A young boy encounters a mysterious feathered creature.

Their fates are intertwined.

The unlikely companions need to find a way to understand and trust each other.

Crossing treacherous ruins and facing unknown dangers, the boy must form a deep and unbreakable bond with the animal – known as Trico – as they attempt to discover the hidden secrets of an ancient civilisation.

This is a tale of friendship and of hope… of a legend that must be lived to be believed.

This is a tale of a lifetime.

A series of concept art was created during different stages of the game’s development.

These stunning images can be enjoyed in The Art of The Last Guardian™ Book – available in the special Collector’s Edition.

Click here to buy the Collector’s Edition.

Take a look at just some of the fabulous artwork below – along with a compilation of bonus art.

There really are some incredibly talented members in our PlayStation® community.

Gifted artists have been sharing their work on PlayStation®Blog to celebrate Trico’s adventures on PlayStation®4.

This is just one of our favourite pieces – showing Trico and his little companion.

Artist Tinhan was inspired after watching the 2015 E3 trailer and said: “I don’t normally paint like this, especially not animals, but I really wanted to capture the magical Trico I saw in the trailer.”

Click here to see even more fan art and learn what the artists themselves have to say about their work.

Note: this links to an English web page.

Move: left stick
Change view: right stick
Jump: D button
Shove: F button
Crouch: S button (hold)
Move while crouching: S button (hold) + left stick
Forward roll: left stick + F button
Pick up/drop item: A button
Throw item: F button
Grab switch/handle/barrel etc: A button (hold)
Pull switch: V button
Pull barrel: left stick
Push/pull handles: left stick
Contemplate: B button / N button (hold)



Climb/Clamber over obstacles: D button
Climb while hanging: left stick + D button
Drop while hanging: S button
Hang while clinging to walls: S button


Swim: left stick
Dive: S button
Surface: D button


Wield/put away mirror: Z / X button
Shine light while wielding: A button (hold)
Aim mirror while shining light: left stick


Call: E button
Pet/Stroke: A button (hold)
To issue a command, hold down the E and then:
Move: left stick
Jump: D button
Attack: F button
Action: A button
Cancel: S button

When trying to get Trico to do something, take care to avoid spamming the command button. Trico is a living, breathing animal and will react however he wants.

Look for any clues in the environment however subtle or small. If something catches your eye it may be worth investigating.

Trico loves to eat barrels. Try to feed him as many as you can and you will unlock rewards.

Listen to anything the boy or the narrator has to say. These may be clues to help you progress.

Care for Trico by petting him, and tend to any injuries he may have.

It’s not every day you see a magical, mythical creature wandering around.

But we’re giving you the chance to bring the thrilling adventures of The Last Guardian™ into your home with your very own little Trico.

Our super fun papercraft cut out is very easy to make, but remember a Trico is for life…

Click here to download the papercraft instructions from your PC.

Please note, you won’t be able to download the instructions from your PS4™.

Team ICO, the studio behind The Last Guardian, is famous for mastering the art of impactful storytelling.

Previous titles ICO and Shadow of the Colossus took players on deep, emotional journeys that live in the memory long after the final credits roll.

Studio director and game creator Fumito Ueda explains the importance of creating a great story:


The boy and Trico don’t share a common language, but Ueda-san lets pictures do the talking.

“They can only communicate via gestures, motion and reactions, so visual storytelling was the best approach to making the game and showcasing the tale.”


The Last Guardian features something no Team ICO title has done before… a voiceover.

“It helps provide a sense of context when much of the communication is non-verbal. It brings the player closer to the boy because you can get direct access to his thoughts.

“It also gives us a natural way to deliver hints, information and exposition to the player.”


Ueda-san hopes players develop a close connection with the young boy.

“One of my favourite things about the game is the ‘eureka’ moments; when the boy is trying to get Trico to understand something and he finally gets it.”

“That not only binds the characters, but also you as a player because you feel the same nice moment of accomplishment the boy does.”


The partnership between the boy and Trico is essential to their survival. They must work together to overcome the threats that lie ahead.

“Their developing bond is the key theme across the game.”

“From that first moment in the game, the boy is uncertain if Trico will be a friend or foe, and you immediately start trying to work out how to bridge that communication gap.”

Click here to read the full article on PlayStation®Blog.

Note: this links to an English web page.

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