This is bad; this is really bad.

The fate of the entire solar system is in the balance.

Bombarded by deadly asteroids and under attack from a huge space navy commanded by a ruthless villain, planets across the galaxy are in dire need of a hero.

And this is where you come in…


Your star fighter is equipped with all of the latest tech and weaponry; you just need to know when to use them.


The rapid-fire green lasers are capable of blasting through any rocky asteroids and green-coloured enemies.


The snazzy golden beam will melt your red-coloured enemies and any golden meteors you can find.


Deliver a chilling final message to your blue-coloured foes and icy meteors with well-timed blasts of pure ice power.


Your shields will protect you from incoming hits, but they won’t last forever. Look out for upgrades to stay alive longer.


Hit the turbo to momentarily speed through the atmosphere and escape your enemies; if your thrusters hold up, you can even take out your foes by ramming straight through them.



Send enemy craft and nearby asteroids into oblivion by detonating bombs all over the place.



As well as facing a fleet of crack enemy pilots, drones and spacey things, you’ll also have to take out giant speeding lumps of gold, ice and rock.


Blast the asteroids into tiny pieces to be rewarded with lots of points.


Many asteroids carry green coloured cores, filled with stardust; by blasting these cores you will uncover bonus tokens that could upgrade your firepower, boost your shields or even grant you an extra life (you will need it).



You can intercept cargo ships to top up your bomb supply. Aim for the coloured tanks to detach them from the ship, and then blast them into smithereens to release the tokens.


The cargo ships are pretty tough and can even deflect your bombardment for a while, so some well-placed and lucky shots could even take out a few enemies while you go after the goods.


Test your reflexes, guts and endurance as you fly solo, alongside pals or against your best/worst friends and enemies in a bunch of fast-paced space shoot ’em-ups.

Plug in your PlayStation VR headset and get the DLC to activate 360 degree levels. Rotate your head to look around the entire solar system, but don’t get too distracted – you’ve still got a job to do, pilot.



Save five planets from total destruction. The further you go, the harder the challenge will become.


Save five planets from total destruction. The further you go, the harder the challenge will become.


Revisit any world you have previously saved from the forces of evil. The chances are, they’ll need saving again.


Show off your hot shot skills by facing never ending random attack waves.


When facing indestructible space probes, the only option you have is to survive as long as possible.


Take out your enemies while only using bombs.


Save a planet as fast as you can.


With no weapons on board, you can only rely on a new impact booster upgrade to charge through your enemies.



With cubes constantly spawning behind you, there’s little room for error.


Jump into the cockpit and blast countless waves of enemies as they attack from every angle.

*PlayStation VR required


Invasion Mode screenshot

For the first time in the Super Stardust series, pilot from inside your starship. Jump into the cockpit to defend the crater base from increasingly difficult waves of enemies.


No enemies are present, so you can experience virtual reality without the threat of alien invasion.


Balanced difficulty for those new to Invasion Zone.


Take on an intense challenge as enemies spawn faster and attack with more tenacity. Strictly for experienced pilots.

*PlayStation VR required



Things get a little spicy when up to four players join together for high octane shoot-outs. Can you be the last star fighter flying?



Share the screen as you save the solar system with a friend.



Keep your eyes on your half of the TV in traditional split screen co-op.


So you think you’re the best darn space pilot in the solar system, do you?

Well now you can really prove it by challenging your PlayStation®Network friends to beat your best scores. Then we’ll see. We’ll all see.


Broadcast your Super Stardust™ Ultra VR gaming action live online, and let the watching world dictate what happens next!

As your viewers watch the action unfold, they will get a number of on-screen prompts to vote for different scenarios, so you’ll never have any idea of what to expect.

Maybe your viewers will think you’re a little bit too good at this game and will order a swarm of enemies to attack; or perhaps they’ll take pity and give you the chance to grab some handy upgrades.

You can get started by selecting Interactive Streaming from the Single Player menu.

To enjoy this mode, press the SHARE button and select the Broadcast Gameplay option, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Saving the universe is one thing; flying around in an awesome star fighter while doing so is something else.

You can now tailor the look of your star fighter to strike fear into your opponents and match your personal fighting style with loads of different combinations possible.

Of course if you’re feeling a bit lazy you can just go for a random design.

You can change the look of your starship from Options in the main menu, or even during a mission after pausing the game.

Even the best space pilots need a helping hand from time to time…

  • Clear the attack phases quickly for time bonuses.
  • Resist detonating your bombs in a mission for additional points.
  • Destroy enemies and asteroids for a higher score multiplier − losing a star fighter resets the multiplier.
  • Take out large groups at once for big rewards.
  • Hit the boost button to speed through point tokens for a chain bonus.
  • Earn extra lives at one million, five million and 10 million points.
  • Get an additional extra life for every 10 million points.


  • Use EMPs to take down large numbers of flying enemies at once.
  • Mix it up with different weapons to reach higher scores.
  • Using multiple inertial disruptors can have unexpected results – fire with care.
  • For maximum carnage, kill centipedes when they are close to other enemies.

*PlayStation VR required

There are loads of trophies to earn in Super Stardust™ Ultra VR, including a coveted Platinum. Take a look at the full trophy list below, and some tips on how to pop them.

Gold Platinum – Unlock every other trophy in the game

Gold Hero of Ogoun – Complete planet Ogoun in Arcade mode

Extra Ships Optional – Survive 7 minutes without dying in Endless mode

Close Encounters – Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs in Survival mode

Unlucky for Some – Get 13 bombs

Shock and Awe – Destroy 10 nukes in Endless mode

30s Impact Boost – Boost continuously for 30 seconds in Impact mode

Silver Well Prepared – Get 20 bombs in Arcade mode

Scenic Route – Complete a planet without using boost in Arcade mode

Multiplier Hero – Get 10x multiplier in Arcade mode

Brothers In Arms – Get 3 minutes of continuous Co-Op weapon boost on Ogoun

15s Impact Boost – Boost continuously for 15 seconds in Impact mode

Impact Cannon Culler – Kill 15 turrets in one boost in Impact mode

Maximum Firepower – Have all weapons at 200% power simultaneously

Engine Malfunction – Complete a wave without moving or dying in Arcade mode

Shield Blaster – Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield in Arcade mode

Token Hoarder – Collect 15 tokens with a single boost in Arcade mode

Stop the Clock – Complete a planet in under 5 minutes in Time Attack mode

Slug – Survive for 90 seconds without boosting or bombing in Blockade mode

Bronze Hero of Logi – Complete planet Logi in Arcade mode

Hero of Horagalles – Complete planet Horagalles in Arcade mode

Hero of Boreas – Complete planet Boreas in Arcade mode

Hero of Ploutos – Complete planet Ploutos in Arcade mode

The Tokenizer – Collect 5 tokens with a single boost

Scrooge MacBoom – Get 10 bombs in Arcade mode

Bonus! – Get your first bonus asteroid cluster

Survivor – Complete a planet without dying


Head into Invasion mode to pop one gold, one silver and five bronze VR-specific trophies…

Gold Hindered Hero – Complete Invasion Zone on Hardcore difficulty using only guns/missiles
Silver Hero – Complete Invasion Zone on Hardcore difficulty
Bronze Average Joe – Finish Invasion Zone on Normal difficulty

Heads up – Catch a crashing flyer with your ship

Juggler – Have three inertial disruptors active at the same time

Defcon – Complete phase 3 using only missiles

Wizard – Kill an enemy using at least three weapons

Fly star fighter left stick
Shoot right stick
Previous weapon Q button
Next weapon E button
Boost W button
Detonate bomb R button
Pause game OPTIONS button
Camera distance Touch Pad button


Move Hover Tank left stick
Rotate right stick
Move Target HUD VR Headset
Fire Plasma Cannon R button
Fire Missile W button
Inertial Disruptor [Circle] button
EMP [Square] button
Boost N button
Pause game OPTIONS button

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