PaRappa the Rapper driving

Hey PaRappa, if you want any hope of winning Sunny’s heart you need to become a hero like Joe Chin. You need to be the man (or dog) with the master plan.

You’ve always been good at rapping. Why don’t you try challenging those Rap Masters everyone in town is always talking about?

You’ve always had my back in the club – when I rock those one’s-and-two’s I know you’ll have the rhymes and the funky flow to make those rhythms sing or my name isn’t P.J. Berri!

All you gotta do is believe – go get em’ PaRappa!

PaRappa headshot


The heartfelt hound with a reputation for rhymes – PaRappa is determined to woo Sunny Funny but in order to do that, he’s gotta believe!

P.J. Berri

PaRappa’s best friend, P.J. is the pyjama clad bear who spends his days eating and nights spinning the decks.

P.J. Berry headshot
Sunny headshot

Sunny Funny

An innocent flower with a good character and positive outlook who hopes to find a manly boyfriend.

Katy Kat

The most fashionable and stylish cat on the block, Katy loves to party and hang out with her friends.

Katy Kat headshot
Joe Chin headshot

Joe Chin

Beware getting into conversation with this top dog. Wealth and sporting talent aside, his endless boasting will leave you bored to tears.

PaRappa performing a kick


You wanna learn how to rap huh? It’s harder than you think it is – if you think you can handle it – try these tips:


Rapping is all about timing. It takes a bit of time to really get to grips with how each song plays.
If you’re struggling, head over to the practice area in the main menu.


Once you’ve beaten the stage and earned a “GOOD” ranking you’re ready to challenge the Master and beat him at his own game. That is easier said than done, however.

To beat the Master you will have to perform a better rap. To truly become a great rapper you need to be able to freestyle.

That means not just following The Master’s beats but coming up with your own badass ones.
Think you got what it takes?


Listen out for the result sounds from your beats. Successful play earns you good scratches while bad play results in unpleasant sounds. Use this as a guide to sharpen your skills.


After you clear a stage you can unlock new songs for PaRappa to rap along to in the “Additional Songs” corner. The more stages you clear, the more additional songs you’ll have access to so start rappin’ cool!

Kick punch it’s all in the mind

Basic Controls

As you press the corresponding buttons showing up on screen, PaRappa will rap along with the music but don’t get cocky as it’s gonna get rocky. The pattern rhythm is made up of colours and shapes that correspond to your controller buttons:


X button Circle button Square button Triangle button L1 button R1 button
S button A button F button D button Q button E button


Confirm/Accept Selection S button
Previous Screen A button
Select Menu Item Directional buttons
Pause Game touch pad button (Right)
Try Again! Menu touch pad button (Left)

Be the man with the master plan and hunt down all 28 trophies including the coveted Platinum. You gotta believe!


Comeback King

Turn an “Awful” performance into a “Cool” one.


Remix Edition

Find the secrets in every stage.


Right on Cue

Prove that you know your way around the microphone. Don’t miss a beat in any stage on Normal difficulty.

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