SingStar™ Celebration tracks include the following and many more:

ABBA – Dancing Queen
Adele – Hello
Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Avicii – Wake Me Up
Britney Spears – Oops!… I Did It Again
Jason Derulo – Want To Want Me
Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody
Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass
Oasis – Wonderwall
Roxette – It Must Have Been Love
U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

…But make sure to check out the massive catalogue of tracks also available to download from the online SingStore™.

Whether you’re planning an easy night in with friends, a wild house party, or just fancy a quick sing-a-long, we’ve got you covered. The SingStore™ is always open, and includes everything from party pop and classic rock to power ballads and R&B numbers.

My Songs list


Take a look at what’s on offer from the online SingStore™ by choosing the SingStore™ option from the main menu.

You can browse all available songs and song packs, and listen to short track previews. If something takes your fancy, just add it to your cart and pay at the checkout.

Your purchased tracks will be kept in the My Songs section, which you can find by choosing Play SingStar™. (You need to be signed into your PlayStation™Network account to see your previously purchased songs.)

Download SingStar™ Mic now, available for free on Android™ and iPhone.

The app transforms your smart device into a personal pocket-sized mic, so you no longer need a microphone, and it also lets you mix a playlist so that you can cue up your fave tracks to sing one after the other.

Playlist on mobile phone

SingStar™ Mic is a really easy app to use; follow the step-by-step instructions on your smart device and you can’t go wrong – just make sure your smart device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PlayStation®4.

1) Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your phone or tablet.

2) Install the app and launch it on your phone or tablet.

3) Turn on your PlayStation®4 and start the game.

4) When you reach the main menu on your PlayStation®4, tap “Connect” on the app on your smart device. Select your PlayStation®4 from the list that appears to connect to it.

5) You can now use your phone as a Playlist maker and microphone!


If you are interrupted by a call or by your phone’s alarm clock going off, and it’s for more than five seconds – the song will pause. You can resume the action when you’re ready.


Don’t worry SingStar® Microphone fans – you can still use your wired and wireless mics too.

So this is what it’s all about – showing what you can (or maybe can’t) do on the mic.

How to play screenshot

Just follow the on-screen lyrics as best you can – to score points you will need to hit the right pitch at the right time, and maybe hold a note for a bit.

To help you, pitch bars will appear on the screen − if you can match the pitch and timing required, then you’ll earn lots of points.

Of course, if points mean nothing to you then just sing the song however you like; it’s all part of the fun and no one will laugh (they definitely will).

Britney Spears game screen


Oh yeah? Prove it by challenging your friends as soon as the song is over, and see if they can beat your score by singing the same track.


Add a second player just before your performance begins by selecting the “Add Player” option and pressing the S button.


Select Party in the main menu and set up two teams (Blue versus Red). Make sure the members of each team use the same mic throughout your contest. If the teams sing their way through a playlist, the game will keep track of the results so there’s no arguing over who the champions are.

Party game screen

If you connect your PlayStation®Camera to your PS4™ then your performance will be recorded and a number of snapshots taken as you sing.

You can store your videos and photos in My Gallery; but watch out − if you don’t save your content at the end of your performance it will be lost forever.

You can also choose which of your content you want to be featured in your very own channel in the online Community Gallery − a huge network of SingStar™ players from around the world sharing their photos and videos with each other. Just head to Community in the main menu to get started.


Press the A button to switch between the music video and the live feed of you jumping around trying to sing. (You will need the PlayStation®Camera for this.)


You can upload your photos and videos to the SingStar™ community by choosing Publish; and show them to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers through the Share option.

Don’t forget – you can also add all kinds of cool lighting filters and augmented reality effects to your videos! Press the touch pad button on your DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller to go to Masks, Filters and Lighting and change your special effects options.

Select My Profile on the main menu to open up your personal dashboard.

You can then view your cart, check any songs you’ve downloaded and see all of the content you have uploaded online to the Community Gallery.

You can also mix a playlist and see how you’ve been earning Stars (experience points) by completing certain events and challenges.

Star Events are weekly single-player challenges that offer a great chance to pick up extra Stars, so make sure you check back regularly at My Profile > Star Status & Events.

  • Take a shortcut to the main menu by pressing the OPTIONS button.
  • The D button opens up extra options depending on what you’re doing in the game.
  • Weekly hi-score charts are reset every week, so if you want to stay at Number 1 you have to work for it. The crown icon shows who was in the top position the previous week.


There are loads of PlayStation®Network Trophies to be won in SingStar™ Celebration – here are some hints to help you get your collection started and unlock some Hidden Trophies.


Back me up:

Complete 5 performances of a duet song with another player



Perform 15 songs in one game session


Superstar quality:

Earn the “SingStar” score ranking in 20 normal length performances

Hidden Trophies:

1) Sing a duet on Valentine’s Day (14 February)

2) Play on Christmas Day (25 December)

3) Play on the original SingStar launch date (21 May)

Don’t forget – you can get the SingStar™ Platinum trophy if you collect every SingStar™ trophy in the game.

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