This is the future of sport, but there’s more than one way to play. Game on, pilot.

PowerSlam – Take down opponents to power your Overdrive meter. Score by jumping through the central goal.

Endzone – Pass between your teammates and reach your opponent’s endzone to score, taking care of any enemies in your way.

Team Takedown – Score the most takedowns to claim victory for your team.

Trials – Test your skills with Survival, Time Trial and Target Hunt challenges. You can access the trial arena from the RIGS HQ.

Height: 6m
Top Speed: 49 Mph
Max Melee: 4000 Damage
Jump: Slam – Charge to gain extra height.
A fully charged jump will cause a slam effect on landing; damaging and disorientating opponents.
The Sentinel is a heavyweight beast best deployed to defend Goals and Endzones, but it can also operate as the vanguard in a full-team press against the opposition.
Equipped with heavy armour and upgraded melee, the Sentinel excels in close combat. By charging your jump, the Sentinel can slam onto opponents from above, opening them up for fresh attacks.

Height: 5.5m
Top Speed: 51 Mph
Max Melee: 3600 Damage
Jump: Double Jump – Once in mid-air, the Mirage can boost jump a second time.
The Mirage is a great all-rounder, with one really special advantage – double jump. Move quickly and precisely in the Mirage RIG through an arena’s vertical layers, giving a massive advantage in navigating to key locations such as the PowerSlam goal or to dominant positions to take on advancing opponents.
Be careful when up against stronger chassis types head on.

Height: 3.4m
Top Speed: 59 Mph
Max Melee: 3600 Damage
Jump: Basic – Equipped with basic jump ability.
The Hunter is a pocket rocket. Hunters can clock a higher top speed than any other chassis type, making them handy for hit ‘n’ run or flanking tactics. Their high top speed also allows for more air when jumping from ramps.
Use the Hunter’s relatively small size to rush through smaller gaps in the arena, making it easier for you to outmanoeuvre opponents or get to objectives quicker.

Height: 2.5m
Top Speed: 46 Mph
Max Melee: 3600 Damage
Jump: Vertical Take Off – Hold to boost up into air and hover
Despite its slower ground speed and relatively low armour, the Tempest has the ability to be the stand out RIG in a well-coordinated team.
Equipped with two rotors, the Tempest can zoom up vertically and then hover and glide around the arena. Use this to act as a scout, watching opponents’ movements from afar, using your tactical vantage point to guide your team mates to victory. The vertical take-off can also get you out of trouble when a larger opponent closes in.

You can switch between three different modes to enhance your RIG’s performance in the arena.

Increase the movement speed of your RIG. Activate Turbo Mode using the F button. This mode is active whenever you first enter the arena. Be careful though, your RIG appears on the radar whenever you’re in Turbo Mode.

Decrease the time it takes to self-repair damage. Switch to this mode using the D button. Repairs will be interrupted if your RIG takes damage.

Boost the damage you deal by hitting the A button to enter Impact Mode.

As you jump between RIGs, you might need a little helping hand…

  • There are two radically different control schemes for your RIG. Test out which suits you best in the trial arena before battling it out for real.
  • Finding that menus have moved a little off? Hold the OPTIONS button to reset your VR view. You can do this any time you need.
  • When you first head into Offline Play, you’ll be given a choice of 18 different teams to join. Whilst your choice is only aesthetic, changing teams later will reset your progress.
  • Hire co-pilots and build a team of varied RIGs that will work together in matches.
  • Earn credits to purchase new RIGs and co-pilots with advanced abilities.

With 18 bronze, eight silver and six gold trophies to aim for, and even one of those coveted Platinum trophies – can you pop them all?

Platinum Platinum – Unlock every other trophy in the game


Gold We Are the Champions – Become the Champion in League 1

Superstar – Raise your fame until you become an A-list celebrity

Connoisseur – Purchase every one of the 24 RIGs

Exhibitionist – Complete every Trials challenge

Double Down – Win both the tournament and league in the same league season

Breaking Ranks – Get promoted from Division 6



Going Up – Become the Champion in League 2

All-Rounder – Win a match with every RIG class

Takedown King – Win the Team Takedown tournament

Bowl Winner – Win the Endzone tournament

Power Play – Win the PowerSlam tournament

Ace – Become the Top Gun

Up-and-Comer – Get promoted from Division 8

Globetrotter – Win a match in each of the four arenas



Teamwork – Perform a Touchdown Assist in an Endzone match

Big Shot – Become the Champion in League 3

Going Pro – Get promoted from Division 10

Pilot Licence – Complete the tutorial

Matchplay – Complete your first online match

Open Season – Complete your first league match

Most Valuable – Be the MVP in a match

New Ride – Purchase your first RIG

Draft Pick – Hire your first paid pilot

A Word From Our Sponsor – Complete your first sponsorship

Show Off – Complete your first Trials challenge

Suit Up – Customise your pilot

Destruction Derby – Win a Team Takedown match

Denial Ain’t a River in Egypt – Perform a defensive takedown in an Endzone match

Goooooooooooal! – Score a goal in a PowerSlam match

In The Zone – Score a touchdown in an Endzone match

Mano a Mano – Win in a 1vs 1 Matchmade match

U-List – Become a U-list celebrity

See what it took to bring PlayStation®VR – RIGS Mechanized Combat League – to you from the developers themselves.

Creating total 360-degree immersion

A vision for the future of play

Move left stick
Turn RIG (if using Stick Turn controls) right stick
Dodge left Q button
Dodge right E button
Fire left weapon W button (hold)
Fire right weapon R button
Engage Repair Mode D button
Engage Turbo Mode F button
Engage Impact Mode A button
Pass ball (Endzone only) B button
Melee attack N button
Steal ball (Endzone only) N button
Reset VR position OPTIONS button (hold)
Settings menu OPTIONS button (tap)
Show scoreboard touch pad button
[Sentinel RIG]

Hold to charge jump height, release to launch
S button
[Mirage RIG]

Jump/double jump
S button
[Tempest RIG]

Tap to jump, hold to boost vertically, release to hover. Tap again to fall.
S button
[Hunter RIG]

S button

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