fielding: your fielding reactions.
  • Arm: measures the strength of your batting arm.
  • Speed: how quickly you can run from base to base.

You can earn training points during every game – they are awarded whenever you do something that contributes towards your team’s success.

After each game you can spend your training points in the <> section to improve your player’s abilities.

Pitchers can also spend training points to change one of their three chosen pitching styles.

Throughout your career you might get the chance to earn or unlock new equipment, which can also boost your player’s attributes.


Bring the planet’s best players together by collecting baseball cards to form your own dream team.

Choose your team name and location – and if you’re feeling a bit creative, you can even design your own logo and team jerseys.

Maybe a splash of pink and yellow will put the opposition off their game?

You can play against computer-controlled teams, or go head-to-head with other players around the world in online showdowns.

You’ll be rewarded for every game you play – you might get a new player, a stadium or a piece of equipment.

Check out each player’s stats based on the latest real-world updates.

Set up your team’s rotation, purchase new player card packs and manage your squad.


Do you think you can you handle the non-stop pressures of running a successful franchise?

Then step into the shoes of the General Manager of your favourite MLB® team – taking charge of everything from scouting and drafting players, to managing contracts, balancing the budget and hiring the very best coaching staff around.

Make sure you choose your franchise carefully, the owners will outline their expectations for the forthcoming season and if you fail to meet these targets you could find yourself out of work!


Your team’s win-loss record determines your budget, so more wins = more cash. Make sure you regularly check the Budget section to see where your cash is going, and which players are earning the big numbers.

Bringing in the right men for the job can make or break your season. Players will take a lot of things into consideration before choosing who to sign for, such as your coaching staff, your team’s location and what position you’re offering them.

Players with high morale are more likely to be successful, so make sure you keep your team happy. They might sulk if you don’t play them in the positions they prefer.



Choose Online Franchise to pit your team against your friends and rivals.

You can customise pretty much everything from the number of teams in the division, to the amount of games you play.


Mini Modes is the place to go for a quick challenge or to brush up on your technique.

  • Join a practice session to improve your batting and pitching.
  • Access Postseason™ to jump straight into the postseason action and try to win the World Series.
  • Play a Home Run Derby™.
  • Take on the Challenge of the Week.


Every player screen is dominated by stats.

For all of you baseball experts out there, this information is essential viewing.

At a quick glance you can assess a player’s performance and if he’s likely to make a difference in an upcoming play or a game.

But for newcomers, this information might be a bit overwhelming.

With a couple of obvious exceptions, a good general rule is: the higher the stat, the better. If you press the S button you can sort the stats into ascending or descending order.

Stats are normally displayed as abbreviations, which might make things seem even more complicated − but you can see the full name of the highlighted stat at the bottom of the screen.

There are a number of different stats for batting, pitching and fielding – and too many to list and explain here, but you can check out short descriptions at

There are 24 trophies to hunt down in MLB® The Show™ 16. Here are just a few to keep your eye out for.

Gold FIRING DARTS – Strike out three batters with exactly nine pitches against a computer-controlled team.
Silver TWICE AS NICE – Hit two home runs in one inning against a computer-controlled team.
Bronze SHOWTIME KNOCK – Get a base hit using ShowTime in Road to the Show.

Understanding the rules of baseball is one thing (it’s not just about throwing, hitting and catching) – but grasping the unique lingo is something else!

Below you’ll find some of the colourful, and sometimes seemingly baffling, phrases you’re likely to hear while hitting home runs and striking out hapless batters.

And while reading, don’t forget to add a variety of American accents for the full effect.


ACE: the team’s best starting pitcher.

ALLEY: gaps between the fielders that batters could exploit.

BAG: a base. There are four bases at each corner of the baseball diamond – a batter starts at the home plate and after hitting the ball, he needs to run past each base to score a run.

BASES ARE LOADED: batters – at this point known as baserunners – waiting at first, second and third bases.

BASKET CATCH: when a fielder makes a risky catch near his belt level.

BRONX CHEER: an unhappy crowd showing their frustration by booing the on-field action!

BRUSHBACK: a pitch that nearly hits the batter.

CAN OF CORN: a very easy catch by a fielder.

GOOD CHEESE: an impressively fast pitch.

CIRCUS CATCH: a fielder pulling off an incredible, gravity-defying catch.

DINGER/HOMER/DIAL LONG DISTANCE: hitting a home run − where the batter’s shot is so good he is able to run between all bases in one pass.

FLY BALL: a fly ball takes a lovely high arc to the outfield. Not home run material but it still looks pretty sweet.

GROUND BALL: it’s not going to be winning any beauty contests but it gets the job done. A ground ball is a batted ball that rolls or bounces along the ground.

MEATBALL: a very easy pitch to hit.

MOON SHOT: where a batter hits a very high, very long shot and destroys the moon.

RHUBARB: when things get a little heated and a scuffle breaks out between players.

BULLPEN: the area used by players to warm up before coming onto the field.

CHIN MUSIC: a pitch thrown high and hard to knock a batter away from the home plate (or he’ll get hit on the chin).

M.V.P.: otherwise known as the Most Valuable Player – a team’s star man.

RING HIM UP: when a pitcher throws three strike balls against a batter, taking him out of play.

SNOW CONE: where a fielder catches a ball in the tip of a glove’s webbing.

STOLEN BASE: when a baserunner runs to the next base while the pitcher is about the throw the ball to the home plate. It’s a risky strategy as the pitcher could throw the ball to the base where the baserunner was, and run him out of the game.

FENCEBUSTER: a batter who slugs the ball with extreme power.

SWING FOR THE FENCES: a batter trying desperately to hit home runs with big swings.

And there’s loads more expressions to learn, from backdoor sliders to switch hitters; so log onto or scour the many baseball websites to increase your know-how.

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