store-bag Add even more fun-filled pages to your Tearaway™ Unfolded storybook adventures with these add-on packs, which will be delivered to you personally by those cheeky, fearless messengers atoi and iota.

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Welcome to the land of Tearaway™ Unfolded!

I am King Squirrel, highest ranking Squirrel in the world, and you are “the You”, a mysterious being blessed with god-like magical powers.

It is your duty to guide the plucky messengers iota or atoi through their many adventures as they seek to deliver their message.

My Squirrel subjects will help you wherever you meet them, but first I hope these royal words of wisdom will provide some comfort and assistance.

Let’s take a look at the hidden powers of your wireless controller!



The dark can be a terrifying thing to the friendly creatures you’ll encounter (except for me, of course. I’m a mighty king and afraid of nothing). But by hitting either the R button or the W button, you will create an awe-inspiring Guiding Light.

You can use its beam to cleanse the world of the unsightly newsprint left behind by the nasty creatures known as Scraps. You can even use the Guiding Light to blind Scraps, addling their simple, little minds for a few moments.




The air itself obeys your command! (I can’t even get a gopher to obey me).

By swiping your finger across the touch pad, you can summon powerful gusts of wind to do your bidding.

Need to blow down a door or unroll a bridge? Have a paper plane you’d like to send flying across the sky? Just call forth the Changing Wind and make it happen.

You can also use it to send Scraps flying helplessly through the air. This isn’t just useful, it’s highly amusing. Please do it often. (I hate Scraps).



I like to throw things around. Nuts. Acorns. Court jesters. But my little paws are no match for your Throw-Forth power.

With it, you can get the messenger to lob things through your screen and catch them in your wireless controller. Then you can throw them back!

This can be highly useful when you need to smash down walls or help iota or atoi in a fight. You can also send gophers or my fellow Squirrels flying where you want. I would ask that you refrain from throwing my royal person around too often though. It is most undignified.

To use this power, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Get your messenger to pick something up by pressing the F button.
Step 2: Tilt your wireless controller upwards.
Step 3: Press the F button again. Your messenger will hurl the item right into your wireless controller!
Step 4: Aim your shot by moving your wireless controller.
Step 5: Swipe the touch pad to launch the item at a target, enemy or blockade!





Mysterious drumskins can be found throughout my kingdom, holding inside the rhythm of the earth itself.

You can use them to make the messenger jump to high platforms, traverse great gorges or just bounce around.

Move iota or atoi onto the drumskins, then press and release the touch pad button to make them jump.



Messengers are fascinating creatures, as brave as any Squirrel and born with the noble purpose of delivering their message no matter what.

Here’s what you need to know about guiding them around:

Move messenger: left stick
Change view: right stick
Jump: S button
Talk/pick up and throw objects/skip speech: F button
Drop held objects: A button
Roll: A button (hold) + left stick
Open camera mode: D button
Close camera mode: A button
Take photo in camera mode: R button
Open Presents: Press and release the touch pad button
Open decorate mode: N button
Open Squirrel Guides: V directional button

Among the blights affecting my kingdom, few are as terrible as that which robs creatures, plants and objects of their colour.

It’s all part of the Scraps’ devious scheme to drain all creativity and imagination from the world. But You and the messenger are the perfect antidote, and you have the power to cure them.

Take out your papery camera by pressing the D button and take a picture of the colourless victim to bring them back to the full blush of life, choosing from many different filters available.

The character is likely to be so grateful they will unlock a wonderful and highly collectable papercraft plan for you.



Papercraft is how you bring the weird and wonderful papery world of Tearaway™ Unfolded to life in your own non-papery dimension.

Once you have unlocked a papercraft design, you can hop on over to and download the blueprint.

Then, with a helpful guide and some artistic talent, you can create your very own papery friends. As king of the Squirrels, I have my friends specially raised from puppyhood, but I’m sure yours will be just as subservient.

Colour them in, decorate them, cover them with nuts… they are yours to design!


The land of Tearaway™ Unfolded is filled to the brim with wonders, but few are more delightful than Presents.

These perfectly wrapped gift boxes are jam-packed with Confetti. You’ll want to collect as much Confetti as you can, since you can use it to unlock new lenses and filters for your papery camera, and new decorations to customise your messenger.

Don’t ask me how that works. I’m just a Squirrel.




Red Presents like to hide in the shadows or just out of reach, teasing you and waiting to be opened. To find them, you just have to know where to look.

When you discover a red Present, press the touch pad button to tear it open.



Blue Presents are much more demanding and won’t open for just anyone. It requires a display of kindness, bravery or skill to convince them to part with their Confetti.

Once you spot a blue Present, look around for a blue exclamation mark – this will lead you to a small side quest and give you a chance to impress the blue Present.


Use your papery camera to take photos of white objects you see in the world to unlock papercraft plans, which you can download from




I’ve seen many brave adventurers in my time, but few can match the courage of iota and atoi, two messengers made of far sterner stuff than simple paper.

They carry within them a secret message meant only for your eyes. What deep, personal revelations are contained inside, no one can say. You will have to guide them to the end of their journey to find out.

As Squirrels, we will do anything in our power to help them along, while occasionally teasing and vexing them. That’s just our squirrely nature.



There are no creatures more marvellous, sage and handsomely-proportioned than Squirrels. I should know, for I am their king.

We carry the ancient wisdom of oak trees in our blood and watch over this world with a keen eye. We also believe that life without mischief is no fun, so watch out when you see us scurrying hither and thither.

But don’t worry. We’ll be your steadfast allies and aid the messengers any way we can. I even came up with a little ditty to inspire us in our battle against the Scraps:

“By the mighty bush of my tail, we shall prevail!”

I know, it’s hardly Squeakspear (the great bard of Valleyfold), but at least it rhymes.



Gophers are harmless enough, but they are curious, adventurous creatures with more energy than sense, and prone to getting into trouble.

Their teeth are bigger than their brains and they have none of the dignity and elegance of Squirrels. I kept one as a jester once, but his mad hopping about made a mess of my palace.

Keep an eye out for one particular Gopher who fancies herself as an explorer and is always getting lost. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to her, and she might need you to escort her back home.





This poor Pig was once a great warrior, charging down enemies on muddy battlefields. Perhaps if you help him regain his valour, the messenger can ride on his back, breaking down barriers and flattening Scraps into the dirt.

An exciting mode of transportation, no doubt, though I would still prefer to be carried by my subjects while being fed macadamias.



What do you get if you multiply all the acorns in the world by the number of hairs on my tail and divide that by the number of butterflies I saw last Tuesday? I don’t know, but I bet the Chief Scientist does.

A fearless thinker, she runs a secret laboratory in Sogport, where she and her staff conduct research into the nature of our universe. She will make a formidable ally if you ever get to meet her.



Your adventure through the world of Tearaway™ Unfolded is narrated by two ancient and wise spirits of the paper world − the Green Man and the Fortune Teller.

The Green Man represents the voice of the past, and the Fortune Teller the voice of the future, so they don’t always see eye to eye.

They have seen this same story unfold many times before and their primary motivation is to be entertained − and that’s where You come in. You’ll need to inspire them and show them a good adventure, creating a story so unique that only you can tell it!

The Green Man is ancient and wise, if a little set in his ways. This vegetative deity can appear anywhere and inhabit any natural environment − a gnarled old tree, an acorn, a cactus.

He is a little old-fashioned and prefers the established ways of storytelling and adventuring, as evidenced by his belief that Crows are terrifying and make good baddies.


The Fortune Teller is intriguing, formidable and experimental. She can read your mind and see into your future with her crystal ball.

She is mischievous and forward-thinking, enjoying stories with mystery and unexpected twists. She doesn’t think much of Crows as adversaries as you will see.



The Mummers are the main inhabitants of Valleyfold; earthy simple folk who love music, stories and a good performance.

They are also rather superstitious creatures and will panic about anything they don’t understand, coming up with all sorts of fantastical explanations for what is happening in front of their rather blinkered eyes.

They are not privy to the squirrels’ and gophers’ knowledge of the wider world, and that You are controlling it all.

As far as they’re concerned you’re a legend, a myth, a fable − and they will take some convincing that you’re real!



The inhabitants of Sogport Island − which is cut off from the rest of this little world − are Merfolk who at some point in the distant past constructed special waders so they could walk around on the land and make their home there.

So they are a creation of the sea and although they now live on land their thoughts and stories are firmly with the briny.

Artistic folk, they like to gift the “old sea gods” with their creative offerings, for they are just as superstitious as the Mummers.

Their explanation for the upheaval in their world is that the sea gods are angry and must be appeased!

Something terrible is happening to our land. Vile creatures such as Scraps, Crows and Wendigos roam about, destroying all that is beautiful and draining the world of its colour and imagination. Nothing is safe from them: plants, rocks, friendly, furry creatures… the messenger’s journey will be a dangerous one indeed.

I’ve sent some of my top Squirrel operatives to gather information on these beasts. I hope you find it useful in your battle against them.



Ever since these one-eyed vermin invaded the land, few places have been free of their rotten presence. They bring drabness and misfortune wherever they go. On the other hand, there are few things as satisfying than giving a Scrap a good beating. These are just some of the ways:

  • Get the messenger to throw things at them. That includes, rocks, Gophers and even Squirrels. Honestly, we won’t mind too much.
  • Your Guiding Light can mesmerize their puny brains. You can even guide them right off the edge of the world in a hypnotised trance.
  • Use your Throw-Forth power to trap a Scrap in your wireless controller and throw it at a wall. Even better, throw it at other Scraps!



Some Scraps have learned to work together, climbing atop each other in dangerous stacks, and wandering around like big columns of eyes.

  • The trick is to knock down these loathsome towers by throwing something at them. Once they’re on the ground, you can treat them like any ordinary Scrap.



These Scraps are smarter than most, keeping their distance from their targets by walking around on long stilts and shooting projectiles. They’ll also deliver a vicious kick if iota or atoi get too close.

  • Although tall, they’re also precariously balanced, so I recommend throwing things at them. You can also use the Guiding Light to dazzle them and make them shoot wherever you want.



These devious Scraps are well protected by the bouncepads attached to their boxy heads. Anything or anyone who tries charging at them will just bounce off. They’ve also heard all about your powers and won’t fall for your Guiding Light or Changing Wind.

  • The only way to defeat Bouncer Scraps is to jump on their head to flip them over and then tap the touch pad button to squish them.
  • Try jumping between two Bouncer Scraps to cause maximum mayhem among them.



As if the other Scraps weren’t bad enough, these have learned to fly! I tried to create an army of Flying Squirrels once, but I just ended up with a lot of Bruised Squirrels instead.

  • The best way to deal with Flying Scraps is to use your Guiding Light to mesmerize them into crashing into a wall.



Even the bravest of messengers will run away if faced with these foes.



I’ve only ever seen a picture of a Wendigo, but it was enough to give me nightmares for a week. Those large square teeth… those crazy eyes…

These huge, relentless monsters will chase anything that moves, but there is one way to distract them:

  • Throw a pearl nearby and run the other way while they chomp it down.

While the world of Tearaway™ Unfolded is a wondrous and beautiful place, it’s also full of peril.

Here are some tips to make sure iota and atoi complete their journey as safely as possible.



  • Check every nook and every cranny – you never know what you might find.
  • Use your powers to knock objects down and create new paths.


  • Knock down six Stacking Scraps and you might just earn a Trophy.


  • A great big hole has opened up in the sky. Just big enough for a face to appear. And what better face than yours?


  • Make the most out of the Weaponised Squeezebox − it’s great for operating turbines, blowing obstacles away and fighting Scraps.



  • If you’re ever at a loss of where to go or what to do, just press the V directional button, and let the wisdom of Squirrels guide your way.


Do you feel like you’ve missed out on something? A tantalising secret? That Confetti you need to afford the lens or costume you want?

  • Head to the Options Menu and check out the Bookmarks section.

This will allow you to travel back in time to different parts of your adventure!


Guiding your messengers in their grand adventures is all well and good, but why not make sure they travel in style?

Press the N button to open the Customisation Menu and you will see a vast and varied assortment of stickers, shapes, art, cartoons, colours and more. Use your imagination!

Spend the Confetti you have collected to buy the items you want. Can you collect them all?


There are 35 trophies to earn as you guide your messenger on their epic quest; so here’s a few to keep your eyes out for:

Gold GOLD: Gifted– collect all the hidden Presents.
Silver SILVER: Harlequin – change the colour of every part of your messenger.
Bronze BRONZE: Petting Zoo– stroke four different types of creature inside your wireless controller.


The Tearaway™ Unfolded app is the perfect companion for every papery messenger and their all-powerful You (that’s you!).

You can use the app for all sorts of things, such as:

  • Play with a virtual cutting mat to create paper shapes and send them into the game, complete customisation challenges, or even fill the sky with your designs.
  • Redecorate the papery land and characters with photos of yourself, your cat or your favourite lamp. Or anything else, for that matter.
  • Check out what your fellow explorers are up to around the world in the Tearaway™ community. And don’t forget to show off your own thrilling heroics while you’re there.



    1. Download the PlayStation®App from the App Store or Google Play − it doesn’t cost anything!

    2. Start the PlayStation®App.

    3. Then on your PS4™, go to “Settings”, then “PlayStation®App Connection Settings”. Then choose “Add device”.

    4. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter the displayed number on your smartphone or tablet.

    5. Start playing Tearaway™ Unfolded and choose “Second Screen Mode” in the app.

    6. Let your imagination run riot!


Your papery camera comes fitted with an SLR (that’s a single lens reflex). By collecting and spending Confetti, you can get all sorts of lenses and filters, and start taking pictures like a pro.

There’s even a GIF lens, so you can capture live action clips of all your adventures for everyone to enjoy!

Find the perfect lens for you by pressing the D button to open up the camera options and start exploring.


Not even iota and atoi are immune to the selfie craze sweeping the planet, which is why their camera comes with its own handy tripod.

To put the tripod into position, press the N button from the camera menu.

Move your messenger into the frame and press any of the directional buttons to strike a pose for the perfect shot.

Don’t forget to share your best shots with your friends and the rest of the world at


Struggling to create the perfect snowflake? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there.

With loads of creative challenges afoot, and the endless temptation to customise your messenger, it’s super important that you leave your own papery mark on the world of Tearaway™ Unfolded.

If you want to get really arty, make sure you get hold of the Tearaway™ Unfolded companion app and use your phone or tablet to create some spectacular designs.

You can even take photos of the world around you and use them as part of your creations.



And remember, just because you’ve been told to draw or create something specific doesn’t mean you can’t get a little inventive.

Have you ever seen it snowing penguins before? Or raining umbrellas?

In Tearaway™ Unfolded you can make it happen!