stifled image of corridor

Wake up, now.

I can hear them coming, the screeching is almost deafening. I need you to focus and listen to me carefully. We don’t have much time.

They hunt using some form of echolocation, like bats. If you make a noise they’ll hear it and come for you.

Use their blindness to your advantage and pick-up any nearby objects to create diversions.

I know you’re searching for answers but you need to survive if you’re going to have any hope of finding them.

Rose, Eden Orphanage, the crash – they’re all connected. Search your memories and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

They’re almost upon us. Follow the sounds of the waterfall, you’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me.

Good luck Mr. Ridley – you’ll need it.

Look right stick
Move left stick
Crouch W button
Pulse R button
Interact/Throw S button
Examine/Read F button
Read item description D button
Cancel A button
Pause OPTIONS button

PlayStation®VR Controls

Movement Direction VR Headset
Pointer Control right stick/ VR Headset

stifled image of pipes

Follow these tips if you hope to escape the nightmares that haunt you.


Immersed in total darkness with only faint outlines to guide you, it can be difficult to notice the difference between solid ground and water.

As water makes much more noise try throwing a rock or looking for another way around as there are multiple paths to your objective.


If you have the misfortune of coming face to face with the horrors that lurk in shadow, crouching will keep noise to a minimum and may buy you enough time to escape to safety.


Rocks are your best friends. You can still send out pulses with one equipped so make sure you never leave the house without one.


Sending out louder pulses to fully map out your environment is vital to your survival. However the creatures can hear you. Sending out smaller clicks and taps to carve a path one step at a time is a far more efficient method of movement and may protect you from whatever is out there.

There are 26 terrifying trophies to be unlocked including the coveted Platinum. Can you hunt them all down?



Can’t you let go of that bottle?


A Second Look

Is that paint?


Hands Free

Clear the game without throwing anything unnecessarily.

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