Craftworld is in terrible danger! And peril! And even more danger!

Sackboy’s pals have been kidnapped (knit-napped?) by the dastardly Vex! Boooo!

His evil plan? Get them to build the terrible Topsy Turver to transform Craftworld into a torrid, barren eyesore of nightmares.

But all is not lost; for tales tell of a prophecy from deep within the ancient order of the Knitted Knights (Craftworld’s legendary protectors, you know?).

Someone brave, fearless, chivalrous and, yes, gallant, will triumph in this epic race against time.

Sackboy. It’s time to return. We need you. Take down Vex. Save the Sacklings. Save the day.

And fulfil your destiny as the legendary Knitted Knight of the Imagisphere.

Fully adjust the complexity and configuration of the DUALSHOCK®4 controls to suit your personal playstyle. Open up the Accessibility Settings option in the main menu to get started.

Move left stick
Discard item Q button
Acting W button
Show player info B button
Use item E button
Grab R button
Flare N button
Emote and facial expressions Directional buttons
Nosedive S then D button
Roll A button
Jump S button
Slap F button
Slapjump F button then S button
Spin A button then F button

You can also find the following options in Accessibility Settings.

Colour blind mode

Choose from a range of options to assist you with player identification colours. Includes support for Protanopia, Deuteranopia, Tritanopia and Achromatopsia.


Select and customise your preferred choice of subtitles.

Assist copter

A handy trigger for getting you back into the action in multiplayer matches.

Disable camera shake

Turn off the camera shake in all cutscenes and gameplay.

Infinite lives

Sackboy lives forever! Vex doesn’t stand a chance.

Sackboy leaping from a shattered bridge

Re-stuffed. Re-stitched. Re-zipped. Sackboy is back in the big time!

PlayStation® hero? Icon? Legend? Cosplayer? Yes.

Sackboy is famed for his daring antics and exploits in the smash hit LittleBigPlanet™ series – calling on his imagination, creativity and even his friends to save the day on his home planet of Craftworld.

But now he’s different.

Better. Stronger. And totally stuffed with cool new moves and game-changing gadgets.

So if you’re meeting this woolly wonderkid for the first time – or catching up with your old pal you’ve not seen in a while, prepare for an unforgettable adventure you’ll want to experience again and again. And again.

Sackboy using his Clawstring

When the going gets tough, the tough grab some rather useful gear.

Top scientists from across the Imagisphere have been creating and experimenting with all kinds of crazy things, so Craftworld is now littered with some really cool power-ups.


Throw it away… and it comes back! This handy device helps you collect items that seem out of reach, attack enemies from a distance and, rumour has it, access secret areas.


The perfect power-up to get you out of a sticky situation, by putting you in a sticky situation. Smear this stuff all over Sackboy’s feet and defy gravity by running up and down walls.


Every real adventurer needs this. Latch onto distant hooks to swing across open spaces, pull objects closer to you and create new platforms to explore.


Hop in, go off-road and cause some merry festive mayhem in your personal snow globe-style vehicle. Keeps your woolly feet dry too.


Ooh, not many people have seen this technology. The hover boots give you powered flight, while the gloves let you shoot out awesome blast rays.

Two Sackboys sliding down a canvas

How many Sackboys can you fit inside a big adventure? Four!

Yeah, it’s not funny… but it’s true!

Call over your friends and family – but not your pets, they’re rubbish at games – for some wild, woolly and wonderous multiplayer party action.

Create your team of two to four Sackboys and play through the whole game together, including some brilliant co-op only levels you don’t want to miss out on.

Customise your personal Sackboy and experiment with the controls to discover cool new co-op moves as you work together to overcome nefarious tasks and despicable enemies in every way you can imagine.

From ingenious squad tactics to pure and hilarious dumb luck, the Sackboys always get the job done. Right?

Sackboy jumping between platforms

Craftworld is a dangerous place right now. So we sent secret messages to the brightest minds on the planet, requesting any hints, tips and tricks to help you and Sackboy.


You only have a single life to complete quick-fire speed runs through tricky obstacle courses.
Try chaining moves together into new combos, cut corners wherever possible and remember, rolling is faster than running.


Want the rarest costume pieces? Of course you do! So you’ll need to earn a Gold rank in your missions. Scour each level and plan the most profitable route available. Hunt down the valuable pick-ups, prize bubbles and orbs as you prioritise the enemies that wield a hefty points haul when defeated.


So what comes after rare costume pieces? Why, ultra-rare of course! Show off your skills with a little bit of style with cool new threads by mastering every level in this big adventure to unlock costume pieces others can only dream about.


Our hessian hero has learned many new tricks. One of our faves is the Flutter, which extends his hangtime to cover bigger distances when jumping. Press and hold the S button while airborne.

You can upgrade your PlayStation®4 version of Sackboy™: A Big Adventure to a digital PlayStation®5 version.

From your PS5™ console choose the in-game option to upgrade a disc or digital copy.

To upgrade a PS4™ disc copy of Sackboy™: A Big Adventure, you’ll need a PS5™ console with a disc drive.

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