Finally, we knew you would come!

Please help us Almighty, we Patapons have grown weak — without the guidance of the Great Patapon, we’re lost.

Patapon ancients possessed wisdom, courage and strength thanks to Almighty’s drum of miracles. Today – Patapons have fallen far from their glory.

For centuries we have been outcast to the ends of the earth, living in the shadow of our once mighty ancestors.

So take the Holy drum, lead us to victory and get our glory back.

Listen to the Pulse of Earth and reignite the rhythms that have lain dormant for millennia.

Patapon screenshot


Controls during Missions
CHAKA Drum D button
PON Drum A button
PATA Drum F button
DON Drum S button
Move Cursor Directional buttons
Move Camera Directional buttons
Quit during mission touch pad button
Display available commands during mission OPTIONS button
Controls in Patapolis
Move Patapolis/Navigate World Map Q button / E button
Navigate Menu/Highlight Menu Item Directional buttons
Select highlighted Menu Item S button
Previous Screen/Return to Main Menu A button
Return to title screen in Patapolis touch pad button
Retire selected Patapon in equipment screen OPTIONS button
Save Data OPTIONS button
Save Game in Patapolis OPTIONS button
Optimize squad equipment in equipment screen D button
Switch squad in equipment screen F button

There are 36 trophies spread all over Patapolis including the coveted Platinum. Can you track them all down?


One Marches On

Complete a mission with just one remaining Patapon (in addition to the Hatapon).


Well-timed Trumpet

Unlock Pan the Pakapon’s mini game.


Collect Them All

Use each type of unit at least once.

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