Sanatorium Exterior


You’re finally awake.

You quickly realise you don’t recognise your surroundings.

More disturbingly still, you’ve completely lost your memory and have no idea who you are.

Panic sets in as Doctor Jefferson Bragg approaches…

Take a deep breath, steel yourself and step into a truly immersive horror experience.

Explore the foreboding sanatorium. Regain your memory. Uncover a chilling conspiracy.

Deep and personal fears, psychological terror and heart-shredding jump scares are hiding in the darkness… just waiting for you.

Pause before you act and think before you speak. Your choices have consequences and everything you say influences your story.

And anything could be around the next corner.

Are you ready to face your biggest fears? Welcome to the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium.

Static Memory - floating leaf


To begin unravelling the many mysteries surrounding your admittance into the Blackwood Pines Sanatorium, you’ll first need to piece together your broken memory.

Search the sanatorium to find special objects that will help to trigger vivid flashbacks; they may help you understand who you are, and why you’re inside the sanatorium.

Multiple Choice


The Inpatient throws you into the centre of an unpredictable twisting tale of terror.

But you don’t just play the game and experience a predetermined story.

You help to create it.

Every decision you make, option you choose and even every word you say matters… and could have huge consequences further into the adventure.

The branching story will be affected by your decisions.

Your choices will lead you down a path to multiple endings and different outcomes.

And it could even mean the difference between life and death. Choose wisely.

Old man


Play The Inpatient using a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller, or two PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

The simple VR controls mean it’s very easy to explore and experience the unique environment. While the innovative voice recognition system lets you speak directly to any characters you meet.

Make sure to check out the in-game tutorials, which will explain all the controls as you play.


Move left stick
Turn right stick
Interact / pick up object R button
Move hand / equipped item Move wireless controller
Select dialogue / interact / select menu item S button
Back / cancel A button
Reset VR position OPTIONS button (hold)
Pause OPTIONS button


Left PlayStation®Move motion controller
Walk forward Move button
Right PlayStation®Move motion controller
Turn in facing direction Move button
Either PlayStation®Move motion controller
Grab / interact / select dialogue T button
Select menu item S button
Back / cancel A button
Reset VR position [ button (hold)
Pause [ button

Enjoy stunning pieces of concept art taken from different stages of the game’s development.

Abe Body






Sanitorium Exterior View

Supermassive Games Logo

Supermassive Games have forged a reputation for innovative, immersive and cinematic storytelling and virtual reality experiences.

The BAFTA-winning British studio is best known for the critically acclaimed PlayStation®4 hit Until Dawn, PlayStation®VR shooter Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and gripping PlayLink crime thriller Hidden Agenda.

And now the development team share their thoughts on bringing The Inpatient to life and how virtual reality could shape the future of gaming.

The game is set 60 years prior to Until Dawn… why did you choose this setting, and why do this in virtual reality?
There is a really rich story around the events leading to the closure of the sanatorium, told from the perspective of just one person rather than the eight in Until Dawn. This drove us toward a different subgenre of horror that was more about isolation, and therefore much more psychological than physical. As a result, it quickly became apparent that VR was the best way to deliver this experience.

What challenges do you face making an impactful and enjoyable horror experience?
It’s a fine balance and something we spend a lot of time tuning to get right. If you have too many shocking moments they lose their impact; too few and the experience suffers. We think we’ve struck a balance of creepy suspense, punctuated with those moments of intensity that horror fans love.

What new opportunities does working with PS VR give you?
VR is incredibly immersive, which makes it a fantastic vehicle for horror. Something as simple as hearing a noise behind you, then turning to face the source is so much more powerful in VR. It really does feel like you’re in this world, which allows us to create a tangible mood of isolation and fear.

And you’re also letting players actually talk to the characters…
The voice recognition feature is something we’re very proud of. It really does feel like you’re having a dialogue with the patients and staff of the sanatorium and just feels natural. We hope that players will let loose and throw themselves into being The Inpatient. It’s definitely the best way to immerse yourself. The scope for the future of this technology is very exciting as it’s such an effortless way to control a game.

How do you feel VR gaming is evolving?
It’s amazing how far this technology has come over the past few years and how much developers have embraced it. With several PS VR titles under our belt there is a wealth of experience at Supermassive Games, and with each game we refine and expand what’s possible in VR. It’s a really exciting time for the technology and the industry!

Where do you find inspiration during the creative process?
As developers we take inspiration from a huge variety of sources… not just games. It does however feel like a golden age for horror games right now, as there are so many awesome horror titles to play. The Resident Evil series continues to impress, and Bloodborne has a fantastic atmosphere.

Head over to PlayStation™Store and to discover more great titles from Supermassive Games.

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