This is a communication on behalf of Haverton District Council Emergency Measures Committee. This is NOT a test. This is a state of emergency.

Please leave your radio and television on and follow all instructions. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TELEPHONE OUTSIDE OF YOUR LOCAL AREA.

Remain calm. All the information you need is contained within these documents. Use the tabs at the top of the page to find extra material to keep you safe during the emergency.


We are aware of the reports of unexplained light sources in the Yaughton and Little Tipworth area.

These light sources, when stable, can be manipulated using the motion controls of your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, akin to tuning in a radio.

If a stable light source cannot be manipulated, further exploration may be required first.

If no other options are available to you, these light sources may provide direction and further information.


The Yaughton and Little Tipworth area is under quarantine. Do not attempt to leave the area. The roads are currently closed.

We suggest that you remain in your homes and avoid contacting others.

If you cannot remain inside we advise caution while exploring the local environment. Use the S button to interact with objects.


Radio broadcasts will continue to direct you. Investigating radios may provide beneficial information.

Televisions and other audiovisual equipment – including but not limited to tape recorders and computers – may be repurposed to carry information as the situation develops.


Remember the golden rule for survivors:

Take nothing for granted. Be prepared to act!

Keep moving left stick
Keep looking right stick
Interact S button
Access Pause Menu OPTIONS button
Build Speed Hold R button