Player holding his bat

Hitting Controls

Directional Interface

Normal swing S
Contact swing A
Power swing F
Sacrifice bunt D (press early and hold)
Drag bunt D (press late, timed to the pitch)
Influence fly ball / ground ball left stick C / V
Influence left / right side left stick Z / X
Influence bunt 3rd or 1st left stick Z / X
Bunt into ground left stick O / V / U

Pure Analog Interface

Normal swing right stick C
Contact swing right stick X / Z
Power swing right stick V, then right stick C
Cover Direction in Zone right stick Y / I
Sacrifice bunt D (press early and hold)
Drag bunt D (press late, timed to the pitch)
Check Swing release right stick

Zone Interface

Normal swing S
Contact swing A
Power swing F
Sacrifice bunt D (press early and hold)
Drag bunt D (press late, timed to the pitch)
Aim the Plate Coverage Indicator left stick

Batting Controls

Pre-Pitch Bunt Influence

Influence a Drag Bunt right stick Z / X
Cancel Current Influence right stick C


Guess pitch type R + S, A, F, D, E
Guess pitch location R + left stick
Quick menu (excluding player lock) C
Pitcher attributes / Player quirks Z
Pitching and batting breakdown X
Call timeout (before windup) V
Activate batter’s eye camera N
Control the camera right stick

Pitching Controls

Pulse Interface

Pitchout Q + S
Intentional walk Q + A
Pitch type 1 S
Pitch type 2 A
Pitch type 3 D
Pitch type 4 F
Pitch type 5 E

To use PULSE PITCHING, select your PITCH TYPE and use the left stick to aim to your desired location in the zone. Press S at the smallest point of the PULSE to maximize the accuracy of the pitch as it is released.

Meter Interface

Pitchout Q + S
Intentional walk Q + A
Pitch type 1 S
Pitch type 2 A
Pitch type 3 D
Pitch type 4 F
Pitch type 5 E

To use METER PITCHING, start by selecting a PITCH TYPE and aiming to your desired location in the zone using the left stick. Press S once to start the METER and again as the bar reaches the top of the METER to control the pitch power. Finally, set the pitch accuracy by pressing S once the bar approaches the yellow line on the way back down

Classic Interface

Pitchout Q + S
Intentional walk Q + A
Pitch type 1 S
Pitch type 2 A
Pitch type 3 D
Pitch type 4 F
Pitch type 5 E

To use CLASSIC PITCHING, simply select your PITCH TYPE, aim to your desired location with the left stick, and press S or the PITCH TYPE button one more time.

Pure Analog Interface

Pitchout Q + S
Intentional walk Q + A
Pitch type 1 S
Pitch type 2 A
Pitch type 3 D
Pitch type 4 F
Pitch type 5 E

To use PURE ANALOG PITCHING, start by selecting your PITCH TYPE and using the left stick to aim to your desired location in the zone. Next, pull BACK on the right stick to start the Pitch Delivery and push FORWARD Fast/Slow to set the velocity. You can also adjust the Pitch Accuracy by moving the right stick LEFT/RIGHT during release.

Pitching Misc.

Look at runner W
Request catcher’s pitch call R
Pitch ball S
Quick pickoff move W + A, F, D (tap)
Deceptive pickoff move W + A, F, D (hold)
Slide step (with runners on base) W + S
Pickoff to 1st W + A
Pickoff to 2nd W + D
Pickoff to 3rd W + F
Step off mound (from windup/stretch) Q
Position ball in the zone left stick

Throwing Controls

Button & Button Accuracy Interfaces

Move player left stick
Jump / Dive right stick
Throw to cutoff Q
Switch to closest player (without ball) W
Jump E OR right stick C
Dive R OR right stick Z / X
Sliding catch right stick V
Throw to 1st A
Throw to 2nd D
Throw to 3rd F
Throw home S

Pure Analog Interface

Move player left stick
Switch to closest player (without ball) W
Jump E
Dive R
Throw to 1st right stick X
Throw to 2nd right stick C
Throw to 3rd right stick Z
Throw to 1st A
Throw home right stick V


Default Baserunning

Target a runner left stick
Advance / Return individual left stick + A + F + D + S
Lead off with individual runner left stick + Q
Lead off / Advance all Q
Steal with individual runner left stick + W
Steal with all runners W
Steal early W (hold and release)
Return an individual runner left stick + E
Return all runners E
Stop runner(s) R

Classic Baserunning

Advance all Q
Return all runners E
Stop runner(s) R
2nd to 3rd D + Z
2nd to Home D + V
3rd to Home F + V
1st to 2nd A + C
1st to 3rd A + Z
1st to Home A + V

Classic Baserunning – Leading Off & Stealing

Queue a Steal of 2nd hold A + tap W
Queue a Steal of 3rd hold D + tap W
Queue a Steal of Home hold F + tap W
Manual Steal Timing hold and release W
Leadoff from 2nd hold D + tap Q
Retreat to 2nd hold D + tap E
Leadoff from 3rd hold F + tap Q
Retreat to 3rd hold F + tap E
Leadoff from 1st hold A + tap Q
Retreat to 1st hold A + tap E
Advance All Runners’ Leads Q
Retreat All Runners’ Leads E
Queue Steals for All Runners W
Cancel All Queued Steals R


Slides at Home

Straight in feet-first right stick V
Straight in headfirst right stick C
Wide right feet-first right stick U
Wide right headfirst right stick I
Wide left feet-first right stick O
Wide left headfirst right stick Y

Slides at Bases

Straight in feet-first right stick V
Straight in headfirst right stick C
Hook to the left right stick Z
Hook to the right right stick X
Break up a double play at 2nd right stick V

Retro Mode


Move batter left stick
Swing S
Bunt F

Baserunning (Pre-Pitch)

Increase lead off D
Decrease lead off A
Switch runner windows Q / E

Baserunning (Post-Pitch)

Steal D
Advance all runners S
Return to previous base A
Target an individual runner left stick
Advance individual S
Return individual A


Move pitcher left stick Z / X
Throw a fastball left stick V + [X]
Throw a changeup left stick C + S
Pick off Hold A + left stick Z / C / X
Switch runner windows Q / E
Move pitch in flight left stick Z / X


Throw/Dive/Jump S
Switch Fielder A
Aim throw: 1st left stick X or X
Aim throw: 2nd left stick C or C
Aim throw: 3rd left stick Z or Z
Aim throw: Home left stick V or V

March to October

march to october

Experience the dramatic, high-stakes story of your favourite Major League Baseball team’s season with our newest game mode: March to October. Step in for the moments that count and lead your team to the Postseason and beyond with your guidance and skills!



Grab a hold of baseball’s legacy and earn Diamond Dynasty rewards with Moments, an online mode brand new to MLB the Show 19. Step in and experience the sport’s most iconic games and plays, or square your favourite players off against Hall-of-Fame legends!

Road to the Show Updates

Building your custom superstar in Road to the Show is more personalized in 2019 than ever before. Use Playable Training to take part in training-based mini-games and maximize your player’s improvement. Use Quests to assign goals to your player, command his growth, and reward his successes. Finally, with updated Archetypes and brand-new Personality Traits, your player’s individual character traits will shine through and grant them unique stat boost combos.

Introducing Heidi Watney, The Show’s First On-Field Reporter

Join us in welcoming MLB Network’s very own Heidi Watney to The Show for her first year with the crew. As the on-field reporter, Heidi will deliver all the latest on your games and current season, as well as breaking news, updates from the trenches, and insider information.

play screen

Diamond Dynasty is the ultimate fantasy baseball experience—a chance to play as your own team composed of real Live Series players plus hundreds of Legends and Flashback players spanning over 80 years of baseball history. Collect their baseball cards from Packs and build your 25-man squad to compete against opponents online, or choose Single Player mode to take on computer-controlled teams.

How to Play

Diamond Dynasty begins with a simple set of tutorial missions to teach you the basics of the mode. Your initial team is chosen automatically, but don’t worry—you will get plenty of chances to earn new players, upgrades, and rewards as you learn your way through the mode.

But before any of that, your team needs a name, logo, and uniforms. Use The Show’s uniform creator to give your team a unique look that shows off your own personality and style. Armed with your dream team and your custom look, you’re ready to take on Diamond Dynasty!

Having trouble choosing a logo? In a hurry to play? Just not the artistic type? Check out the Logo Vault and choose from hundreds of logos lovingly created and graciously shared by other members of The Show community. Of course, this means you can upload your own custom logos and see if your creation becomes a fan favorite, too!

As you play, you’ll earn rewards, Stubs, Stars, and XP. Stubs are the in-game currency that you spend on cards, either in Packs or from the Community Marketplace. Stars are a new currency added this year, and can be traded in for premium rewards. Collecting XP will unlock gradually better Star and Universal Profile rewards for you to purchase. New cards are added to the game as the season goes on.

Ways to Play

Ranked Seasons

Ranked Seasons offer rewards as you win games against online opponents and climb the leader board for that Season. The leader board resets every month, providing fresh incentives to stay at the top.


Events are dynamic, time-limited challenges where you build a team based on a set of themed restrictions (such as West-division exclusive teams, “Gold and Diamond hitters only,” or “Common pitchers only”) and play games with non-standard rules (such as Quick Counts active or no visible strike zone reticule). You’ll then compete against other players in your quest for rewards.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is a player-versus-player experience where you draft a team from sets of cards chosen randomly and grouped by tier, then try to outlast your rivals in a fierce double-elimination tournament of three-inning games. The pitchers get tired faster, the strategy is tenacious, the rewards are wonderful, and every pitch counts.



Conquest is The Show’s beloved spin on a classic turn-based strategy game, pitting you against 30 MLB teams on a map. This year, there are all new maps and all new challenges, with better rewards than ever before! Conquer the territories controlled by your rival MLB teams, complete the Conquest-specific Missions, and upgrade your team as you progress.

Programs are available for limited times (except the Create-A-Player program), and each one is unique. You’ll get a series of missions to play, and rewards for completing them. Make sure you complete the set before it expires to max out your rewards.

Collections are completed by trading in specific cards while they are open. For completing a collection, you’ll be rewarded with powerful players and equipment.

The Community Marketplace is The Show’s official digital bazaar. Players can place their buy and sell orders at the price they want, or use Buy/Sell Now to let the market dictate the price.


Embark on your very own baseball journey. Starting off as a fresh young prospect, you’ll grow and improve your custom created player and compete for baseball greatness along the way.

What’s New in Road to the Show


Set Quests for your player between or during games to boost their growth, maximize their potential, and reward your gameplay skills. Some Quests can be finished in one game or even a single play, while others must be completed over the course of several games.

Playable Training


Take your player’s development into your own hands. Max out your stats by playing interactive training mini-games, giving you an unparalleled level of direct control over your player’s development.

Personality Growth and Relationships

Trophy Shelf

Your players now have locker room personalities that will affect their in-game performance. Your choices as you interact with your teammates and rivals will shape who you become. Are you a renegade Maverick, a high-voltage Lightning Rod, team Captain, or the Heart & Soul of the clubhouse?



Archetypes control the rate of a player’s skill growth. Certain archetypes will have skills that come naturally to them, or skills that additional effort to improve. Hitters have five different archetypes to choose from, while pitchers have three.

Getting Started

First, create your player. Choose a real MLB star as your starting point, or create a player entirely from scratch. Then customize your player’s name and attributes: appearance, primary position, animations, batting stance and equipment.

Next, decide what type of player you want to be. What is your archetype, what is your game? Flamethrowers will easily build up their velocity and strikeout skills, while Control Freaks naturally tend towards controlling pitches and avoiding walks. The archetype you choose will guide your game.

Finally, go out there and impress the scouts to earn your spot in the draft. Show off your skills at the Bowman Scout Day, dominate the Topps Player Showcase, get drafted by a real Major League team, and start climbing the ladder and crafting your legacy.

Pave Your Path

During your career, you – as a ballplayer and as a teammate – will repeatedly make key decisions about your growth and progression. These decisions can maximize your potential in the long term and grant you immediate gains, or access to special bonuses.

Smart sim

Take control of your favourite baseball team and guide them to victory. You call the shots of all aspects of your team, from drafting and training players to signing free agents, hiring new staff, and managing your budget.

Don’t want to start from scratch? Too attached to the prospect your Franchise drafted in last year’s game? Import your previous team from MLB® The Show™18 and jump back in without missing a beat.


Phases break the season down and contextualize each important event throughout the year that a real front office will focus on. Each Phase contains a unique set of challenges, goals, and opportunities to help you make more informed decisions and better plan the future of your club.

Franchise Launch Pad

These features give players a variety of ways to play Franchise games based on their individual play style and time commitment:

Smart Sim

Smart Sim prompts the user when late-inning, critical game situations occur, so you can have a direct effect on the standings without playing full games. You will also be prompted to step in on statistically significant events, such as Hitting for the Cycle or No-Hitters.

Retro Mode

Play Retro Mode with your franchise team.

Player Lock

Player Lock lets you choose a player to lock on and play as in shortened, RTTS-style games.

Quick Manage

Use Quick Manage to speed things up and simplify your responsibilities. You’ll make all managerial decisions during simulated games, such as setting up your rotation and batting order. You can also quickly input in-game team actions, while your players handle the in-game action. You can easily jump between Quick Manage and standard gameplay for a flexible, fully customizable Franchise experience.

Franchise Responsibilities

As a manager, there are many different factors under your supervision—such as balancing the team budget, maintaining player morale, signing new players, and keeping up with your GM goals. These Franchise responsibilities can generally be divided into three sections: Coaching, Player Development, and General Manager. When creating a franchise, you can distribute these tasks between yourself and your staff by setting them to Auto or Manual. Tasks can be easily reassigned at any time.

Online play requires a PlayStation®Plus membership, which is sold separately.

Play Now Daily Rosters

Want the most up-to-date baseball experience? Play a game off the MLB schedule using up-to-the-moment line-ups loaded direct from

Play Now Online Rated

Play online matches and see how you rank against the best players around the world.


Build your fantasy Postseason bracket and compete for the World Series Championship.

Home Run Derby

In this mode, which is available online or offline, you are pitted against up to seven other players. Hit as many home runs as you can within the time limit. Whoever hits the most homers advances to the next round.

Challenge of the Week

Face off against a CPU pitcher with a steadily increasing difficulty and try to outscore players around the world! Bonuses boost your total—real-life prizes are given to each week’s high score players.

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