Stormy field

In an undisturbed land, protected by a bridge of unimaginable design and a temple of untold fear, a legend of colossal beings exists. These mountainous creatures roam the unbound land freely and peacefully, but it’s said that within each of them lies the secret to an unimaginable power, one that comes at a tremendous cost.

It’s here that the young warrior, Wander, and his trusty steed Agro, set out on their perilous quest into these Forbidden Lands…


Move left stick
Rotate camera right stick
Jump S button
The longer you press the S button, the higher/further Wander will jump.
Attack F button
Roll/Evade A button
Control horse D button
Aim E button
Grab/Crouch/Dive R button
While crouched, you regain lost health faster. Diving also allows you to swim faster underwater.
Camera focus Q button
View colossus W button
Change ranged weapon Z directional button
Change sword X directional button
Unequip weapon C directional button
Photo mode V directional button
Pause menu OPTIONS button
World map touch pad button

The Modern controller layout listed is the game’s default setting, and the explanations used throughout this guide refer to these controls. Players of the original Shadow of the Colossus may prefer the “Classic” controller layout – which can be switched to via the in-game options menu.


On your horse


Agro, your trusty steed, will follow you fearlessly into any colossal confrontation and is essential to quickly traversing the Forbidden Lands. Call her by shouting or whistling with D. Then, when she’s close enough, you can mount her with either the S or D buttons.



While mounted, you can spur Agro forward by tapping D. Once she’s up to a full gallop you can simply keep the D button pressed to maintain her speed. To slow her down, pull on the reins by pushing down on the left stick.

Horse bucking


Calling and riding Agro is only the beginning, however, as she’s more than a one-trick pony, so to speak…

To take off into a gallop from a standing start – push the left stick downwards and press the D button simultaneously. You can instruct Agro to come to a halt with the same button combination.

Standing on back of horse

To stand on her back while riding, hold the R button and push the left stick upwards.
You can even hang off her side by pressing the R and S buttons together, followed by either left or right on the left stick.

Petting your horse


Perhaps most importantly, you can pet Agro (while mounted or stood by her side) by pressing the F button with no weapons equipped.


Raising your sword


To track down a colossus, equip your sword and press the E button to raise it to the light. As you pinpoint your target’s direction, the light will solidify to a single point, and your controller will vibrate. Simply head in this direction to find your next battle.

Once you’ve spotted a colossus (they’re pretty hard to miss) you can further use your sword’s light to locate its sigils or weak points, which you’ll need to attack with either your sword or arrows.

Facing the colossus

Ranged Combat

With your bow equipped, hold the E button to draw it, aim with the left or right stick, then release the E button to fire an arrow. The longer you draw the bow before release, the stronger your shot will be – as indicated by the Strength Meter in the lower right corner of the screen.

Aiming arrow at a colossus

Melee Combat

To start attacking with your sword, you’ll first need to climb the colossus with the R button to reach the creature’s sigils. Keep an eye on your Stamina Meter in the lower right corner of the screen, as its depletion will accelerate as you scale the colossus and it tries to shake you off.

Standing on the colossus

Once you’ve found a sigil – with the sword equipped and while holding on to the colossus with R, press the F button to ready an attack and again to stab. After enough successful attacks to its sigils, the giant will fall.

After initiating a mounted stab with F, a series of white lines expand outward from the centre of your circular Stamina Meter. Tap F again as these white lines reach the outside of the Stamina Meter to deal maximum damage.


Drop Attacks

You can also perform a drop attack by pressing F while falling from a height.


While galloping from one colossal battle to the next, you’ll likely spot some points of interest along the way. Here’s a few you might want to keep an eye (and ear) out for.

Firing an arrow at a lizard


Lizards can be attacked and their tails can be consumed to replenish Wander’s health. Rare, shiny-tailed lizards are also hidden throughout the map, and scoffing these evasive critters will permanently increase Wander’s stamina. They can be hard to spot but they’re not silent, so listen out for their signature skittering.

Collecting fruit


Fruits grow on specific trees scattered about the Forbidden Lands. Shoot them down and consume them to increase Wander’s maximum health.

Praying at a shrine


Praying at a shrine (with R) will immediately replenish Wander’s health and automatically save the game. Shrines can also provide great vantage points for getting the lay of the land, and often play home to certain sparkly reptiles…


Starting reminiscence mode

Reminiscence Mode

Praying near a fallen colossus by pressing the R button allows the fight to be replayed in Reminiscence Mode. Any previously defeated colossus can be challenged again like this – providing a great training opportunity for Hard mode and Time Attack.

Time Attack Mode

Time Attack

After you’ve completed the main story, you can take on each colossus in a timed challenge by approaching its idol at the Shrine of Worship – your starting area.

Items list

Bonus Items

Bonus Items are earned through completing Time Attack challenges, and there are unique items to be earned from both Normal and Hard modes. To access these Bonus Items, open the map with the touch pad button and press D. This is also where you’ll find your purchased DLC.

Image Gallery List

Image Gallery

As you reach certain in-game milestones you’ll unlock art in the gallery, which is accessible from the main menu. Highlight any item on the list to reveal how to unlock it.


Wander on Argo

Ready up for your adventure with this pack of digital extras, including three in-game add-ons:

  • Ancient Bow – reveals the weaknesses of each colossus from further away.
  • Cloak of Fate – increases Wander’s health regeneration rate.
  • Spotted Steed skin – changes the look of Agro.

Wander’s Pack also includes two dynamic PS4™ themes: the Colossus Theme and the Agro Theme, and a pack of 16 PlayStation® avatars. Download now from PlayStation™Store.


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