Robin is lost and alone on a primeval planet where huge and hungry dinosaurs roam.

The 12-year-old boy was part of a colony ship from Earth – the DSEV Esmeralda – which crashed on the surface of Tyson III.

Thanks to the support of a companion droid called HIGS, Robin has so far managed to survive in the confines of a small camp.

He’s been there a year.

There’s been no sign of rescue.

But he cannot give up the hope that his parents, or any of the crew, survived.

So now he steps out of the safety of the camp and into the thick, dense jungles.

Just then something roars in the distance; something big…


Launched in 2121, the DSEV Esmeralda was on a journey to a new planet: Tyson III.

Aboard were thousands of the world’s foremost pioneers, explorers and scientists.

But it wouldn’t be these people who formed the first colony, but their ancestors.

The journey was meant to take just over a century, arriving at Tyson III with a much larger crew than they set off with.

But something went badly wrong.



A born survivor – Robin is the descendant of ingenious scientists and fearless explorers who set off from Earth to colonize a distant planet.

The bold and adventurous youngster spent his days dreaming of an idyllic new life on Tyson III of barbecues, parties, pod homes, hover cars and family.

But the Esmeralda came crashing down, taking his hopes and dreams with it.

HIGS, Robin’s trusted companion, believes they should stay in the camp and await rescue.

But Robin cannot wait any longer.

He is determined to see his dream realized; just as he was promised.

Tyson III is an incredibly dangerous place.

Luckily, a few pages from an explorer’s survival guide were found among the wreckage of the DSEV Esmeralda that will help you on your adventures.


Look around PlayStation®VR headset
Move left stick
Turn left/right right stick
Perform action S button
Grab with right hand (to climb) R button (hold)
Grab with left hand (to climb) W button (hold)
Open HIGs menu touch pad button
Toggle controls help D button
Use Laser Pointer W button (hold)
Toggle Scan and Levitation mode E button
Perform Scan/Levitation R (hold)
Push/pull levitating object R + W button (hold), left stick
Rotate levitating object R + W button (hold), right stick
Open pause menu OPTIONS button
Reset VR position OPTIONS button (hold)
Companion commands C, V, Z, X directional buttons


Reconnaissance of the predicted landscapes of Tyson III indicates terrain is difficult to navigate.

Explorers need sufficient upper body strength to tackle steep and uneven climbs.

Besides ladders, ropes and cables, you’re likely to encounter alien mushrooms growing on walls – they’re able to support a fully-grown human but beware, their movements can be unpredictable.

  • Climbable objects are identified by unique colouring.
  • Stand close by and focus on a target, your hands will appear.
  • Press and hold either the W or R button to hold onto a grip.
  • Focus on the next grip and then grab it with one hand – making sure your other hand still holds the previous grip.


Unique time-saving locations that explorers can instantly travel to – when discovered they will be added to your map. Quick travel unlocks after a complete playthrough.

  • Press the touch pad button to open the HIGS menu.
  • Open the maps.
  • Find a quick travel point and press the S button. Each point has a unique name.


DSEV Esmeralda crew members are issued with a special exploration tool that can levitate certain objects.

Each levitation drains energy from your tool, but it will recharge in time.

  • Press the E button to toggle between levitation and scanning mode.
  • Focus on an object.
  • If it can be levitated, a white outline will appear.
  • Press and hold the R button to levitate an object, then release the R button to drop it.

Press the W button when levitating an object to manipulate it.

You can then move the object around with the left and right stick, and press the S button to throw it.

DSEV Esmeralda scouting expeditions are urged to collect as much information about new fauna and wildlife as possible.

Your unique exploration tool has a dual purpose and can also be used as a scanning device.

  • Press the E button to toggle between scanning and levitation mode.
  • Focus on an item.
  • If it can be scanned, green glowing dots will appear.
  • Hold the R button to scan:
    • Aim the beam and try to collect green dots.
    • If you touch a red dot, you have to start the scan again.

The data received from scanning will then be stored in your Encyclopedia.

The more you learn about the planet, the greater your chances of survival.

The DSEV Esmeralda was carrying thousands of HIGS units – small robots performing various functions aboard the ship.

They were scattered across the surface of Tyson III during the crash, except one – the HIGS unit dedicated to keeping Robin safe.

Search Tyson III for other HIGS units; each one contains a fragment of information about life on the Esmeralda.

If you collect enough units, you might be able to piece together the DSEV Esmeralda’s final 24 hours and finally figure out what happened…


  • If you get stuck at some point, pay attention to what HIGS says – his hints will help you along.
  • Explore the environment to find hidden objects and creatures that can be scanned to complete your Infotarium collection.
  • Keep looking for objects you can climb on – handy for reaching higher ground.
  • If you are not sure what to do next, open the map and check your objectives.



With 31 trophies to discover – including the coveted Platinum – here are three to get you started:

Thirteen audio communicators are hidden all over the world – scan them all to reveal useful information and unlock this trophy.
You can command Laika to play some tricks such as hide and seek – play every trick with her to unlock this silver trophy.
Fix the water turbine and the Scarecrow at Home and the wind turbine at the Farm to unlock this bronze trophy.