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I have long awaited your return, my Lord.

Those pesky heroes have spread their disgusting morality all over this once dastardly land. It’s time to change that.

Call forth your demonic powers and crush those goody two shoes as you breed countless diabolical monsters and spread our dire influence all over the world.

Your sinister subjects long to vanquish humanity’s heroes – but we cannot hope to succeed without the guidance of your nefarious hand.

You have been locked in a dark slumber for millennia and may need our help as you make your first shadowy steps onto the battlefield.

Fear not! Badmella and I will answer any questions you may have and provide the shadowy framework through which your malign magnificence can spread over the land.

DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller

Toggle Guide W button
Turning the table E/Q button
Tilt left: Search Monsters / Tilt Right: Search Heroes left stick/right stick
Open Pause Menu OPTIONS button
Select/Place/Spit Out Units S button
Cancel/Skip A button
Toggle Camera View D button/ Touchpad button

A seething horde of monsters is ready and willing to commit unspeakable deeds in your name should you but give the word, my Lord.


The most basic nutrient-based monster, the lowly Slimemoss may not be the most useful for hero-killing, but it does have the ability to create monsters bred for slaughter. How delightful!



Insects whose diet consists almost entirely of Slimemosses, allowing them to spread extensively throughout the Underworld. Bad news Slimemosses!

Omnom Flies

The final evolution of the Omnom – The Omnom Fly is only useful in numbers large enough to swarm. On Saturdays they like to get together and visit the local garbage heap for a free and delicious meal. Unless they get tied up with giant radioactive lizards. Then it gets a little messy.

Omnom Flies


Just like Slimemosses, Spirits feed on fiend dew but do have the ability to travel over obstacles such as rivers when chased by a pesky hero.


Liliths feed on Spirits and Omnoms. Though lacking in defence, they can attack heroes from afar.

Flying Monsters

Flying Monsters

Flying monsters such as the Dragon and Spirits have free rein to travel wherever they please and, in the Dragon’s case, deal fiery destruction onto the irritating heroes.


Lizardmen are powerful fighters, and unlike mosses and noms, they always obey the order to charge.



Wookiemons use Sleep Sphere which sends heroes into a deep slumber and they excel at support and interference roles, but sleep when full.


Some of the most powerful units in the game can only be created through experimenting with fusions of other weaker monsters. So experiment away my Lord!


Characters looking at map

Your conquest begins!

Rare Heroes

Each stage has a sparkling rare hero, often hiding off where it’s hard to get at them (losers). They’re worth hunting down as they drop a dragon orb the first time you defeat them!

Bad Housekeeping

Select a monster nest while in G.O.D. Skill mode and activate Bad Housekeeping to boost the attack of nearby monsters. If the nest is destroyed, it will deliver a nasty surprise to any hero standing nearby. Deliciously fiendish.

The Food Chain

Even the strongest monsters will starve to death if they don’t have any food. Try to work out the right balance to maintain your evil horde.

Monster Upgrades

Select shining totem poles to get started with upgrading your monsters. Upgrades cost points, which you can earn depending on your score when you complete a stage.

There are a total of 28 trophies to unlock including the coveted Platinum trophy. Can you collect them all, my lord?


Back for Seconds

Squeeze every last drop of fun out of the game until nothing but a joyless husk remains!
This trophy is awarded on clearing a stage for the second time.


Hand of G.O.D.

You’re not simply ordering monsters on Demonic Charges and then leaving them to their own devices are you, my Lord? No, surely not.
I can see right here that you’ve used your G.O.D. Skills at least 50 times, so you must be getting some use out of them.


Loot and Scoot

If I see a chest left by the roadside that doesn’t need a key, you can bet your bottom Netherdollar that I’m going to open it.
And I see that you’ve opened 50 of them yourself so far – very thorough indeed, my Lord.

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